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Must-try experience at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort Nha Trang

The luxury spa system at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay was voted in the “Top 10 most wonderful destinations for spa treatment in the world” by the famous British newspaper Huffingtonpost with herbal treatments to Regenerates energy, beautifies the skin and makes the spirit more comfortable.

How Ninh Van Bay is Unique?

If Nha Trang is honored as one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is the place with the purest beauty on the bay. Clear, peaceful atmosphere without a little hustle and bustle, this place is the result of the harmony between nature and people in the villas with the main materials of wood, bamboo, and painting, the smell of herbs.

February to October:

This time is a great time for Scuba diving. Beginners can get certified as an Open Water Diver with our outsourced five-star PADI Dive company and professional divers can explore the colorful underwater world and seabed of Nha Trang.

February to October:

Hiking (book with our Experiences team). Go for a wander and wonder, rest for a while on private Beach, then travel back to the resort on a local wooden boat.

March to October:

Sailing on the trimaran (you guessed it, book with our Experiences department). Your experience includes food, beverages, snorkeling equipment and fishing from the boat. Both full-day and half-day trips are available.

There are 2 ways to go to Vinh Ninh Van by road and waterway.

If traveling by road:

You can rent a motorbike or go by car. Starting from Nha Trang, you should follow DT651 to National Highway 1A, then drive to Ninh Hoa town. Continue to turn right and follow Highway 26B, go to the end of TL651 road, you will pass Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Tinh and Ninh Van.

The advantage of riding a motorbike is that you can enjoy the wild beauty of Ninh Van Bay looking down from above. Take care to drive carefully and speed down to ensure safety.

To get to Ninh Van Bay by water:

You have to travel by canoe or wooden boat. You should buy tickets at tourist sites in Nha Trang. It’s takes about 20 minutes, if you get seasick, you should take anti-seasick pills 30 minutes beforehand.

It’s Owns the natural beauty of mountains and sea. Ninh Van Bay is the place that we should explore and experience. There are many beauty spots for you to have fun and relax.

#1: Ninh Van fishing village

Wandering around alone to experience the life of the people of Ninh Van Bay fishing village is also quite interesting. The green color of the plants and trees mixed with the blue sea and sky creates a picture of Ninh Van, a beautiful, poetic and charming village. Helping us to be closer, more connected with nature, love simplicity and peace.

#2: Watch sunrise and sunset at Ninh Van beach

Every morning when you wake up in Ninh Van Bay, you will be sobbed by the beautiful sunrise . The sunlight gradually flashes, spreads, blazing a beautiful distant sea, dispels the cold and mist of the morning, makes our soul happier and loves life strangely.

Sunset is the same, equally beautiful, the sun falls amidst all the water, waves undulating, somewhere with seagulls flying back to the residence, that moment of harmony is unforgettable, peaceful incredible. Do not forget to save that beautiful moment with pictures taken with all your passion.

#3: Have fun on Ninh Van beach

The beach in Ninh Van Bay stretches, curves with fine white sand, gentle waves, suitable for walking and swimming. Ninh Van beach is very clean, immersed in this cool water is extremely comfortable. You can join scuba diving to explore marine life, rare coral reefs. Or simply, sitting on a small boat to fish with the sea breeze. All will bring you the most wonderful holiday ever.

In addition, you can join the challenge with thrilling games on the sea. Such as windsurfing , surfing, flying with sea ​​balloons …

Beside staying at six senses Ninh Van Bay. But outdoor camping , seafood barbecue, night campfire, singing and dancing with friends in the vast, cool sea and sky, will bring you the happiest and most memorable moments.

#4: Explore the Ninh Van rain-forest

Not only the beauty of the sea, hiking the tropical forests of Hon Heo also impresses you. Seeing the green garlic fields, admiring the species of the tortoise and the black legs … will be an interesting experience for you.

#5: What to eat in Ninh Van Bay

Abundant seafood resources from Ninh Van Bay sea will provide you with many fresh and delicious dishes. Enjoy the sweet, greasy taste of fish, shrimp, crab, squid , … at super cheap prices. This is also the cradle of some famous dishes in Nha Trang. Such as jelly noodle, fish cake soup, guava leaf steamed squid , … you must definitely try.

Luxury stay, amazing offers

Beach Pool Villa

Room Size:176 m²

This villa features a private plunge pool, a garden, direct beach access, a separate living area and an open-air bathroom with sun-beds.

Hill Top Pool Villa

Room Size: 158m²

On a hill top, this villa provides stunning views and has a private plunge pool. This villa is not recommended for children under 6 years old.

Water Pool Villa

Room Size: 187 m²

This villa directly faces the water and features a private plunge pool. This villa is not recommended for children under 6 years old.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

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Family Beach Pool Villa (Recommended)

Room Size: 207 m²

Two Bedroom Hill Top Pool Villa

Room Size: 267 m²

The Water Reserve (Three-bedroom villa)

Villa Size: 900 m² :

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