Diversity Hue With Different Foods Within 0.5 USD


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Diversity Hue With Different Foods Within 0.5 USD

Hue is famous for the Old Imperial City of the last Dynasty in Vietnam. It has many different dishes for Royal which everyone wishes to taste Royal Foods Dinner as a Royal Family style before in each detailed decoration.

However, Hue also famous for the diversity local foods which interest each tourist would love to taste it once arriving Hue city.  Just simple walk around streets, enjoy local life and taste local foods as local. It will bring you the enjoyable experience.

There are many different foods which is from 2,000 VND to 5,000 VND which you can taste with special. These are favourite foods of Hue people and Vietnamese wish to taste once visiting Hue city because they are very famous for Hue food.

1. Banh Ep

It is one of the favourite food in Hue. It is usually for pupils and students foods. Because it is very cheap and easy for them to taste.

Banh Ep is made from many ingredients of flour (bột lọc), pig meat, onion, ect. It is divided into small piece, meat and onion put above and then squeezes in the middle of the hot, double-sided cast iron sheet, which has been oiled. You can tell the owner if you want to eat more quail eggs. Depending on customers’ requirements, the owner will squeeze hard or soft.

The price is from 2,000 VND to 5,000 VND or more (around 20 cents to 0,5 USD) which attracts many people. People can enjoy these foods in different address such as 20 Nguyen Du, 01 Van Cao, 101 Ba Trieu, 116 Le Ngo Cat or 73 Tung Thien Vuong street.

2. Bánh lọc trần

It is the special food of Hue people which you can everywhere. It is made from flour and shrimp or green bean. Hue people call this food is Bánh lọc trần to separate it with the same but have banana leaf outside. Chewy crust, bold filling, sprinkle a bit of green onions, fried onions and delicious “hard to resist” when dipped with chili sauce

3. Bánh đúc

Also one of favourite food for its strange taste and cool. You can find it at local markets to taste

There is a famous foodstall for these dishes right at Tran Quoc Toan Primary School at the front of the gate. It is on Lam Mong Quang street. This has the history 23 years old and famous for delicious and cheap.

4. Bánh Bao Chiên

Fried dumplings cost 5,000 VND; salty pateso 5,000 dong, pepper cake 2,000 dong and sesame cake green bean paste 3,000 dong. You can buy to take away, or sit at the dining table on the red plastic chairs.

Besides, you can see all local foods at local markets in Hue city. All are from 2,000 VND to 25,000 VND and easy for you to taste. Such as Banh Bo, Xoi Gac (rice sticky with Gac fruit), Cháo gạo with fish  (Special this food is cooked with small fire by wooden to have the special taste)

Also there are many dishes such as Bánh ít đen và bánh đậu xanh (green bean), flan cake,  Chè at markets or vendors.

Why not to reach Hue and spend your time to be a local people and taste as Hue people with different foods. It is easy to have the combination for visiting tombs, Royal Palace, pagodas or countryside and taste these in your Hue tour.

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