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National Treasure In Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa Museum is displaying and preserving 3 national treasures dating back thousands of years. Including the Nua mountain short sword, the Cam Giang bronze drum, and the Cam Thuy bronze cauldron. The 3 treasures are all cast in bronze. Join Origin Travel to learn about this national treasure!

IMG Cam Giang Bronze Drum National Treasure In Thanh Hoa 2

Unique Features Of National Treasures

1. Cam Giang Bronze Drum

The Cam Giang Bronze Drum is also called the Duck Drum. The drum has a face diameter of 73 cm, a leg diameter of 73 cm, a height of 41 cm, and a weight of 60 kg, including the face, drum, back and legs, decorated with rich and vivid patterns. The drum surface is decorated with 4 bronze duck statues floating in a counterclockwise direction. When discovered, 2 were intact, 1 was chipped and 1 was lost. This is a typical symbol of Dong Son culture, 2000 years ago.

2. Nua Mountain Short Sword

IMG Nua Mountain Short Sword National Treasure In Thanh Hoa

In 1961, the sword was found at the foot of Nua mountain, Tan Ninh commune, Trieu Son, Thanh Hoa. The sword was cast in bronze in the early years of the 3rd century, has a length of 46.5 cm, a width of 5 cm, with a handle up to 18 cm long, weighing 620 grams and consists of 2 parts:

  • The hilt of the sword depicts the image of a powerful woman in splendid clothing. Woman standing upright, oval face, chest and arms wearing jewelry. The statue’s head is wrapped in a scarf, and its body is wearing a tunic, unbuttoned to reveal the neck flap inside. This is a feature of Dong Son culture 2000 years ago.
  • The blade is thin, with sharp edges. The hand guard has the shape of a buffalo horn, crafted in the shape of bamboo leaves, typical of the Ma River style.

In 2013, the Nua mountain short sword was recognized as a national treasure.

3. Cam Thuy Bronze Cauldron

IMG Cam Thuy Bronze Cauldron National Treasure In Thanh Hoa

The cauldron is cast in bronze and has a height of 79.8 cm, a surface diameter of 134.4 cm, and a bottom diameter of 115 cm with a weight of about 1 ton. On the mouth of the cauldron, there are 6 U-shaped handles decorated with rope twists, evenly spaced. The inside of the mouth of the cauldron creates a ridge, and the middle of the handle is decorated with raised round dots forming a 5-petal flower.

Besides, on the mouth of the cauldron, there are two symmetrical lines of Chinese characters, each line consists of 11 characters. The bronze cauldron was cast in 1752 and is said to be the largest intact bronze cauldron in Vietnam to date.

IMG Cam Thuy Bronze Cauldron National Treasure In Thanh Hoa 2

In addition, Thanh Hoa Museum also displays many artifacts dating from several thousand to tens of thousands of years. This place attracts many tourists to visit and learn about history. In addition to Thanh Hoa museum, there are many beautiful landscapes for you to visit. Join Origin Travel on a travel to Thanh Hoa to explore and experience interesting things in Pu Luong Tours.

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