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Specialties in Bac Kan

Every land will have its own characteristics in culture, cuisine, and geography. When mentioning Bac Kan, many people will immediately think of beautiful natural landscapes, majestic mountains and clear blue Ba Be Lake. But not everyone knows about Bac Kan specialties. So what dishes and specialties are waiting for visitors here?

Bac Kan specialties are easy to remember for many tourists with their diverse and impressive delicious dishes, imbued with the identity of the ethnic people here. Let Origin Vietnam help you elevate your cuisine right now!

1. Ba Be sour shrimp

Sour shrimp dish with the fatty, sour taste of meat and spicy chili garlic and the aroma of galangal… This rustic dish is sold quite a lot in the villages of Bo Lu, Pac Ngoi… In Ba Be, people often eat sour shrimp with pork leg meat or boiled pork belly with a plate of sour star fruit, green bananas, polyscias fruticosa leaves… In addition to shrimp, other types of shrimp or small fish are caught fresh in the lake. If you can’t eat it all, people also take it with salt in a jar to eat gradually. .

2. Bac Kan Sausages

Bac Kan sausages are also made with the main ingredient being pork, so the meat is fragrant and firm. The sausage is marinated with stone ginger, a type of ginger that only grows on rocks of the ethnic people, so it has a special aroma, with the smell of highland sunshine, the smell of kitchen smoke, the smell of ginger, the smell of wine, and honey. … When enjoying, you will feel the toughness of the tripe, the sweetness of the lean meat, and the fatty taste of the fat blending together, creating a delicious dish. Smoked pork ribs are very suitable to sip with some wine.

3. Ba Be grilled fish

Ba Be Lake is blessed by nature with many species of fish. People often catch fish and then process them into many special delicious dishes. People choose a fish as small as a thumb, which is both similar to goby and similar to the flatfish in the lowlands to make grilled fish. The fish meat is white, firm and has a sweet taste. The process of preparing grilled fish is also quite time-consuming. First, people choose fish of equal size, gut them, clean them, dry them in the sun, and then skewer the fish into skewers. Next, just bring grilled fish skewers to enjoy. Grilled fish is often dipped in chili sauce and enjoyed with a cup of corn wine, it is wonderful. You may interest our Ba Be Lake & National Park tour here.

4. Vegetables (wild spinach)

The leaves are used to cook soup with meat or fish. The flavor of this vegetable is very rich, just a few stalks are enough to cook a large bowl of delicious soup. The way to cook spinach soup is similar to the way to cook regular spinach soup. People pluck all the stems, only taking the young leaves. Then wash, crush the vegetables to make them softer, then put them in a pot of boiling water and season with spices and salt. 

According to the experience of people in Bac Kan, you have to eat raw vegetable soup, seasoned with a little salt, chew slowly and carefully each small leaf, and deeply enjoy its sweetness and indescribable flavor to feel it. its special taste. Vegetable soup is often eaten with pickled eggplant in the summer, it is both cool and nutritious.

5. Black canarium

Black canarium is a specialty of Bac Kan in particular and of Viet Bac mountains and forests in general. The black canarium fruit has a diamond shape, two pointed ends, dark purple color, yellow-red flesh, and white kernels in the seeds. Canarium fruit has a rich, rich taste and can be used to prepare many dishes with unforgettable flavors. But most are used to braise with pork belly or sticky rice. There are two types of black fillings: sticky fillings and regular fillings. Usually people favor sticky fillings because the flesh is soft and suitable for the elderly and children.

6. Bo Khai vegetable (Da Hien vegetable)

Bo Khai (Bo Khai) vegetables often grow in rugged and rocky mountain areas. The top of the vegetable resembles mistletoe and is used to prepare dishes or make medicine to treat various diseases. At first glance, the tops of the vegetables resemble the tops of luffa but are slimmer and green like newly sprouted leaves. After bringing the pork belly home, there is no need to elaborately prepare it, just pick it up, fry the fragrant garlic on the stove. Then pour in the vegetables and stir-fry over high heat to have an attractive dish. In addition, Bo Khai vegetables are also used when eaten with pho, fried noodles or stir-fried with beef.

