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Sapa spiritual tourism and sacred destinations you should know

The Northwest mountains not only have majestic nature, but also have a unique religious culture. Therefore, visiting the spiritual tourist sites of Sapa has become an indispensable part of the Sapa private tour to explore the foggy town. Let’s discover these sercrect with Origin Travel!

Sapa Spiritual Tourism

Possessing a long and diverse culture of ethnic groups. Lao Cai in general and the foggy town of Sa Pa in particular are always a destination. That attracts visitors who want to start their spiritual tourism journey. Visitors come here both to understand more about local religious customs and to pray for peace and luck for themselves and their families. In order not to miss any destination, let’s take a look at the famous Sapa spiritual tourist destinations in this article.

1. Cultural and spiritual complex on the top of Fansipan

Located in the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area, the spiritual cultural complex on the top of Fansipan makes visitors admire by the magnificence of the architectural works here.

1.1 Bao An Thien Tu – Trinh Pagoda:

Located at an altitude of 1,604m, Bao An Thien Tu is the first destination when you stop at the cable car station. The pagoda has the beauty and typical architecture of Vietnamese temples. Visitors come here not only to visit the pagoda in the middle of the mountain. But also worship Buddha, pray and offer incense.

1.2 Bich Van Thien Tu:

Shocked in the vast space of Fansipan peak, Bich Van Thien Tu, even after more than a thousand years. But it’s still retains the imprint of Buddhist architecture of the Tran Dynasty and unique sculpture art.

1.3 Great Buddha Statue:

The tallest bronze statue in Vietnam with a height of 21.5m; Magnificent Buddha statue in the midst of clouds and fog. Conquering 600 steps, you will arrive at the area where the Great Buddha is as beautiful as a fairyland. Standing in this area, be quiet to admire the space that cannot be more romantic. One side is the Muong Hoa train climbing slowly to the top of the mountain. And the other side is the mountainside stretching a blue color.

1.4 Arhat Road:

One of the other spiritual areas at this spiritual tourist destination in Sapa that you cannot ignore, is the 800m long Arhat road. Walking along the path lined with rhododendrons and ancient trees, you will understand more about the legend and meaning of the 18 Arhats in Buddhism.

1.5 Avalokitesvara Statue:

At another turn, you will come to the statue of Avalokitesvara gracefully facing the East, holding a willow branch in the right hand, and the left hand with a vase of orange trees. All represent the great compassion of suffering and saving suffering and saving sentient beings.

1.6 Kim Son Bao Thang Tu:

As the largest work in the cultural and spiritual complex of Fansipan, Kim Son Bao Thang Tu includes 11-storey stupa made of stone, ancestral house, Dai Hung Bao Dien, left-wing corridor – Huu corridor. vu,… The pagoda uses mainly wooden materials, delicately carved, combined with the roof tiles, bringing rusticity and closeness.

Stepping through Thanh Van Dac Lo heaven gate, you will arrive at the heavenly place in the Northwest sky, echoing the ringing of temple bells and experience the solemn spiritual space.

Address: Fansipan Peak, Sapa, Lao Cai
Ticket price: 750,000 VND/adult and 550,000 VND/child

2. Ong Hoang Bay Temple – Lao Cai

Ong Hoang Bay Temple (also known as Bao Ha Temple) is a famous historical and cultural relic throughout the country. Where worshiping the National Guard God Hoang Bay – who fought off the Northern invaders and protected life in the border areas. Located at the foot of Cam Hill and next to the Red River, the temple makes visitors flutter by the charming landscape with a quiet marina and green mountains covered with a sky.

Ong Hoang Bay Temple Lao Cai

Ong Hoang Bay Temple is a campus consisting of a three-way gate, a temple courtyard, the Son Trang lord’s palace, the Forbidden Palace, the Palace of the Second Palace, a luxuriant orchard, etc. All space is not too large, but it is built in a wonderful way. and still retains its ancient beauty over time.

Tet holidays (January of the lunar calendar) and the death anniversary of General Hoang Bay (July 17 of the lunar calendar) are the most crowded times of the year. Visitors from all over the world come here to pray for good fortune, good luck for a smooth year, participate in cultural activities (palanque procession, incense offering, …) and express their respect and gratitude to the national hero. outstanding.

Address: Bao Ha, Bao Yen, Lao Cai

3. Mau Thuong Temple

Known as one of the most sacred temples in Sapa. Mau Thuong Temple is the place to worship Holy Mother Lieu Hanh. The princess for the country and the people, supporting the court against foreign invaders, protecting the peace for the people. Live on the border of the country.

Mau Thuong Lao Cai

Looking from afar, you have seen a glimpse of a temple with its back leaning against the majestic mountains, facing a large and airy space. Entering the temple, take your time to bow down and offer incense with a cast statue of Princess Lieu Hanh in a sitting posture. And her hands clasped in front of her chest full of dignity.

