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Top 10 Food in Son La

Son La is a mountainous province in the Northwest region of Vietnam. This place attracts tourists not only because of its majestic nature, cool and fresh climate, and unique culture. It is the rich culinary culture here that also captivates tourists from all over. So what specialties does Son La have? What are Son La specialties that tourists should enjoy and buy as gifts?


1. Pa Pinh Top

IMG Pa Pinh Top 1

Pa Pinh Top (grilled folded fish) is a traditional dish of the Thai ethnic people in Son La. The fish is cleaned, marinated with lemongrass, ginger, wild chili, herbs, mac khen… then grilled over charcoal. Fish meat after grilling retains its natural sweetness and chewiness. The flavors of the mountains and forests blend into every fiber of the fish. Pa Pinh Top is dipped in occiput and eaten with Northwest sticky rice. The more you eat, the more mouth-watering you get.

2. Buffalo skin salad

Buffalo skin salad is a Son La specialty created by Thai people. This dish is elaborately prepared with the participation of local ingredients and spices. Such as: mac khen; my smell; forest filling; roasted peanuts; herbs… The harmonious, perfect combination of ingredients will make diners remember the taste of the Northwest mountains and forests forever.

3. Roasted Veal (Be chao)

IMG Roasted Veal

In addition to buffalo skin salad, Moc Chau veal is also a delicious Son La dish worth enjoying. The veal is tender, sweet, and fragrant with the scent of lemongrass, with crispy skin and dipped in rich soy sauce. Add in aromatic herbs like mint, coriander, and wild vegetables. Sipping veal with a little Northwestern cider apple wine is truly a masterpiece.

4. Mac Nhung Porridge

IMG Mac Nhung Porridge

This special porridge dish is a Son La specialty but not many people know about it. Macadamia nuts are a gift from the Northwest to Son La people. This fruit has a dark, bitter taste, a bit spicy and has a slightly sweet aftertaste. The fruit is cooked with sticky rice and bone broth for many hours, making it both delicious and nutritious.

5. Chieng Mai Duck

IMG Chieng Mai Duck

Chieng Mai duck is a small duck breed, weighing only 1.5-1.7 kg. They have small bones, yellow skin, fragrant meat, sweet taste, soft but not chewy. Chiang Mai chefs use duck to prepare boiled duck dishes; braised duck with bamboo shoots; Stir-fried duck with lemongrass and chili; Roasted duck with galangal,… Chiang Mai duck is so delicious that visitors who are not “fans’ ‘ of duck meat have to be hesitant to enjoy it.

6. Lam rice

Lam rice is one of the famous specialties in Son La and is bought by many tourists for relatives and close friends when traveling here.

Son La Lam rice is made from yellow flower sticky rice and black rice soaked with salt and ginger overnight. When enjoying this dish, there will be a light aroma of rice and ginger.

7. Son La smoked buffalo meat

IMG Buffalo Meat Upstairs Kitchen

This dish is considered a specialty of the Northwest mountains in general and Son La in particular. The ingredients for this dish are mainly buffalo or pork meat that is freely roamed on the mountain slopes.

When processing, the meat is filtered into pieces, seasoned with salt, ginger, chili, mac khen, and some other additives, then they will smoke each piece of meat over the smoke of charcoal burned from forest trees.

8. Son La pickled meat

One of Son La’s specialties as a gift that many tourists love is pickled meat. This dish is unique in that the longer it is left, the more delicious and chewy it becomes.

The Dao people consider this a traditional cuisine. Although making pickled meat isn’t difficult, achieving delicious pickled meat requires taking a long time to enjoy the right taste.


1. Moc Chau Milk

IMG Dairy cow

With a cool climate and endless green grass, Moc Chau has developed dairy farming for many generations. In Moc Chau, there are many large-scale cow farms. Therefore, one of the experiences you should not miss is checking in to the farms and enjoying the fresh taste of Moc Chau milk. In addition, you can also buy curd, yogurt, whey, milk cake, buttermilk… as gifts.

