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Best Overnight Cruise In Lan Ha Bay

At Origin Vietnam you will find The True Value of Lan Ha Bay cruises experiences!

Being in the south of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is becoming popular to tourist for its wild beauties. This arc-shape bay possesses about hundred large and small islands which make majestic landscapes.

Lan Ha Bay belongs to Hai Phong Province while Halong Bay belongs to Quang Ninh Province. However, it has the beautiful landscapes of islands, islets over the water surface. The bay hides in the peaceful gulf and separate from the world, it brings tourists to the small fishing villages, remote areas, beautiful and spectacular islands on the bay.

Thanks to the closing with Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay is very perfect for overnight cruise on the bay and combines to island for experience and discover. How wonderful it is for luxury Lan Ha Bay Cruises and Cat Ba Island you can experience? Let join and enjoy its with many choices for cruises.

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The Best 10 Overnight Cruise in Lan Ha BayTraveller's Choice

Discovery the amazing scenery which nature bless for this bay with our special deals from early bird to last minutes booking cruise. Only at Origin Vietnam.

Azalea Cruise

Get the journey to Lan Ha Bay and discover its pristine beauties. Relaxing on the emerald sea water, sunbathing and swimming on charming white sandy beaches, you will touch closer the natural beauties. Let join Luxury Azalea Cruise trip and have all pleasure for wonderful seascapes, taste seafood, enjoying peaceful atmosphere.
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Perla Dawn Sails

We welcome you on Perla Dawn Sails Luxury Cruise. You will have chance to dip yourself in the spectacular scenery of Lan Ha Bay while experience luxury cruise service on a traditional ship. It shows many features of Vietnamese culture. Get the unique cruise to Lan Ha Bay – an off the beaten path cruise experience.
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Paradise Grand Cruise

Paradise Grand Cruises is the first ever Lan Ha Bay cruise of Paradise Group. Paradise Grand Cruise with 39 cabins with a special itinerary cruise route on the Tonkin Gulf. You are closer to a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and exploration Lan Ha Bay.
Top 10 Cruise recom

Genesis Regal Cruise

Genesis Regal Cruise is the first overnight cruise of the Genesis fleet with neoclassical style that promises to give visitors a great experience on Lan Ha Bay. Spend a night on Genesis Regal Cruise Lan Ha Bay. You will free to visit Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay on the same itinerary. This unique and unique visit to the Bay is the perfect combination series of activities.
Newest Cruise

Peony Cruise

Spending a night in Lan Ha Bay Cruise with Peony Cruise, by the unique route, it takes you to the route with less populated in Lan Ha Bay on luxury and boutique services. Have the chance to discover one of the most stunning bay in Vietnam which has many amazing and uncontaminated beaches yet un-touristy. Especially, luxurious and well-furnished cabins, all have private balcony and panoramic views from which you can savor yourself in the beauty Lan Ha Bay.
Uniquie Route
Ms. Angela

Ms. Angela

Ms. Lucy

Ms. Lucy

Ms. Angela & Ms. Lucy is our experts for all Halong Bay cruise booking and as seasoned travellers she has the inside track on the most memorable overnight trip in Halong, Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha Bay.

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Recommended Cruise Lan Ha Bay

Freshly hand picked by our team. There are most wanted overnight Lan Ha Bay Cruise by our past travelers with great value and excellent services.

Perla Dawn Sails

Perla Dawn Sails

Discover Lan Ha Bay on Perla Dawn Sails, cruise to experience a beautiful region, the isolated part only based in the south of Halong Bay. We

View Tour »
Syrena Cruises Halong Bay

Syrena Cruises

Syrena Cruise was built in traditional Vietnamese style with modern luxury facilities, this cruise is just amazing. It is a floating hotel with 17 high

View Tour »
Maya Cruise

Maya Cruise

Lan Ha Bay Maya Cruise Launched in 2017 with 11 cabins, It is proud for its luxury journey to untouched Lan Ha Bay and Cat

View Tour »
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Lan Ha Bay Travel Guide


All things need to know before spending night on a cruise in Lan Ha Bay!

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Overnight Lan Ha Bay Cruise FAQs

Everything you will need to know before arriving and booking Overnight Lan Ha Bay Cruise

Halong Bay Wonders – A simple way to soak up the entirety of the culture of Vietnam. Why limit yourself to seeing the usual tourist locations, when you could easily book a cruise or tour to a lesser known location on our website? This is our goal: to maintain a streamlined service to help you get the most out of your traveling experience.

For example, sbook your trip in Lan Ha Bay Cruise you could visit the Dark & Bright Cave. Begin traversing the limestone mountain, a naturally magnificent formation that leads to the jade-colored ocean. An enclosed lagoon surrounded by endless greenery welcomes you after a trek through a 100m long ocean cave; the only entrance to this area of the cave. The Dark Cave is pitch black, requiring a torch to be able to see the pathway. The Light Cave, on the other hand, is naturally lit, with daylight streaming through openings in the farthest end of the cave.

Another location service we offer is a Lan Ha Bay trip to Three Tunnel Lake (Ho Ba Ham in Vietnamese). Located on Dau Be Island, this beautiful meadow is only accessible through a small, winding access tunnel littered with stalactites and multi-colored rock formations. The destination, a huge and peaceful lake, is home to a multitude of plant life that blooms year-round, such as orchids, banyans, cycads, and benjamin figs.

Lan Ha Bay is a scenic location situated in the southern-most part of Ha long Bay. It spans an area of over 7,000 ha (about 70 sq. km.) and houses Cat Ba Island. In fact, 5,400 ha (about 54 sq. km.) Lan Ha Bay is overseen by the Cat Ba Island National Park. If you board an overnight Halong Bay cruise, you can visit the Bay yourself. For the more adventurous explorer, you can rent a boat from Cat Ba Island to explore the Bay independently. With either option, the boat ride from the Island to the Bay is only 30 minutes.

Lan Ha Bay is a relatively unknown destination. The Bay is untouched and relatively private, and offers amazing experiences. Such as diving trips, rock-climbing, and deep water soloing and snorkeling. You will be pleased to know that conditions for rock-climbing and water activities in both Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island are the best out of the three Bays in the Halong area. If you are interested in a more immersive experience, Cat Ba Island offers overnight hotels, hostels, and bungalows, the Viet Hai Village and Monkey Island on Cat Dua Island offers overnight, and there are also many options to spend the night on a Cruise Lan Ha Bay, where you will be surrounded by the natural beauty of Vietnam. The tinge of the salty air on your tongue, the gentle gusts of air against your face, and the alluring smells of the stone mount forest will embrace you all night long.

Yes sureyou can take overnight cruise in Lan ha Bay from Cat Ba island. It’s very easy also there are many option that you can choose from daily boat trip to overnight one. From budget to luxury cruise in Lan Ha Bay.

It’s like booking cruise Halong Bay from Hanoi. It’s quite easy and convenience booking trip. But we suggest you should book on advance to make sure that you will get space on cruise.

Located close to Ha Long Bay, So the weather in Lan Ha Bay is same like Halong Bay. The best time to travel to  Lan Ha Bay from September to end of April.

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