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Top 9 festivals in the Northern Mountain Region of Vietnam

Autumn in the mountains of Northern Vietnam is probably the most beautiful season of the year with cool, pleasant weather, the sky and earth filled with red and yellow after a hot summer. Coming here, visitors will admire the majestic and majestic mountain beauty. Moreover, in September and October every year is also the time when the highland rice fields ripen to golden yellow, giving the northern highlands a brilliant beauty that is hard to describe in words.

More specifically, this place also has many unique and diverse festivals, attracting many people to participate every year. These festivals carry extremely interesting cultural meanings and regional customs. It would be even more wonderful if you could experience these unique autumn festivals with Origin Vietnam…

1. Ban flower festival

IMG Ban Flower Festival

Ban flower festival is a festival of Thai people in the Northwest region of our country. The festival is an opportunity to express the respect and gratitude of the people to remember the great contributions of the gods as well as pray for the village to be prosperous, have a good harvest,…

Hoa Ban Festival represents the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the Thai people, including a ceremony and a festival:

  • The ceremony is conducted sequentially and solemnly to worship the gods.
  • The festival was much more exciting with special folk games. Such as: shuttlecock throwing, tug of war, stilt walking, tree climbing, tickle fighting, singing and answering, etc. There was good applause and laughter. endlessly filled the space filled with the sounds of pipes, pipes, drums and gongs.

In such a joyful atmosphere, there was a glimpse of a white-shirted figure shyly walking next to the blue-shirted boys, with a pure white daylily flower on their heads.

2. Long Tong Festival

IMG Long Tong Festival 1

Long Tong festival, also known as going down to the fields, is one of the traditional festivals of the Tay ethnic group in the Northwest region. The festival’s purpose is to pray for favorable weather, lush trees, good harvests, and a prosperous life.

This is a big festival in the highlands of our country, so the villagers prepare very carefully before the festival. Houses and villages are all cleaned, villagers prepare food to welcome guests. On the day of the festival, each family prepares a tray to display traditional dishes such as banh chung, banh giay, banh chung, che lam, etc.

In addition, on the tray there are two pairs of colored fabric fruits, stuffed with sand and cotton inside, and have colorful tassels. The ceremony begins when the drums sound, the village’s elders and healthy young men carry Shen Nong and Thanh Hoang from the communal house to the fields, while families process the feast and display it on the festival ground. The host of the festival chants a song to worship the gods and then announces the end of the feast. Families that have many guests coming to feast will have good luck all year.

The crowd was bustling with special musical performances. Such as Then singing, Coi singing, etc. along with many attractive games that attracted many participants. Tug of war, push-pull, drumming, shuttlecock throwing, pole climbing, etc. plowing competition. All viewers were happy and excited to regain their spirit for the new high-yield crop.

3. Muong villages praying for peace festival

IMG Muong Villages Praying For Peace Festival

The Muong villages Festival is a big festival, a very important cultural and religious occasion for the people in the Northwest. The festival has the meaning of remembering the merits of the gods who gave birth to Muong villages (the land where Thai people live) as well as praying for prosperity, peace, and happiness of the people. Associated with the festival is the custom of killing buffaloes to thank the gods. One to four buffaloes can be slaughtered to sacrifice to the gods.

At the beginning of the ceremony, people present an offering feast that usually has 3 trays but must ensure there is buffalo meat, rice and wine. From early morning, people in the village were busy preparing offerings and their houses were kept neat and clean for the festival.

At the festival, there will be cultural activities, singing and folk games. Amidst the sounds of gongs and sheep, boys and girls sing and interact with each other, and the sounds of laughter and laughter fill the entire mountain and forest area.

4. Rain Praying Festival

IMG Rain Praying Festival 1

Thai people in the Northwest region also have a very special Rain Praying Festival. The rain-praying festival (also known as the Xe Xo Phon festival) in the Northwest region was born and formed with the intangible cultural treasure of the Thai people over many generations.

  • The festival has the meaning of praying for mild weather, good harvests, good health, a prosperous family, etc.
  • The rain praying festival has two parts: ceremony and festival:
  • The ritual of worshiping the gods who govern rain and sun does not contain superstitious elements but only borrows spiritual elements to teach people.

The festival part is more attractive with folk games that create deep, comfortable laughter rather than educating on personality and virtue so that people can reach the beauty and traditional morality that Thai people have. People happily play shuttlecock throwing, drink can wine, and sing traditional ethnic songs.

5. Mu Cang Chai Terraced Field Festival

Mu Cang Chai Ricefield

Mu Cang Chai tourism is famous for the wonderful beauty of terraced fields – a beautiful natural picture that attracts the footsteps of many tourists. This fall, that picture is even more brilliant and enchanting than ever…

Starting from September is the time of the ripe rice season in Mu Cang Chai. On the mountain slopes and hillsides, green rice fields begin to turn yellow. The rice flowers began to bear seeds, curl, and just like that, the entire mountain area turned golden, creating a brilliant picture as if honey had been poured into it. The time when rice is ripe and golden and most beautiful is mid-September to early October.

Thanks to that beautiful beauty, the terraced field festival is organized to promote the tangible and intangible cultural values of Yen Bai to domestic and foreign tourists traveling to Yen Bai this festival season. Visitors can participate in many activities such as photo exhibitions, trade fairs, cuisine, and local community tourism.

