Aclass Stellar Cruise – The Star Of Service And Orient Style On Seas


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The Star Of Service And Orient Style On Seas

In a fairy tales was told that: Long time ago, when Vietnamese were attacked by foreign aggressors. To help Viet people fight against the invaders, the Jade Emperor sent the Dragon God landed on this country. While the enemy vessels starts attacking, Dragon God spat out innumerable pearls and changed them into stone islands on water.

These islands strictly linked together and form firm citadels that prevent the enemy’s advance make their vessels broken to pieces. That history land, nowadays, called in the famous name as: Halong Bay.

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Through thousands years of multiplies and creations, Ha Long Bays formed an admirable populations of limestone and nature. And now, this land honorably listed as one of new 7even wonders of the world.

Aclass Stellar Cruise is the enchanted Halong bay junk in new definition of contemporary luxury with separately traditional oriental-style and the highest safety standard. Aclass Stellar Cruise will exceed your expectation by the absolutely memorable experience journey along carefully selective itineraries. Especially chic design, mighty views and amazing cuisines. This wonderful merger will companion with you in unforgettable journey on Halong Bay.

Aclass Stellar Cruise – The Star of Halong Seas in luxury design and service

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Aclass Stellar Cruise offers 22 luxury cabins with elite and creative design, professional private luxury service to ensure that provided you the best experience during your holiday in Ha Long.

In the space of delicacy and outstanding luxury of restaurant and bar. Where you can enjoy the gourmet food that to be served by high level chef with the locally and internationally inspired menus. All the tables are meticulously arrangement to bring you in the peak of flavor. All of them in under brilliant lights ceiling or in cool swimming pool side. Your meal-time will more perfect with the magnificent landscapes outside when the boat cruising through.

Separated with restaurant and bar. It’sthe Wine & Cigars Cellar – a fine world of selective wines and cigars. In a fabulous atmosphere.You will satisfy your passions, turn into the real expert.

Aclass Stellar Cruise public room continually listed with the large sundeck, the beauty spa & massage room, and even mini golf course… to full your experience on boat in all style you love. You can put yourself on the soft and clean lounge chair on sunny-flooded sundeck to observer the movement of Halong scene. You can choose a gate away for soul and body with the traditional massage treatment on spa room. And you also can relax with some times for golf on small area on bow of boat, surrounded by Halong overview.

And finally, in your amazing cabins, from Junior to President Suite standard is an exceed expectation of design and luxury modern service. Classic wooden floor with the elite patterns are meticulously attentive in single details. Surrounded space is array of high quality glass windows and sunshine-flooded balcony, open for you a world of enjoyment and experience in international class. That not fault if someone said Aclass Stellar is the leader of five-star journeys in Halong Bay.

Beside of experiencing luxury service, do not ignore the magic of Halong nature

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Famous with the spectacular views and fresh atmosphere. But not many people know that HaLong Bay also its own a colorful local life. It can make your journey is in full of flavors.

Distinguished in the middle of Halong Bay are the majesty populations of limestone islands, islets and natural caves or lagoon. Aclass Stellar will take you to the most amazing destinations of site is: Sung Sot Cave, Maze Cave, Luon Cave… to explore the how stalactites so really admirable and wonderful. At the same time, you will gain a lot impressed tales stories about the formation of this Vietnam pride. Let take your relaxing time on Titop island with pure water and white sand. You will feel the energy re-enrich in your whole of body.

In the next experience, you will get the day rich meaningful with kayaking or bamboo boat tour in the famous Cua Van floating village side. Through the life picturesque appear along your route, you will see the world more colorful. Try to visit a Pearl Farm near that, the skillful and professional on job of local residents will make you revel on admiration.

Throughout of journey, the follows of enthusiastic Aclass Stellar staff team to ensure you day really fluent and exciting. If you feel a little exhausted with the activities off-boat. Let enjoy your time in private cabins with most pamper room service. Or you want something more excited. Let join in our Sun set party on bar, all the delicious drinks are waiting to you.

No word can express, all thing is amazing

That is the precious cheer words and deserved pride for efforts of Aclass Stellar Cruise team in goals to make a perfect and memorable for customers.

If you are looking for such journey like that, let connect with Origin Vietnam to become an amazing part of magic in Halong Bay.

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