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The Most special festivals in Bac Kan

On high mountainsides, villages, along streams, ethnic groups. Such as Tay, Nung, Dao, H’Mong… are always attached to the mountains and forests, with nature to create a life. Every time spring comes, people often organize their national spring festival to thank the gods who govern the mountains, forests, rivers. And fields and pray that they will give people a prosperous new year. The rice fields are full of rice, the buffaloes, horses are full of barns, the people are healthy. Especially the grass and trees are lush, also the weather is favorable.

The beauty of a land not only in its external natural landscapes but also in its internal values. The unique festivals of the local people of Bac Kan province are imbued with traditional cultural features. So visitors can better understand the customs, traditions, people here. Below are the most typical and notable festivals in Bac Kan that you can refer to with our team.

1. Long Tong Festival

IMG Long Tong Festival 2

The Long Tong Festival, also known as the rice field ceremony. It’s organized by the Tay ethnic people every day after Tet holiday. This festival is recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage. In Bac Kan, it takes advantage of this great natural land. So this festival is often held along the shore of Ba Be Lake.

On this holiday, visitors to Bac Kan will have the opportunity to admire the most beautiful national costumes. And immerse themselves in the festival with a joyful atmosphere shown on the faces of the people who attend.

As for the festival, the Long Tong festival is divided into a ceremony with procession and offering rituals of the communes. And a festival with ancient agricultural rituals to wish for a good harvest.

In addition, you cannot ignore extremely unique cultural activities. Such as folk games, sports competitions or cultural exchange programs, etc. The beauty of the festival with its rich cultural colors The ethnic identity here makes visitors love and cherish the love of the people and this land.

2. Mu La Festival

IMG Mu La Festival Bac Kan 1

This is one of the festivals of the H’Mong ethnic community in Bac Kan held in the first half of January every year. With the content of praying to the earth, praying for favorable weather so that people will have a bountiful harvest all year, lush trees. So family members to be prosperous and happy.

With a very vibrant and joyful atmosphere, the festival is an opportunity for people in the locality and surrounding areas to both buy and selling goods, meet and exchange. Especially spread cultural beauty, customs and practices of the H’Mong ethnic group. Surely when immersing yourself in the festival space. Visitors will learn as well as have interesting and unforgettable experiences.

3. Xuan Duong love market

IMG Xuan Duong Love Market Bac Kan

Xuan Duong Love Market is one of the important traditional festivals of the Tay people in Bac Kan, held annually on March 25 (lunar calendar) every year in Xuan Duong commune, Na Ri district. This is an opportunity for the villages in the district. Especially the young men and women, to have the opportunity to gather, meet, talk… with each other.

A touching story from ancient times unfolds, where a deeply in love husband and wife, working tirelessly, faced a tragic separation. The exceptionally beautiful wife was captured by a mandarin to become his wife, leading to their drifting apart.

Upon their eventual reunion, both the husband and wife were profoundly moved and choked up, yet powerless to change their fate. The villagers, deeply moved by their story, began passing it on daily, marking the day of their reunion as the Xuan Duong love festival.

Coming here, you can participate in games, traditional activities, That you can enjoy specialties or freely admire the ethnic beauty of charming Tay girls in extremely colorful costumes. This indispensable spiritual dish of the Tay people in Bac Kan is a cultural beauty that still carries a special attraction, which needs to be preserved, preserved and promoted for future generations.

4. Grave-visiting Festival (Thanh Minh festival)

IMG Thanh Minh Festival Bac Kan 1

Thanh Minh holiday is a festival not only in Bac Kan but in almost all other localities. Held at the beginning of the third lunar month. This is an opportunity for people to buy incense sticks, clean the graves of relatives to commemorate the deceased. Also an opportunity for families and descendants to reunite.

On this day, people who are far from their homeland also try to return. So that they can light incense sticks to express their hearts to their ancestors, offering them the most respectful heart. Tay ethnic people in Bac Kan during the Thanh Minh festival also enthusiastically show off their skills by making special and special cakes. Such as: floating cake, sticky rice, etc.

The Spring Festival in the highlands of Bac Kan not only carries spiritual cultural values. But is also an opportunity for people to preserve and promote the cultural values that represent their national identity. In order to educate the young generation to love what their ancestors left behind. And strive to build a prosperous and happy life.

Please refer to Origin Vietnam’s Bac Kan tours so you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the unique traditional festivals of ethnic minorities here.

A team of professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable consultants, tour operators, and local guides actively engage in showcasing our experiences about this land. We will take you on a tour of Vietnam to discover unique traditional festivals in Bac Kan with unforgettable experiences.

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