Ha Giang Backpacking Tips
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Ha Giang Backpacking Tips

Ha Giang – The land of the “Fatherland” has long been famous for its many majestic natural landscapes, picturesque terraced fields or romantic Tam Giac Mach flower fields,… If anyone is interested in returning to this top land of the country, do not miss the following Ha Giang travel experiences.

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Necessary documents when traveling to Ha Giang

Some documents you must have when traveling to Ha Giang are:

  • Passport, driver’s license. (For people under 14 years old, bring a notarized copy of birth certificate or passport if available). These are necessary documents for checking into a hotel, flying, renting a motorbike or car…
  • Notebook, pen, name/business card with contact information written if an incident such as loss of items occurs.

Clothes when traveling to Ha Giang

Located in a mountainous area at an altitude of more than 1500m above sea level, this land has a temperature about 3 degrees Celsius lower than other areas. Visitors must carefully prepare their clothes when going to Ha Giang. The facilities and infrastructure here have not been invested in and developed, so choose clothes that are comfortable, less likely to get dirty, and have many layers that can easily be changed according to the weather.


  • Summer:
  • The temperature difference between day and night is quite large. During the day the weather is quite hot but at night it is much colder, you need to prepare yourself a thin jacket or long-sleeved shirt.
  • Autumn:
  • What clothes are suitable for Ha Giang in autumn? The temperature is quite low compared to the plains so you need to bring scarves, gloves, thick warm clothes…
  • Winter:
  • Visitors need to prepare thick clothes that are warm enough and can avoid the wind as much as possible. Heating bags, earmuffs, gloves, raincoats… are indispensable items.


  • Ha Giang’s terrain is not flat, so the best type of shoes for moving are climbing shoes or walking shoes. They need to grip the road to avoid slipping and have soft soles. You should bring two pairs of shoes, one pair for dry weather and one waterproof pair for rainy days.

Other necessary costumes and accessories:

If you go during the day, especially in the summer, don’t forget to prepare sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your skin.

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Cash is an indispensable element for a trip. If you have booked services such as hotels, bus tickets or tours in advance, you only need to bring enough money to spend on meals, entertainment, car rental… Don’t bring too much money.

Some other essential items

According to Ha Giang travel experience, you should have in your luggage some other necessary items suggested below:

  • Personal hygiene items
  • : Toothpaste, toothbrush, face towel, shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics or razor for men…
  • Medical box (First aid):
  • Ha Giang has difficult roads and harsh weather so it is easy to get sick or injured. Tourists should bring bandages, cold medicine, fever reducer, insect spray, anti-motion sickness medicine, etc. in their luggage.
  • Electronic equipment such as cameras, phones, photo sticks,…: A few souvenir photos also help you save the most beautiful moments and memories of the northernmost region of Vietnam in places with Charming natural landscapes such as Ma Pi Leng pass, Nho Que river, Lung Cu flagpole, Quan Ba twin mountains… or learn about the cultural features of ethnic groups.
The Beauty Of Ma Pi Leng Pass 6

Some important notes when preparing luggage to travel to Ha Giang

  • If you are a trekking lover, you should prepare yourself a Ha Giang tourist map or locate it according to google map to more easily navigate the attractions. In addition, you also need to bring additional insurance, knee and arm restraints, flashlights, Ha Giang travel guides… Local newspaper stands sell travel guides, you should buy them at these ready-made stands.
  • And a quite important item for trekkers in particular and tourists in general is a condom. In addition to its main use, this is a very effective item in emergency situations. Such as: it’s raining. suddenly, or having to go through deep water. We can use it to cover phones, cameras or other items that need to be protected from water.
  • Bag now some cool virtual living accessories for your trip to Ha Giang: hats, hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, ethnic clothes,…

For motorbike lover

  • If you travel to Ha Giang on your own by motorbike, ensure you fill your car with gas and bring spare gasoline. Running out of gas midway can make it very difficult to find a gas station there. Prepare a car repair kit in case something unexpected happens.
  • Camping in Ha Giang is also a very interesting experience. Remember to bring a tent, pillow, blanket, food and water.
  • Phone signals in Ha Giang are still maintained quite well. In tourist areas there is often free wifi. If you use mobile data, you can catch 3G and 4G networks for stronger signals.

Through the shared above information, surely you can answer the question: “What do you need to prepare when traveling to Ha Giang?”, right? If you are preparing for your trip to Ha Giang, do not hesitate to contact Origin Vietnam immediately to receive the most useful information on your journey to discover the beautiful land of Ha Giang with unforgettable experiences.

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