7. Cooc Mo cake

Cooc Mo cake is a long-standing specialty of the Tay and Nung people. According to the Tay language, Coc Mo means “cow horn”, the cake has a pointed cone shape, looking like a cow’s horn. The cake is made of sticky rice, wrapped in banana leaves or dong leaves. Because it is made from the best type of sticky rice that people in highland areas grow on the fields, the taste of the cake is very delicious, fragrant, sweet and sticky. Areas with Tay and Nung ethnic groups such as Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen, Quang Ninh, Cao Bang, Lang Son, Tuyen Quang, etc. all sell coc mo cakes in fairs.

8. Dam Deng Sticky rice

Dam Deng sticky riceis a unique type of sticky rice cooked from upland sticky rice and all the colors of the sticky rice are created entirely from the natural flavors of plants. The sticky rice grains are shiny but not wet. When cooled, the sticky rice grains tighten but are still soft, flexible and fragrant. People here often eat sticky rice with sesame salt or shrimp paste. If you have the opportunity to go to Bac Kan on holidays or New Year, remember to enjoy sticky rice to feel the flavor of the mountains and forests here.

9. Na Ri Dong Dong vermicelli

Vermicelli noodles are a famous specialty of Na Ri, Bac Kan. Bac Kan arrowroot vermicelli is made from arrowroot roots grown on Ang Toong pass at an altitude of over 1,000m. The vermicelli fibers have an inherent natural color because they are made by the skillful hands of the people here. Vermicelli fibers when cooked have a chewy, crunchy and fragrant taste of arrowroot. From this type of piece, people can prepare many delicious and easy-to-eat dishes.

10. Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots are a famous product of the people of Don Phong commune (Bach Thong, Bac Kan province). It have a strong flavor of the mountains and forests here. At the beginning of the season, the newly sprouted bamboo shoots have a sweet taste mixed with a slightly bitter taste. But after the second lunar month, the bamboo shoots change to a more bitter taste. People here process bamboo shoots into many dishes such as rolled bamboo shoots with meat, stir-fried bamboo shoots, cooked in soup or simply boiled and dipped in sesame salt,… But the most attractive is probably boiled bamboo shoots dipped in lemon and chili shrimp sauce.

11. Plum jam

Plums are abundant locally, but only Bac Kan has the yellow plum variety with large fruit. And is processed by the skillful hands of the people to create a specialty that cannot be found anywhere else. Plum jam in Bac Kan has its own unique and very attractive flavor. Plum jam is dark brown, clear, chewy and sweet to the bite. No one would think that it is made from plums that are both sour and astringent. When you come to Bac Kan, remember to buy plum jam as a gift for relatives and friends.

12. Wild banana seeds

Wild bananas have quite prominent characteristics such as banana flowers growing upright and dark red in color. In particular, this type of banana has a lot of seeds, and when ripe, the banana has a very beautiful yellow color. Usually, the smaller the banana people use, the more resin it has, which has the function of treating diseases.

In Bac Kan, Ba Be Lake banana seeds are sold a lot on the road to Tien Pond, the area welcoming guests from the entrance gate to the lake. One of the well-known drinks made from wild banana seeds is medicinal wine. The medicinal wine soaked from wild banana seeds is very delicious. The taste of wine is characteristic and nutritious, the main known use is to treat back pain and aches.

13. Smoked Pork 

Grilled pork is a famous specialty of the Black Thai people in the Northwest mountains. And for people in Bac Kan, this dish is no longer strange. Unlike some other ethnic groups, the Tay people living around Ba Be Lake often put meat in baskets or baskets to go to the forest and then hang it on the stove. The smoke from the wood stove every day turns the meat yellow-black. Meat can be hung for a whole year without spoiling. Nowadays, Tay people’s houses around the lake always have a little meat hanging in the kitchen to use on occasions of welcoming guests, holidays, New Year or other important days.

14. Troi cake

Troi cake, also known as “peng pha” (in Tay language), is a precious cake of the Tay people in Bac Kan. Heavenly cakes are indispensable in New Year’s offerings, field celebrations… Tay people always put their love and ingenuity into each piece of this heaven’s bread. The cake looks tiny, round like a longan, gathering many ingredients and typical flavors of the countryside here.

