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Quang Ngai tours bring you to different beauties. This enchanting province is a treasure trove of diversity, boasting a rich and unique heritage, with a particular focus on the captivating Sa Huynh Culture and Champa culture that await curious visitors.

Among the myriad of wonders, the enchanting Ly Son Island stands out like a gem in a vast blue ocean. Immerse yourself in its idyllic ambiance, blessed with crystal clear waters teeming with vibrant reef wildlife and pristine white sandy beaches. But that’s not all—Ly Son Island is also renowned for its lush green garlic fields and awe-inspiring volcano scenery, painting an unforgettable picture of nature’s splendor.

Quang Ngai offers a tapestry of experiences beyond the islands and beaches. Dive into history’s depths with a visit to Son My village, where you’ll gain a profound understanding of its past and witness the transformations it underwent after the war.

Are you ready to embark on a captivating adventure to Quang Ngai? Allow yourself ample free time to savor its unique specialties, from culinary delights to hidden gems awaiting discovery. Quang Ngai promises an experience like no other, where beauty, culture, and history intertwine to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s plan your unforgettable journey to this captivating province and revel in its wonders!

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Truly Quang Ngai Experiences

Best offer 3 Days tour in Quang Ngai that you will visit the art Tam Thanh village in Tam Ky and enjoy the countryside life and fishermen work. Beside explore some famous destinations in Ly Son Island: Memorial House of Parcel Team, Thoi Loi Mountain, Mu Cu Islet, Hang Pagoda. You can also explore My Son Sanctuary known as the ancient architectural ruins.
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2 Days

Truly Ly Son Island

Considered as the “fairy island” between the vast ocean with turquoise blue sea, fine white sand and golden sunshine, Ly Son Island is an attractive

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Ms Angela

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Ms Lucy

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Top Things to Do in Quang Ngai

All Things need to know before travelling to Quang Ngai

Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island

Ly Son – An island district of Quang Ngai province – Preferred by tourists like the island “Jeju of Vietnam”. Because of its peaceful and

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Sa Huynh

Sa Huynh

Referring to Quang Ngai, every visitor thinks of a destination like Ly Son Island. But few know the interesting place like Sa Huynh. Let Origin

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Thien An Mountain

Thien An Mountain

For the local people far from their hometown, “the first landscape” of Thien An mountain. It’s the name that goes back to their hearts every

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Frequency Ask Questions about Quang Ngai​

Everything you will need to know before arriving and booking tours to Quang Ngai!

Quang Ngai has the tropical and monsoon climate, so the temperature is high and less change. The average temperature is around 25-27°C. It is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy and dry seasons.

In general, Quang Ngai has rarely affected by storms and sometimes the storm affects from September to November each year.

The best time to visit Quang Ngai, especially Ly Son Island is from March to May. The waves are not too strong, therefore, taking the boat trip to Ly Son Island you can enjoy the soft wave on sea.

There are many famous attractions in Quang Ngai for tourists to discover. You can travel from 1 to few days to discover more places in combination with Ly Son Island. Quang Ngai is also famous for nice sandy beaches My Khe, Sa Huynh, Dung Quat. Furthermore, it has Sa Huynh Salt Field, Museums, Pagodas and My Lai village to return the war time.

Ly Son Island belongs to Quang Ngai Province. And the best time to visit is from May to August when the climate is sunny and no rain and storm. The sea waves are calm.

Yes you can. Quang Ngai day tour will offer you different places to visit. You can make day tour to Ly Son Island when have limited time. Also you can make city tour around Quang Ngai to My Lai village, pagoda, surrounding visiting sites. Many places for you to visit in Quang Ngai or simple relax on nice wild beach.

Quang Ngai Province is the newly destination for tourism in Vietnam. There are some 4 star hotels in Quang Ngai which are best for staying, especially for families. They are Central hotel, Thien An River hotel, King hotel Quang Ngai, Cam Thanh hotel, Coco Land River beach resort, etc. Besides, it has some homestay for budget accommodation.

The best hotels Quang Ngai is from 3 star up which make you the most comfortable for accommodation. Because Quang Ngai still not have 5 star luxury hotels, so the 3 and 4 or even mini hotels which has nice room can bring you the most comfortable.

There are some hotels for stay such as Thien An Riverside hotel, Muong Thanh Holiday Ly Son hotel, Ly Son Pearl Island hotel & resort, My Khe hotel Quang Ngai, Bien Ngoc Ly Son hotel, etc.

Yes, you can. After visiting Quang Ngai, you can travel ahead to Hoian and take you around 2.5 hours on car on express highway.

Ly Son Island is new open island for tourism in Vietnam. You must take a boat from Quang Ngai at Sa Ky harbor to Ly Son Island. Each 2 hours will have a boat from harbor to the island from 7.30 am to 15.30pm

Yes, there is. The FLC Quang Ngai tourism resort is the luxury resort in Quang Ngai with the golf for relaxing and enjoying its beauties.

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