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Travel to Sapa in July

Asked Sapa in July, Sapa of the day before and still have not yet retreated to find anything less strange? Sapa July as an empty space waiting for the traveler arbitrarily judged.

How Travel to Sapa in July is special?

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Everyone has the right to like or no. But Sapa this year according to the year has not changed, still the rain in the sunlight, still fresh flowers and sweet fruit ripening season… Sapa these days are still like a picture of full colors.

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On the days of heaven and earth, the capital of Sapa to find a bit of breath forest mountains, hear in the wind the smell of plants… Sapa this season a day that like all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter gathering congregation.

Sapa in July, white mists. The early morning of the summer days, Sapa table clouds with fog mixed with haze. Hello Sapa, Is the city of clouds awake?

In that city, the houses, the street corners, the small village of peaceful and beautiful cloud come passionate.

Sapa rainy season, the sky is heavy and dense clouds as if this land is no longer the lower world, and I also think that myself is a strange place in the future. The soft white clouds make Sapa more attractive dream.

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Days to Sapa, get up early, from the mountain slope, the top of the pass, or the window sill, you can admire a full moon dreaming in the blanket white cotton. Walking around the streets, merging into the fog of illusion, breathe in the fresh air, clean in the mountain town, we see the light hearted lounging like floating hovering clouds. It turns out that people and the world are so close together. Dusk clouds and magical scenery.

But just after a while, as the sun ray as honey poured through the mountains, villages, Sapa rush to change the color of the new cheerful, brilliant. Sapa in natural sunshine in golden sun sweet. The sun only makes Sapa warm but can not lose the cool weather characteristic of the high.

Sunny dancing happily on the road, mixed with clouds blue sky. Sun nursing the nursery, screening the universe in the special gentle. Sunshine in the foot of the road, sunny in the color of grass, wool through the alleyways to all over the dyed a brilliant yellow. The field of Sapa fields in the sun glittering as just a piece of precious jewelry.

The picture of Sapa is clear and as natural as the sky of memory. Every childhood has sunny colors on the porch of peace like that! In front of the house, the corn in the sun has also turned into a rich golden color, contributing to the highland plateau more brilliant. Sapa season has the same yellow color.

Sapa in July also has a youthful green youth. On every path we pass, covered in eyes fresh grass, freshness. Sapa this season, everywhere sank in endless green and full of vitality. July Sapa to where we also feel the thriving and full of life.

The green terraces are growing steadily, gradually penetrating the sun and wind to show off the golden colors in the coming October. Sapa tours from Hanoi on such lush days, the heart is full of fresh rhythms.

July, the season of heaven and earth, the youth or the heart of the stars make us so passionate. On the roads are clear green, the eyes of children remind us. How do we love the pure blue and innocent of youth. Sapa has a clear blue color and beautiful like that.

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Sapa in July sweet in the red of plum peach season. This time in Sapa harvest fruit. The gardens are filled with fresh fruit and contributed to Sapa little taste.Such as peaches, plum crunchy sweet and big round always make the heart soften after long trips. Around the market, this season is easy to see the color of the fruit on the street rowing. In the green of the garden plum peach red as pod fruit as small flames ignite the picture of nature delivery.

Someone said that Sapa in July does not have flowers. Sapa this season also brilliant flowers it! According to the way people feel. Oh, Sapa this season no peach flowers, plum blossom but the plateau also has a fresh red color in a corner of the sky, also pink, purple intertwined over the path. Also has a lot of beautiful flowers at Ham Rong Mountain. Is not that enough?

If not, why do not you feel yourself, looking for new flower color yourself? Somewhere in the beautiful land of Sapa there are colorful flowers but not brilliant. Sapa, wandering in the streets in the town, in the village people are able to catch the graceful flowers. It’s brilliant to the surprise.

It is worth a visit Travel to sapa in July

It is possible that the flower is not wild flowers. Because each color of flowers, each flavor makes the traveler’s heart, stop taking some photos. The color of flowers with full flavor, each species looks like an unknown number of colorful life. Must walk, love and feel, we can see the simple and rustic beauty. Almost hidden among the numerous shimmering, overwhelmed. And Sapa in July there are colorful flowers but not brilliant.

Travel to sapa in July sparse visitors than other months of the year,. Because there is no special season, partly because of the rain. But that is a great. Sapa in the sunny and rainy seasons has a very peaceful space.

Coming to Sapa this time we can live all in a gentle mountain town. These is not too many passersby, not as oppressive as the peak season. Also there are lots of rain in Sapa on July. So Rain is an indispensable part of nature, so full harmony. As the pungent indispensable pepper of the delicious, many people do not eat but many people are passionate. Rain Sapa too, many people do not like but not without passion, love. The rain falls in the natural air, calm in the mountain town for many people are quiet quiet, very dream and many aftertaste.

Wander in the light drizzle, watching Sapa gentle, romantic can also sit in a corner of the shop, hot tea on the lips and quietly hear the rain on the small street. Odd things should try once, you?

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After the rain and the sky became clear. The air also fresh and cool to cool, take a walk now know where to see the rainbow?

Sapa with colorful patches discovered by yourself will be the only Sapa in the heart. When special seasons are not up to date, do not try to make this land special? Try wandering on Sapa on rainy day, rong hau sky hunting, looking for wild flowers and then look at children in small villages,…

Where is the youth before, how to close before the romantic things? Here is the all things you will need to know before travel to Sapa.

Hope with information above. It’s could help you know how holiday Sapa Vietnam adventure on July.

Private Sa Pa tour Package

This three days trip offers a chance to explore the most stunning area of Sapa. You will have both homestay at village and hotel accommodation in Sapa. You have around 6 hours for trekking everyday with foot paths up and down hill mountains, through terraced rice paddies, crossing river and water streams by suspension bridges. Here is also the chance to visit local families, witnessing daily life activities.
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