Top 5 Hotels With The Most Beautiful View Da Nang City 2018


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Top 5 Hotels With The Most Beautiful View Da Nang City 2021

Being one of the biggest tourist cities in Vietnam, Danang owns many beautiful resorts and hotels. However, if you want to see the beauty of Da Nang city, the choice of a hotel in mind is not easy at all.

If you are planning to travel to Da Nang Vietnam and you are not aware that any hotel in Danang has a nice view to see the beauty of the city of Da Nang. Let ORIGINVIETNAM suggest it to you. Our team would like to introduce to you list of 5 hotels with the most beautiful view Da Nang beach.



Located on Vo Nguyen Giap Street, opposite My Khe Beach. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. A La Carte Hotel deserves to be one of top 5 hotels with the most beautiful view of Danang beach. The À La Carte Hotel, with its true name – you only pay for what you use – embodies a modern, dynamic, youthful and affordable lifestyle. The most distinctive feature of the À La Carte is the stunning sea-pool that this property owns.

Located on the rooftop of the hotel. The oceanfront swimming pool of the La Carte Hotel boasts a spectacular view of the sea. It’s hard to find a word that can express the emotion of bursting. You are standing on the top floor of this hotel and looking out to the far reaches of the sky.

La Carte is a very good hotel to choose when traveling to Da Nang with many advantages. Such as convergence of affordable, luxurious, courteous, modern European style, class. Especially having a nice looking view.


brilliant hotel

Brilliant Hotel is located on a beautiful spot on Bach Dang Street – one of the most beautiful streets in Da Nang. Where you can stroll every afternoon to admire the beauty of the Han River. But the brim of the famous bridges and the “light performances” brilliant. In addition to owning the most beautiful view of Da Nang, the Brilliant Hotel has a very convenient location – right in the heart of the city, from the Brilliant Hotel it takes less than 10 minutes to get to the hotel. It takes only a few minutes to walk to Da Nang International Airport. It is just a few minutes’ walk to many interesting places in the city, such as Con Ga Church, Han Market

When is the most beautiful time in this hotel? the answer would be immediately at night. Because when the lights is on, when the Han River seemed to be a brilliant picture of colors and The tree is suddenly shimmering, more splendid than ever. Brilliant Hotel is a perfect combination of elegance and elegance, between East and West in contemporary European architecture in addition to quality services and world class standards.


royal lotus hotel

Owning a nice location, located on Nguyen Van Thoai street and only 10 minutes walk from Tran Thi Ly bridge, My Khe beachRoyal Lotus Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Da Nang. Why is that? If you look at the city from the Royal Lotus Hotel. You can feel very normal, nothing beautiful. But when the darkness gradually let go, the brilliant lights began to appear, it is a wonderful view. Royal Lotus Hotel is more beautiful than ever. At night, from Royal Lotus you will see the sparkle of the city of Da City alongside the colorful light from the Sun Wheel and Tran Thi Ly Bridge.


IMG 13808460

Muong Thanh Grand Da Nang Hotel is the 18th member of the largest private hotel chain in Vietnam – Muong Thanh. It’s owns an extremely favorable location between the two most famous bridges in Da Nang. Han River bridge and Tran Thi Ly Bridge with the opposite side is My Khe beach – one of the most attractive beaches in the world. With such a location, it is no wonder that Muong Thanh Grand Da Nang Hotel is among the top hotels with the most beautiful view of Da Nang, especially every night.

The name itself also speaks to the class of Muong Thanh Grand Da Nang Hotel. If the morning from the top floor of Muong Thanh hotel you can bird the beauty of My Khe Beach with the white sand stretches charming, the night view from Muong Thanh Grand Da Nang Hotel will become shimmering more than ever with the city lights, the light reflected from the glamorous Han River and the “attraction” from brightly colored bridges have made the brand of Da Nang.


memory hostel

Memory Hostel is conveniently located on Tran Quoc Toan Street, just a few steps from the Han River. Although a hostel, Memory is still full of facilities and quality service… ensure a most comfortable holiday.

Bring a classic look to the unique Cham Pa, beside the variety of facilities nearby, this restaurant is located close to the Hong Thai night food street. Danang’s most prominent dining destination, to mini supermarket…, for that reason Memory Hostel is a lot of young people choose when coming to Da Nang.

Da Nang is young but dynamic view from above, then the city becomes tranquil and strangely strange – this will be an unforgettable experience for any visitor to the sea city. Danang. If you are looking for the best hotel room with the best view, please visit now to get best advice from Origin Vietnam Team.

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