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Top 7 Coffee Shop for Korean in Hanoi

The elegant combination of beige and white has made cafes in Hanoi a favorite destination for the young crowd. The interior spaces of these cafes are designed with simplicity, meticulousness, and harmony, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. These places are ideal for unleashing your creativity in “check-in” moments and capturing beautiful memories.

If you’re searching for a fascinating Korean-style cafe, don’t miss out on this article. Below is the latest updated list of stunning cafes where you can freely snap pictures and capture sweet moments.

1. Ragacy Cafe

  • Address: No. 25, Alley 67 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 7am – 10pm

Ragacy Cafe is one of the stunning cafes located near West Lake that has been attracting a great deal of attention. Despite being nestled in a small alley, the cafe leaves a strong impression with its brick walls and wooden doors, exuding the charm of traditional Korean village culture. One of the most beautiful check-in spots of the cafe is right outside the entrance gate. However, due to the presence of residential areas nearby, it is advisable to maintain moderation and avoid causing disturbances while taking pictures.

The owner of the cafe is from South Korea, although they may not speak Vietnamese, they provide dedicated and attentive service. The menu here is not overly extensive, focusing mainly on basic beverages such as machine-brewed coffee and tea. The interior space of the cafe includes indoor and outdoor seating areas, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your drinks and capture photos.

2. Oia Hanoi

  • Address: 73 Tran Quoc Toan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 8am – 10pm

Oia Hanoi is a newly established cafe in Hanoi that has been causing a sensation recently. The cafe is housed in an antique French villa, with only one floor, yet it offers a spacious and meticulously arranged setting. Maintaining a dominant color scheme of beige and white, Oia Hanoi also features charming accents through delicate decorations, creating a unique ambiance.

Due to its popularity, the cafe is always bustling with customers regardless of the time you visit. Apart from having a Korean-inspired decor, Oia Hanoi’s menu is not particularly extraordinary, mainly focusing on coffee and tea. The drink prices here are relatively high, but this is compensated by the beautiful and distinctive ambiance it offers.

3. C’est Si Bon

  • Address: 276 Thai Ha, Lang Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 9:30am – 10:30pm

C’est Si Bon is a renowned cafe and dessert destination in Hanoi, offering a modern and gentle Korean-style experience. It is the go-to place for indulging in delightful and fragrant desserts prepared daily. C’est Si Bon’s products carry a unique and distinctive flavor. Among them, the Mille Crepes, one of the signature cakes of C’est Si Bon, is made with four layers of fresh crepes daily, providing you with a taste journey from different realms.

Located in the heart of Hanoi, C’est Si Bon is an excellent destination for relaxation and enjoying a private atmosphere. This address boasts natural light, a refreshing green corner, clean air, and brings sweet experiences to customers. The establishment features a predominant bright beige color, combined with warm yellow lighting, creating a serene and cozy ambiance. The beverage counter and cake display area are neatly arranged, allowing customers to view and choose their preferred pastries. Not only are there small individual pieces of cake served in the store, but also whole cakes freshly baked every day are available in the cake cabinet at all branches of C’est Si Bon.

4. De Ville Cafe

  • Address: Shophouse at the base of Tower A2, Vinhomes Gardenia Urban Area, My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 7am – 10:30pm

De Ville Cafe – A renowned Korean-style cafe in Hanoi that remains bustling with customers throughout the day. This cafe stands out with its unique and innovative arrangement of tables and chairs, creatively stacked in layers, creating a beautiful, elegant, and well-organized space. The second floor of the cafe also features long tables suitable for large groups or work purposes. The predominant color scheme is gray, complemented by black quotes on the walls, adding a distinct and unique touch to De Ville Cafe.

The interior of the cafe is bright and ideal for photography or work and study. Outside, the glass door with a wooden frame reflects the Korean style. The menu offers a diverse range of beverage options. If you feel tired, visit De Ville Cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax, instantly replenishing your energy! De Ville Cafe is undoubtedly an excellent stop to soothe the souls of young individuals!

Simee Coffee

  • Address: 51 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 8am – 11pm

Simee Coffee – A two-story cafe, but most people love sitting on the balcony to admire the street view. The cafe space is adorned with minimalist decor, featuring white walls, wooden tables and chairs, and sofas. What sets it apart is the abundance of windows that allow natural light to flood the space, along with the incorporation of numerous indoor plants, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

When you visit Simee Coffee, you will have the opportunity to indulge in a variety of delicious drinks from their menu. The pastries and beverages offered here all have natural and wholesome flavors. If you’re someone who enjoys afternoon tea, the cafe also serves tea to satisfy your taste. The attentiveness and thoughtfulness of the staff are also a significant plus that will make you reluctant to leave.

6. Monocle

  • Address: 44TT11A Van Quan Urban Area, Ha Dong, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 8am – 9pm

Monocle – a cafe designed with a Korean concept, featuring a color scheme dominated by white, beige, and brown. The interior space of the cafe is small and charming, while the outside area is filled with greenery, creating an ideal rendezvous for photography enthusiasts. In addition to the front seating area, which accommodates 2-3 people, most customers do not linger there to give space to others who want to take photos.

The menu at Monocle is very diverse, offering a wide range of options from coffee, tea, and juices to yogurt. Therefore, when you come here, you don’t have to worry about making choices. Just pick your favorite beverage. The staff at Monocle are extremely enthusiastic and attentive, ensuring that your drinks are served quickly and of high quality.

7. Overnin

  • Address: 6/52 To Ngoc Van, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 9am – 8pm

If you’re looking to experience a serene atmosphere while enjoying homemade pastries and drinks prepared by the Korean owner, then Overnin is a must-visit place. The cafe is located on To Ngoc Van Street in Tay Ho, completely separated from the hustle and bustle of the city outside.

Although the cafe’s space is not large, the arrangement of the furniture and lighting is cleverly done, creating a spacious and comfortable feeling for customers. Additionally, there is a small courtyard in front of the entrance where you can sit and relax while savoring a cup of coffee in the open-air environment. One special aspect that most customers love about Overnin is the peaceful and friendly ambiance. People come here seeking a moment of relaxation, so conversations are conducted gently, without causing inconvenience to others.

Discover the rich flavors of Korea in the heart of Hanoi! Step into our authentic Korean Coffee Shop and embark on a unique gastronomic journey. Indulge in delightful Korean beverages and delectable treats while surrounded by the vibrant charm of Vietnam. Unite with fellow Korean travelers and locals alike, and experience the perfect blend of cultures in one unforgettable setting. Don’t miss out on this exceptional fusion of taste and travel – join us today and let your senses take flight at our Korean Coffee Shop in Hanoi, Vietnam!

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