Morning Food Tour & Coffee Tasting

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The Best Morning Food Tour & Coffee Tasting Services

Duration: Half Day
Trip Code: HAFT

Best places to visit:

Hoi An Ancient Town


Hoi An morning Food Tour and Taste Coffee is the combination for enjoying local food as local people before starting a new working day. Enjoy a cup of coffee as local will make you an experience as local people and life. Let join and taste this unique food tastings with us to touch local cultures and traditions.


  • Start tour in morning earlier than your normal day from 7.00 am for have more chance to taste local food
  • Learn more Vietnamese foods and local coffee such as Salt Coffee (Café Muoi), ect
  • Discover the beauties of Hoian in morning


  • This itinerary is a private tour. It shows you what is possible to travel and visiting with our guide and driver
  • We CAN also tailor made this trip as your requirement and budget such as its inclusions.

Itinerary Details

Origin Vietnam Pin Location

Morning Food Tour & Coffee Tasting Experiences (L)

Morning Food Tour & Coffee Tasting Experiences (L)

At the beginning you leave your hotel in Hoi An at 7.00 am with our guide and walk around street to start your morning food tour. In addition, you can view the local life of local people when they prepare for new day with local morning foods. Following the steps of guide, you have chance to taste some foods: Vietnamese Beef noddle, Cao Lau Noodle, White Rose Dumpling, Opla Bread (Banh Mi Op La), Coffee. Finally, you will call on a local coffee shop and taste a cup of coffee as local before starting a new day.

Happy and enjoy travel with us!

Here is the list of street foods:

  • Quang (Quang Nam) – styled noodles called Mi Quang
  • Cao lau noodle – a rice noodle called Cao Lau
  • Chicken rice called Com ga
  • White rose called Banh vac – filled with ground shrimp, garlic, spring onion, lemon grass, and spices.
  • Steamed wheat flour cake called Banh bao has minced pork and mushrooms as the main fillings.
  • Cracked/smashed rice pancakes called Banh dap
  • Cake green bean cake called Banh dau xanh
  • Tofu called Dau Hu
  • Glutinous rice cake called Banh it
  • Rice Pancake called Banh Xeo
  • Grilled meat roll called Nem nuong
  • Roast meat called Thit Nuong
  • Grilled chopped meat called Nem Lui
  • Mrs. Phuong Bread called Banh Mi Ba Phuong
  • Mixed mussel called Hen Tron


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