2. Moc Chau tea

Oolong tea and ancient Shan Tuyet tea are also famous Son La specialties of Moc Chau. Moc Chau tea has the common characteristics of honey-colored tea, strong aroma, and high tannin content. This will be an ideal gift for tourists coming to Moc Chau to buy as gifts for relatives and friends.

3. Phu Yen Lonely Garlic

Lonely garlic is a single-branch garlic, large cloves, purple in color, fragrant and mildly spicy but not pungent. This garlic variety is tastier and more expensive than other garlic varieties. In Phu Yen, only Tuong Phu, Gia Phu and Tuong Thuong communes can grow lonely garlic. Garlic is an indispensable spice in the Vietnamese family’s kitchen, so it is very suitable to buy as a gift.

4. Son La specialty fruits

Son La has many specialty fruits, but the most famous are: Yen Chau mango – small in size but sweet, long-lasting aroma; Song Ma longan fruit is large, thin-skinned, small and succulent seeds; Mai Son custard apple has white flesh, few seeds, sweet taste, aroma…

5. Moc Chau sticky rice

Moc Chau upland sticky rice has long been grown by the H’mong ethnic people for the purpose of self-sufficiency. Later, when the Kinh people came to explore and establish new farms. At this time, rice and other products were sold and exchanged. With an unforgettable delicious taste. People call Moc Chau upland sticky rice the pearl of the Northwest.

From Moc Chau sticky rice grains, you can prepare many different delicious dishes with unique and unique flavors. So buy Moc Chau sticky rice as a gift right away.

6. Son La local apple

In Son La, local apple is a woody tree with flowers and fruit that grows throughout the valleys and mountainous areas at an altitude of 1,500m above sea level. In Son La during the summer days of July, the sight of bunches of white and pink local apples hanging on the trees captivates visitors.

Fresh cat apples bought as gifts or apple jam, apple syrup, apple wine, dried apple cider,… are all very delicious, everyone likes them.

7. Yen Chau sticky banana

Currently, dried banana products are one of the specialties of Yen Chau district. The product is made from ripe yellow bananas, pressed thinly and then dried and grilled, with a special delicious flavor… making it difficult for diners to forget the taste of this dish.

8. Wild black turmeric

Son La forest produces black turmeric, also known as purple turmeric or “ga truu” in traditional medicine. People have long proven its effectiveness in treating stomach pain.

In addition, black turmeric is also widely used to treat abdominal pain, indigestion, flatulence, menstrual cramps, bleeding, irregular menstruation, blood clots… Black turmeric from Son La forest has many uses like that, which is very suitable. to buy as gifts for family and relatives.

9. Honey

Another type of gift that can be bought in Son La is honey. The honey here has a distinct mountain and forest flavor. Honey is clear and orange in color. The honey is so thick that you don’t need to use a funnel when pouring.

Honey is completely unmixed, does not change color and does not accumulate sugar after being stored for a long time. The honey has the typical flavor of Northwest forest flowers. Honey is harvested entirely by hand so it retains its pure aroma and sweetness.

10. Ta Xua Tea – Bac Yen:

IMG Shan Tuyet Bang Phuc Tea 4

Son La has thousands of hectares of green tea all year round. In particular, on the top of Ta Xua at an altitude of more than 2,500m above sea level, there is a hundred-year-old Shan Tuyet tea that brings sweet flavor and is good for your health. Don’t miss it when choosing it. Buy gifts for relatives and friends.

The above lists are famous Son La specialties that many people love and choose to buy as gifts for friends and relatives. Before ending your journey, don’t forget to enjoy these delicious specialties. Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately to not miss any interesting experiences in this beautiful land. Wishing you a happy and wonderful trip with your loved ones.

Private Moc Chau Tour package

Moc Chau, about 200 km away from Hanoi. It is a rather small town in the northwest mountainous area of Vietnam. This city is a very popular traveller destination. Specially in spring when peach blossoms in bloom. Moc Chau is famous for its beautiful flower fields, green tea plants, fresh milk, and the love market, of H’Mong ethnic minority.
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