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Sa Pa is in the top 50 most Beautiful towns in the World

American travel magazine CnTraveller has just announced the 50 most beautiful towns in the world, according to independent votes from travel experts. Among them, Sa Pa is the only representative from Vietnam on this list.

With a population of more than 9,400 people, the famous resort town in Lao Cai is described by American magazine as “a peaceful mountain town, bordering the Chinese border, with majestic mountain scenery and terraced fields.” Poetic green stairs, many waterfalls and enchanting beautiful walking trails.

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To be named in the top 50, destinations must meet criteria. Such as being small towns or villages with a rich history. Beside friendly people that attract tourists, and having historic hotels. , cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, beautiful natural scenery. In addition, these places must have enough experiential activities for tourists and geographical diversity to suit all travel needs.

World-famous ancient villages on this list include Hallstatt (Austria), Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland), Castle Combe (England), Bled (Slovenia) or Giethoorn (Netherlands). Other towns in Asia include: Ban Rak Thai (Thailand), Biei and Gokayama (Japan), Hatta (UAE), Itchan Kala (Uzbekistan), Luang Prabang (Laos), Mandawa (India), Penglipuran ( Indonesia), Sai Kung (Hong Kong, China),…

History of formation and development of Sa Pa town

In order to understand more about Sa Pa and understand why Sa Pa is included in the top 50 most beautiful towns in the world, let’s go back to the past to learn about the history of formation and development of the town. this beautiful town.

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History of Formation

It originated from the idea of establishing a resort station for the French in the early years of the 20th century, when SaPa was still a wild mountainous area, with only a few scattered ethnic minorities living. Through many ups and downs of history, Sa Pa today is growing strongly, becoming a national tourist area attracting millions of tourists from all over the country and the world to visit each year.

At the end of 1903, the expedition team of the Indochina Geography Department, after many days of surveying, discovered the landscape of Lo Suoi Tung plateau and Sa Pa village. The delegation named the regional high station SaPa. This is considered a milestone in the formation of Sa Pa tourist area (Previously, local people still called this area Sa Pa, in the local language, Sa Pa means “Sand Beach”. But by Westerners The pronunciation has no accent, so it’s called Sa Pa).

Realizing the beauty of the natural landscape and fresh and cool climate. So the French soon intended to build SaPa into a resort station. In 1905, a French survey team organized an expedition and set a target on Fansipan peak. On June 2, 1909, Chief Envoy Lao Kay (old name of Lao Cai province) submitted to the Governor of Tonkin a proposal to establish a sanatorium at high altitude at Sa Pa station.

Development process

After being asked to establish a nursing area at Sa Pa station. Next are a series of milestones marking the development process of Sa Pa

  • 1909 – 1912: The walking route connecting Lao Cai with Sa Pa was opened, in 1924 the road was expanded and completed into a motorway, in 1930 this route and other urban roads in Sa Pa were opened, plastic solution.
  • 1912: The large-scale Tao Su Hotel was built. After that, a series of plantations, offices, and infrastructure in central Sa Pa were formed.
  • 1915: Sa Pa meteorological station was established, to provide the first research data on regional climate in the international hydro-meteorological network. In 1958, Poland helped us build and equip the country. became Sa Pa Geophysical Station.
  • 1916: The Tourism Promotion Association was born.
  • 1925: Sa Pa Church was built in 1925, also in this year the 100 kW Cat Cat hydroelectric power plant was built by Vomousse contractor. In the same year, Orientalist Victor Gulubep announced the discovery of SaPa ancient stone field in Ta Van, Hau Thao.
  • In 1927: There were 51 tourists coming to Sa Pa, in 1928 there were 158 tourists coming to Sa Pa
  • 1930: Sa Pa high station was powered by electricity, from then on, the construction speed in Sa Pa was accelerated. At the end of 1938-1939, there were up to 3,000 tourists going to Sa Pa.

March 9, 1944

  • Governor of Tonkin signed a decree dissolving Thuy Vy district to establish Sa Pa district including 3 communes of Huong Vinh, Muong Hoa, Sa Pa and Xuan Vien street. Sa Pa high station became the new capital center.
  • From March 1945 to March 1951: During the period of continuous war in Sa Pa, tourist activities in SaPa stopped.
  • April 1951: France withdrew from Sa Pa, then they sent planes to bomb and destroy most of the previously built structures.

For a long time, there were no tourism activities in Sa Pa, only local people participated in the reconstruction and economic development. Sa Pa tourist area, as beautiful as a princess, fell asleep as if she had never been awakened before. Untill by 1991, when Vietnam opened its doors to integrate the economy, tourists only sporadically returned to Sa Pa.

In the following years, tourism infrastructure was continuously invested and constructed urgently and strongly, including. Connecting electricity to the national grid, building clean water systems. And building roads, inner city, renovating the road connecting Lao Cai with Sa Pa… Since then, more and more domestic and international tourists have come to Sa Pa.

The potentials and strengths of Sa Pa tourism are gradually awakened. In addition to pure resort tourism to enjoy fresh, cool air, Sa Pa tourism this time. Also expands ecological and cultural tourism with prominent tourist destinations. Such as Ham Rong Mountain, ancient rocks, Fansipan peak, Silver waterfall, May bridge. Especially Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village, Lao Chai village, Ta Van,…

Is Sapa Worth Visiting?

With a history of 120 years of formation and development. Sa Pa town has gradually affirmed and become a precious gem of Lao Cai province. It’s also an outstanding and shining tourist destination, attracting millions of domestic and international visitors.

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Sa Pa town has been and continues to be invested and developed with major projects in the future. Such as: Sa Pa Airport, Muong Hoa cultural park complex, entertainment area invested by Sun Group… When put into operation, it will create a great opportunity for Sa Pa tourism to make a breakthrough. Especially meeting the increasing needs and criteria of tourists, aiming to welcome 8 million tourists by 2030. So that SaPa is not only a national tourist area but strives to become an international tourist area.

If you plan to travel to Sa Pa, please contact us immediately – Origin Vietnam, a reliable tour organizer and operator who will accompany every step of your journey to discover Sa Pa. With a team of professional and dedicated consultants and guides, we will bring you an unforgettable vacation in Sa Pa.

Private Sa Pa tour Package

This three days trip offers a chance to explore the most stunning area of Sapa. You will have both homestay at village and hotel accommodation in Sapa. You have around 6 hours for trekking everyday with foot paths up and down hill mountains, through terraced rice paddies, crossing river and water streams by suspension bridges. Here is also the chance to visit local families, witnessing daily life activities.
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