One of the most attractive activities in the ripe rice season in Mu Cang Chai is the Paragliding Festival, which offers visitors the opportunity to admire the golden season from above. In addition, you can also experience with indigenous people in many local practical activities. Such as going to the fields and participating in traditional art activities.

The week will take place with many attractive cultural. And tourist activities such as goat fighting competition, Mong flute competition, paragliding festival, photo exhibition, movie screening program, community tourism activities… Sessions The highland market will be more crowded with many agricultural products of indigenous people, selling handicraft products. Such as knives, brocade bags, flutes, bamboo baskets, etc. There will also be demonstration activities of typical traditional crafts. Also blacksmithing, brocade weaving, knitting, wine making…

Tourists traveling to Mu Cang Chai this September will also experience the traditional cultural values of the Mong ethnic community right on the famous terraced fields. Specially participating in harvesting rice, threshing rice, and winnowing rice and performance activities of linen spinning and weaving by the Mong ethnic people…

6. Cao Bang and Ban Gioc Waterfall Festival

Ban Gioc Waterfall Caobang

The festival will take place on October 7 and October 8 at Ban Gioc Waterfall Tourist Area, Dam Thuy commune (Thong Khanh, Cao Bang).

Within the framework of the festival, there will be special activities such as cultural performances and ethnic fashion shows; cooking competitions of ethnic dishes. Along with that, organize sports activities and folk games such as tossing shuttlecocks, pushing sticks, walking on stilts, volleyball, badminton… Aiming for a cheerful and healthy festival, contributing to improving the quality of life. cultural and spiritual life for the people.

7. Ha Giang with the Buckwheat Flower Festival

flowers triangular circuit in Ha Giang 8

The “Range Buckwheat Flower” festival takes place for 3 months from November 24 to December 31 in 4 districts of the rocky plateau of Ha Giang province, Vietnam. Including: Dong Van, Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Ho Chi Minh City. . Ha Giang.

The festival will last throughout the buckwheat flower season. And begin the spring flower season – the annual tourist peak season in the Dong Van karst plateau areas, usually from the 9th lunar month until the end of the Lunar New Year.

Within the framework of the Buckwheat Flower Festival, many exciting activities will take place such as: International Geopark Fair; Ha Giang Province Mint honey product contest and Workshop on applied science. And technology and management solutions to improve the quality of Ha Giang province Mint honey; Organize parachute activities over the buckwheat flower season; Concert at the foot of Lung Cu pillar with the theme “Lung Cu Echoes”; Beef steak culinary program on the Stone Plateau along with experiential tourism activities. Such as performances, cultural exchanges and traditional folk games of ethnic minorities.

8. Lao Cai with Autumn Festival

Y Ty is not only famous as the land of clouds and sky but also has beautiful terraced fields. When autumn comes, the entire Y Ty mountainous area is dyed the bright yellow color of ripe rice.

Coming to the Fall Festival, visitors will enjoy cultural performances, performances, and national arts; Experience unique cultural features, images of daily activities of the Ha Nhi ethnic people. Such as pounding Giay cakes, embroidery, knitting, brewing beer of the Ha Nhi ethnic people, cooking 7-color sticky rice. Participate in folk games like stick jumping, ferris wheel, stilt walking…

9. Moc Chau plum picking festival

One of the festivals only found in the northern mountains that is bustling preparing to take place is the plum picking festival on the Moc Chau plateau. Everyone knows that Moc Chau, Son La province is the “Northern plum capital” – where a lot of plums are grown. If you missed the pure white plum blossom season, you can come here in May to participate in the unique plum picking festival.

Moc Chau has many large plum growing areas of up to hundreds of hectares, typically Na Ka valley, Mu Nau garden, Pa khe sub-area,… Each main plum season, these are the coordinates that attract a large number of people. Tourists visit, take photos and directly experience picking ripe red, crunchy and sweet plums from the branches.

Every year, in May, Moc Chau will hold a plum picking ceremony to honor local products. And bring many cultural exchange activities between indigenous residents and tourists. Plum picking festival is held on May 22 in Nong Truong Moc Chau town. This is the time when plums are in their main season. The fruit is at its tastiest, extremely suitable for picking and enjoying.

Moc Chau

It’s worth a visit Moc Chau

Participating in the Moc Chau plum picking festival is an opportunity for visitors to experience many activities. Such as plum picking competition, presenting and enjoying plums. Besides, visitors can follow the activities of indigenous people such as camping, performing arts, and playing extremely attractive folk games.

In particular, when experiencing this festival only found in the northern mountains. You can also freely eat ripe plums right at the garden, walk in the giant plum garden and take countless beautiful check-in photos. Of course, you can buy it to take home at a good price right at the garden. And enjoy the specialty fruits of Moc Chau.

If you are a travel fanatic who likes to explore unique things and experience local traditional festivals, then why not hesitate to start and take a trip to this special place right away?

Please contact Origin Vietnam – The best tour operator in Vietnam, with a team of experienced tour consultants and guides, enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable about traditional festivals. We will take you to colorful traditional festivals in the mountains of Northern Vietnam with these exciting experiences.

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