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Xoe Thai in Muong Lo: Unique Cultural Experience of the Northwest

Muong Lo Valley is located in Nghia Lo town, Yen Bai province. Muong Lo has a beautiful natural landscape with vast, peaceful rice fields. This is where the Thai people mainly live, so Muong Lo has a strong Thai cultural identity, including the Xoe festival. Let’s learn about the Xeo Thai in Muong Lo with Origin Vietnam right now!

IMG Xoe in Muong Lo 2

Origin Of Xoe Thai

Xoe  means “Quám Tố Mương”. Xoe is a form of folk art of the Thai people, becoming a unique cultural feature of Muong Lo.

Since ancient times, Thai people came to Muong Lo to live mainly on agriculture, living in small villages. After work, they hold hands together regardless of male, female, old or young and dance around the fire. This activity is repeated frequently, creating “Xeo” dances and becoming a typical cultural feature of the people. Labor activities associated with everyday life such as land reclamation, rice planting, water collection,… are recreated through Xoe dances.

The Black Thai people in the Northwest consider Muong Lo their ancestral homeland. Therefore, they believe that Muong Lo is the birthplace of ancient Xoe dances. Xoe formed and developed along with the process of forming the traditional cultural identity of the Thai people, closely associated with their spiritual life.

On December 27, 2012, Vietnam recognized 6 ancient Xoe dances of the Thai people as national intangible cultural heritage.

Unique Features Of The Xoe Festival In Muong Lo

In September and October every year, the “Muong Lo Cultural Tourism Festival and Exploring the Beauty of Mu Cang Chai” usually takes place. The Xoe festival in Muong Lo is indispensable. The festival has 6 ancient Xoe dances, which in Thai means “Xé Cáu Ké”.

Thai people want to reflect their lives, thoughts, feelings and aspirations through ancient Xoe dances. Ancient xoe melodies naturally blend with the sounds of Khen, Pi,…

IMG Xoe in Muong Lo 1

6 Ancient Xoe Dances:

  • The “Khắm Khen” dance, holding hands in a circle, represents the solidarity of ethnic groups.
  • The dance of “Khấm Khăn Mời Lẩu” means raising a towel to offer wine to show love and hospitality to guests.
  • The “Phá Xí” tune means removing the four, symbolizing the four directions of heaven and earth, solidarity, exchange, and human emotions.
  • The “Đổn Hôn” dance moves forward, backward, forward and backward, showing that even though the sky and earth are stormy and turbulent, the love between people is always closely tied together.
  • The “Nhôm Khăn” dance means tossing a scarf to express the joy of a successful rice season, building a new house, having more children, getting married, etc.
  • The “Ỏm Lọm Tốp Mư” is a wrist circle expressing the joy of meeting and the sadness of parting after each meeting.

Xoe dances are the rhythmic coordination of the feet to the sound of the flute, the sound of the drum,… whether strangers or acquaintances, all harmonize together. Traveling to Muong Lo, try drinking wine, dancing, listening to folk songs overlooking the Muong Lo fields in the ripe rice season. It will be a wonderful experience. Through each step, people become closer and love each other more. Today, Xoyet has become a priceless asset, an indispensable cultural feature of Muong Lo in Nghia Lo.

IMG Xoe in Muong Lo

Thai Xoe has a long red scarf tied around the neck, adorning a beautiful and very unique dress. Thai girls are very skillful, so Thai people have very unique costumes. They wear silver jewelry, and married black Thai people have to wear their hair in a bun.

Coming to Muong Lo, you will enjoy ancient Xoe dances, holding hands around the fire, while pouring each other a cup of wine. Let’s explore with Origin Vietnam the traditional and indispensable culture of the people of Muong Lo. We will accompany you on your tour in Mu Cang Chai to bring you interesting and wonderful experiences.

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