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Top 10 Foods in Lang Son

Lang Son is not only famous for being the land that guards Vietnam’s border, but also possesses majestic and impressive natural mountain and forest landscapes for tourists. In addition, what makes domestic and foreign tourists impressed with this land is its attractive and interesting cuisine.

The dishes here are made from fresh ingredients grown by the people themselves. All are selected and combined with the taste and culinary culture of the local people to bring “excellent” dishes to those who enjoy them.

With prices that are not expensive, the rustic and attractive Lang Son specialties will definitely be something you cannot miss when you have the opportunity to visit this land. Let’s explore and learn more about Lang Son cuisine with Origin Vietnam through the article information below!


1. Sour Pho

Pho Chua is prepared quite elaborately and has its own unique and attractive flavor that cannot be mixed with any other dish. Although Pho Chua is quite popular in mountainous provinces, nowhere is it as delicious and unique as in Lang Son.

The dish consists of two main parts: pho noodles and broth. The pho noodles are prepared to a moderate softness and chewiness, served with sweet potatoes, pork liver, stomach, pork belly, char siu, chao powder, sausage, roasted peanuts… Noodles soup and mixed ingredients together, combined with the sauce to create a sour taste, bringing an unmistakable experience.

2. Egg rolls

Egg rolls are similar to regular rolls, they will be coated with a layer of rice flour, but instead of meat, the filling will be chicken eggs. Eggs are beaten directly into the cake and coated thinly, covered with a lid until cooked.

Once cooked, the cake will be taken out and sprinkled with minced meat and fried onions. Before putting it in your mouth, don’t forget to dip a little dipping sauce to give it a “unique” flavor. The fragrant egg flavor, combined with the soft, flexible dough, creates a quite interesting and attractive dish.

3. Huu Lung grilled spring rolls

If you want to buy Lang Son specialties as gifts, Huu Lung grilled spring rolls will be an option not to be missed. The dish is made from the main ingredients of pork and chopped pork skin, combined with mushrooms, wrapped in fresh banana leaves.

After a short time, the spring rolls will ferment and have a sour taste. When you want to eat them, just put them on the grill to get a delicious and attractive dish. The dish is both sour and has a moderately reduced flavor. When eaten, you will feel the softness and chewiness of the pork and pork skin.

Huu Lung grilled spring rolls have not only become a special dish at feasts and parties in Lang Son. Also become a popular dish on family trays, even loved by tourists everywhere. You can find this dish at specialty stores in the Huu Lung area, Lang Son

4. Stewed pork

Stewed pork is known as a typical dish in Lang and is also a famous Lang Son specialty. The dish is made from pork belly, marinated with many different spices and steamed for a long time. Helps the dish have a rich flavor and melt in the mouth.

The dish is best eaten with sticky rice, rice or bread. Unlike Chinese stewed pork, this dish has a very unique flavor and attractive aroma. Once eaten, it will definitely make it difficult for you to forget.

5. Roast duck

Coming to Lang Son, you cannot miss the Roasted Duck dish with a unique and unique flavor the first time you enjoy it. The ducks are selected to be fresh, plump, clean, and marinated with a variety of spices to make them rich, such as onions, pepper, and mac gall leaves. Then it is roasted in an oil pan until golden brown, then taken out to drain the oil.

When enjoying this dish, you will see that the spices are well absorbed, the duck meat is thick and fragrant, bringing a very unique appeal without causing boredom. There’s nothing better than eating a piece of roasted duck dipped in soy sauce. Whether eaten alone or combined with rice or bread, it will make you passionate.

6. Mau Son Salmon

Mau Son salmon has been successfully experimentally raised in recent years, meeting the consumer demand of tourists. Dishes made from Mau Son salmon all have unique flavors.

7. Black Banh Chung (black sticky rice cake)

If you still have this question, Black Banh Chung will be an option not to be missed. The dish is especially chosen quite a lot during Tet holidays.

The cake is made from glutinous rice and ash from glutinous rice straw harvested from the bark of the Nuoc tree. From there, it brings a very unique and impressive flavor to eaters. In the filling, in addition to fatty meat and green beans, cardamom is also added, creating a very attractive flavor for the dish.

Although it has a strange black appearance, this traditional banh chung of the people of Lang has a very unique flavor that you definitely should not miss when coming here.

8. Souffle

Unlike puff pastry in the South, puff pastry in Lang Son is made from sticky rice soaked with Tra Du tree ash, so when eaten, it will have a very unique flavor. At the same time, the cake also has a short, puffy tree shape and will melt in the mouth when eaten.

The cake is both sweet, crispy, and fragrant with the smell of fried dough, which is loved by young people as the best snack in Lang Son.

9. Banh Chao

This is a famous Lang Son specialty with duck meat filling, served with papaya fish sauce mixed with chili vinegar, which has a very unique and attractive scent. The pan-fried cake has a crispy outside, a soft dough inside, and a sweet taste, combined with delicious duck meat to create an unforgettable culinary experience for visitors to Lang.

10. Roasted pig

Lang Son roast pig specialty has become a famous culinary brand, with its own unique flavor because it is prepared with mac mat leaves. Bite into a piece of meat and you will feel the sweetness of the richly marinated meat and the aroma of mac honey leaves.


  • Bac Son tangerine
  • Mau Son peaches
  • Soaked chili bamboo shoots
  • Chi Lang custard apple
  • Bao Lam persimmon
  • Lang Son anise
  • Lang Son specialty vegetables
  • Wormwood cake
  • Mau Son Wine
  • Wild honey

Lang Son specialties not only make tourists remember their flavors forever. But also contain a culinary culture that is different from many other regions. Surely after one taste you will immediately “love” the dishes here.

In order to experience the beautiful landscape of Lang Son. And enjoy the attractive, typical dishes of Vietnam food tours in this land, contact us immediately to get to know about tours in Lang Son with interesting and exciting experiences!

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