The ingredients for making the cake are sticky rice, white wine, sweet soup and cane sugar. The cake has an outer layer of dough made from roasted and ground glutinous rice. The layer of smooth white cake dough hugs the cake but cannot cover the golden brown color of the sugar layer on the cake, so the cake looks very rustic and rough. But when enjoyed, the cake brings an irresistible attraction.

15. Wild malabar spinach

Wild malabar spinach is a type of plant in the family, similar to a fern, with long branches and small leaves, smooth green leaves, and hairy petioles. In Bac Kan, especially in high mountainous areas, weed often grows at the source of rivers and streams. And often grows on stream banks and creek banks, where there is high humidity. The best time to eat this vegetable is from after the flood season to the end of spring. The leaves of young agarwood are curved like an elephant’s trunk, have viscous sap. And are used to prepare dishes such as stir-frying with sour bamboo shoot juice, making salad, mixing with shredded chicken or even making soup…

16. Khau Thuy cake

Khau Thuy cake is a famous dish of the Tay people in Bac Kan. The cake is round like a quail egg, golden, crispy, sweet and fragrant. Banh khau thuy is indispensable in important festivals of the Tay and Nung people here. The cake is made from many ingredients, goes through many stages and is quite sophisticated. If you have the opportunity to come to Bac Kan, remember to enjoy this famous delicious banh thuy.

17. Deo Gio chili bamboo shoots

In Deo Gio village, Van Tung commune (Ngan Son, Bac Kan) there is a specialty dish of chili bamboo shoots with a spicy taste and rich aroma. Chili bamboo shoots are both a dish and an indispensable dipping sauce in the meals of the people here. Deo Gio chili bamboo shoots can be made from many types of bamboo shoots, but the best are still gai bamboo shoots to create a crispy, fragrant texture. The stages of making bamboo shoots seem simple, but not everyone can do them, especially the fermentation and soaking stages.

Chili bamboo shoots can be eaten with many different dishes, reducing the greasy and fatty taste of stir-fried. Or fried dishes or adding deliciousness to boiled dishes, creating a hot and spicy taste for hot pot dishes in the winter.

18. Shan Tuyet Bang Phuc tea

IMG Shan Tuyet Bang Phuc Tea 5

Bang Phuc commune (Bac Kan province) has a cool climate that is very suitable for Shan Tuyet tea trees. The tea trees here are grown on steep terrain. And have not been affected by chemicals, creating the rich flavor of Bang Phuc tea. Shan Tuyet Bang Phuc tea has long become a famous specialty of Cho Don in particular and Bac Kan province in general.

19. Men men

Men men is a traditional dish of the Mong people living in Dong Luong, Quang Chu commune, Cho Moi district (Bac Kan). The dish is made from the main ingredient which is corn kernels. After the corn is pounded in a stone mortar, it is kneaded with a little water and steamed.

Even though it’s just steamed cornmeal, the skillful way of making it with the people here and the combination of men men eaten with other dishes has made it more attractive. People often mix men men with rice or mix it with pho and noodle soup. If you have the opportunity to visit the highland markets of Bac Kan, don’t forget to enjoy a bowl of delicious, hot pho men men.

20. Bang Phuc leaf yeast wine

Leaves yeast wine often appears during Tet and spring in Bang Phuc, Cho Don district. It becoming a very unique drink of the mountainous people here. When drinking leaf yeast wine, it has a very attractive flavor, sweet and cool, more mellow than any other type of wine. Normally, to make wine, one thing is indispensable: wine yeast. Bang Phuc wine yeast is made from medicinal herbs, leaves and rice flour. To get good yeast to create the unique flavor of wine. The most important secret is to go to the forest to pick herbs and dry them for later use.

That’s not all, Bac Kan specialties also have many other great dishes such as: Quang Thuan tangerines, wormwood cakes, ant egg cakes, and many more. Just hearing it makes me hungry, right!

Don’t hesitate and wait longer, please book your Bac Kan tour with Origin Vietnam right now. Coming here, you can both admire the beautiful natural landscape and experience unique culinary culture!

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