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So Loc Festival in Cao Bang

Visit the villages of the Tay-Nung people in Cao Bang during the So Loc Festival (Tết So Lộc) to feel the spacious and joyful atmosphere here. So Loc Festival takes place on June 6 (lunar calendar) every year. Join Origin Travel to learn and explore the So Loc festival of the Tay-Nung people in Cao Bang now!

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So Loc Festival

So Loc Festival is a holiday for the Tay-Nung people. The festival is held in Quang Uyen, Trung Khanh, and Ha Lang districts of Cao Bang province, Vietnam. On the day of the So Loc Festival, the Tay-Nung people will make vermicelli and use duck meat to worship their ancestors, the God of Agriculture and the God of the Ox, praying for a good year of business and lush vegetation. Tet So Loc is also called “Tet Khoan Vai”.

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The unique tradition during So Loc Festival

On this day, people will wake up early, clean and decorate their houses and altars, then make noodles and duck meat. Households will gather together at one family to make noodles. Making handmade vermicelli is very time-consuming. After rubbing the dough, hang it to dry, dust it with flour, then pound it and press it into noodles. The process of pounding and pressing vermicelli requires a lot of people and only healthy people can do it. Everyone works together, both having fun and increasing solidarity and neighborly love.

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The offering tray is mainly vermicelli and duck. The duck must be cut up and placed on a tray. When worshiping ancestors, 2/3 of the incense burns out before you can prepare the tray. And then go to worship at the local village in the village. So Loc Festival is to ask for good fortune, to ask ancestors to bestow good fortune on business, lush vegetation, and a good harvest. Therefore, most Tay families in Cao Bang make offerings to their ancestors.

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Besides, So Loc Festival also has other meanings. The buffalo has worked hard all year round. When the rice in the fields is lush, it is time to rest and have a Tet of its own. Plows and harrows are hung on the walls, and shovels are wiped clean of mud. People want to thank the buffalo and cow for their hard work and help throughout the season, so they organize a very meaningful Tet for the buffalo.

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This is also an opportunity for family members who are far away to return and gather together for a family meal. The Tay-Nung people in Cao Bang always preserve and promote the beauty of their long-standing cultural traditions. If you want to travel to Cao Bang to explore the natural beauty and traditional cultural values ​​of the people here, please contact us. Our Cao Bang tour will bring you many interesting and memorable experiences.

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