Spiritual tourism in Sapa in the summer. You will have the opportunity to attend the Mau Thuong Temple festival from April 9 to the end of April 14 of the lunar calendar. The special religious activities held can be mentioned as chau van singing, palanquin processions, folk sacrifices, …

Address: Group 11, Sapa, Lao Cai

4. Mau Son Temple

Also a spiritual place to worship Princess Lieu Hanh. Mau Son Temple is located quite close to the center of Sa Pa town. It’s very convenient for visiting and moving. With an age of more than 200 years, the temple was built in the familiar architectural style of Northern Buddhism. Welcoming you will be the three-way gate. Going inside is the main hall smelling of incense, sophisticatedly carved stone stele and solemn worship space.

Mau Son Temple Sapa

Nestled in the northwest mountains, amidst a quiet space. Mau Son Temple has a mysterious and sacred beauty, making visitors curious and learn about the legend of Mother Lieu Hanh. With gratitude and respect, the people here consider Ba Chua Thuong Ngan as a source of strong spiritual strength, a mother who protects the peace and prosperity of highland life. On holidays and full moon days, the temple will become crowded and bustling with pilgrims coming to worship and pray for peace for their families and themselves.

Address: Thach Son Street, Group 4A, Sapa, Lao Cai

5. Hang Pho Temple

Built before the 19th century and still standing today. Hang Pho Temple is one of the three major temples of the region and a famous spiritual tourist destination in Sapa. This place worships and commemorates the merits of Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan and talented generals during the three great wars of the Yuan – Mongol invasions.

Hoang Pho Temple

With the land position of “Tien Thuy Hau Son”. Hang Pho temple is located on a prime location: facing the beautiful Muong Hoa valley, the back is leaning against the solid rock. Visitors come to Hang Pho Temple not only to worship and enjoy the peaceful spiritual space. But also to enjoy the beautiful scenery and convenient to visit the busy Sapa market not far away.

On the 20th day of the 8th lunar month every year. The memorial ceremony of Hung Dao Vuong is held very solemnly and methodically according to the old royal rules. You will witness with your own eyes the communal houses in brocade robes and cloth hats performing the rituals of “Giving wine” and “Blowing the flute” in the crisp drum beats and the majestic sound of the flag fluttering.

Address: 32 Fansipan Street, Group 8, Sapa, Lao Cai

6. Truc Lam Dai Giac Zen Monastery

Belonging to Truc Lam Thien Tu sect, Truc Lam Dai Giac Zen Monastery follows a spiritual path with Vietnamese identity. Believing that the prosperous and sustainable development of the country will be formed from compassion and Buddhist wisdom. Not only based on the Tran Dynasty, the architecture of the Zen Monastery was also influenced by this dynasty. Spreading over an area of ​​9,000m2. It’s the 2-storey main hall, bell tower, meditation hall, ancestral house, … with famous sculpture art of the era.

Truc Lam Sapa

At Truc Lam Dai Giac Zen Monastery, you can participate in Buddhist cultural activities such as sessions to guide Buddhists to study Buddhism. In addition, the Zen Monastery also regularly organizes summer retreats for children, volunteer activities to support local and ethnic children…

Address: 8 Alley Vuon Treo, Dien Bien Phu Street, Sapa, Lao Cai

Some notes when coming to Sapa spiritual tourist sites:

  • To show respect, you should wear polite, discreet clothing; Avoid short skirts, shorts, and halter tops.
  • Walk lightly, speak softly, smile gracefully and do not play around in the temple space.
  • Do not burn too much incense or buy votive paper and money from the underworld to worship.
  • Limit taking photos when people are kneeling or praying at the main hall.

Nearly 400km from Hanoi, Sapa is a popular tourist destination to avoid the heat and “escape”. If you are too familiar with the majestic nature, bustling villages or towns. Why not try to change the wind with Sapa spiritual tourist sites? These destinations promise to bring interesting cultural and religious stories. A quiet moment in your soul or an opportunity to wish good luck and all the best!

No need for complicated preparation, to have a satisfactory Sapa trip, you just need to book bus tickets, train tickets and hotel rooms at Origin Travel, sleep one night in the car and you’ll arrive. With Origin’s Travel – Commuting feature, you can now plan your trip at a great price and manage. It’s easily in the palm of your hand.

Private Sa Pa tour Package

This three days trip offers a chance to explore the most stunning area of Sapa. You will have both homestay at village and hotel accommodation in Sapa. You have around 6 hours for trekking everyday with foot paths up and down hill mountains, through terraced rice paddies, crossing river and water streams by suspension bridges. Here is also the chance to visit local families, witnessing daily life activities.
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