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Interesting experiences in Xa Phin village – Ha Giang

Xa Phin village is located in Phuong Tien commune, Vi Xuyen district, only about 12 km from Ha Giang city and located at an altitude of over 1000m above sea level. Xa Phin quietly hides in the majestic Tay Con Linh mountain range, like a “green oasis” amidst the rolling mountains and forests. What is special about Xa Phin that attracts tourists? Yes. Majestic terraced fields reaching up to the blue sky, winding around traditional moss-covered walled houses, hundred-year-old Shan Tuyet tea trees,… are typical features of this small village. Let’s travel with us in the article below to discover interesting things about Xa Phin.

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Admiring the ancient moss-covered houses – A culture preserved through many generations

The road to Xa Phin has been concreted, making it much easier to travel than before. But is still a challenging route for visitors with continuous steep slopes and extremely difficult turns. After a long journey up the steep slope, we saw Xa Phin located among the green mountains and forests and terraced fields, the main place of residence of the Dao people for many generations. This place is favored by nature with a cool climate all year round, with fog combined with high humidity. These features have created unique characteristics for the ancient houses here. Xa Phin has stilt houses preserved by Dao people for many generations, still intact with wild features.

According to the indigenous people who introduced us to the special houses here, there are houses that are up to a hundred years old, and the older the houses are, their characteristic is the roofs. Palm leaves covered with layers of green moss are very special.

Unlike the walled houses of the Ha Nhi people in Y Ty, which are built on flat ground, the houses in Xa Phin are built on stilts and roofed with palm leaves to help keep the summer cool. cool, winter is very warm.

Admiring the majestic terraced fields during the ripe rice season

Like many other highland communes in Ha Giang province, Xa Phin only cultivates one rice crop per year. Summer from around June to July is the season of pouring water and around September, the rice is ripe. So you can choose to go to Xa Phin at these two times of the year to admire the beauty of the terraced fields. With terrain based on the Tay Con Linh range, Xa Phin’s terraced fields have an extremely majestic landscape.

IMG Bac Quang Ha Giang

The road leading to Xa Phin is really beautiful. The length of the road from the national highway to the commune center is only about 7 km but is surrounded by terraced fields with different unique shapes.

Don’t be afraid if you go on a rainy day, because you will see a very romantic scene with clouds spreading across the mountains and hills. Just drive carefully, and stop wherever you feel beautiful to take interesting photos.

And your photo frame will add beautiful colors when after the rain, the clouds part to make way for blue sky and immense terraced fields before your eyes.

Ha Giang Highlight

Seeing the ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees with your own eyes

With an altitude of 2,427 m, Tay Con Linh is one of the highest mountains in Vietnam, known as the “roof” of the Northeast mountains and forests. Tay Con Linh range stretches across two districts of Vi Xuyen and Hoang Su Phi of Ha Giang province. This place has extremely rich vegetation, suitable for growing a number of precious herbal plants, and in particular, the soil and climate here are also very suitable for growing tea. Guided by a local friend, we had the opportunity to visit the large tea trees grown in Xa Phin at the foot of the Tay Con Linh range.

According to the information I know, most of the Shan Tuyet tea trees here have grown on their own for many years. They stand tall in the middle of the dark mountains and forests. Especially growing with the scent of snow and dew. So the flavor of Shan Tuyet tea in Ha Giang is also very special. The large tea trunks covered with moss and the massive spreading canopy are proof of the long existence of tea trees in the mountains, forests of Ha Giang. We also went on the occasion of the white tea flowers blooming, the delicate white petals in the frost, shyly nestled next to the green tea leaves, made me feel extremely interested.

In addition, you can combine visiting Xa Phin with visiting Tha village. It’s very beautiful and peaceful Tay village, located right on the main road, just over 5km from the city center. Choosing to rest and admire the peaceful scenery in Tha village, then visit Xa Phin is a suggestion to make your day tour in Ha Giang more fun.

Xa Phin is still a fairly new place although quite close to Ha Giang city. But if you want to see with your own eyes the masterpiece of human hands. The magnificent terraced fields hidden in the middle of the Tay Con Linh range, then try going to Xa Phin once. The peaceful, fresh scenery and friendly people will surely make you love this idyllic land even more.

Please contact us – Origin Vietnam, a professional and reliable tour organizer and operator to book a adventure tour to Xa Phin today. We will always accompany you in every step on this wonderful journey of discovery. Wishing you a happy trip with beautiful experiences!

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