Yen Minh pine forest
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Yen Minh Pine Forest

Yen Minh pine forest is one of the prominent tourist destinations of Ha Giang, Vietnam, tourists will see the beautiful scenery here, usually when mentioning beautiful pine forests, people I often think of Da Lat, the land of thousands of flowers, but I don’t know that in Ha Giang, the rocky plateau, there is a pine forest that is extremely attractive to many tourists stopping here. So today, let’s join Origin Vietnam to find out more details about this Yen Minh pine forest tourist destination!

IMG Yen Minh Pine Forest 1

1. Where is Yen Minh pine forest?

Yen Minh pine forest is located about 100 km northeast of Ha Giang city and stretches across all three communes of Na Khe Lao, Chai and Bach Dinh. The pine hill area runs along National Highway 4C and extends about 50 km.

2. How is Yen Minh pine forest unique?

Yen Minh pine forest is an extremely famous and attractive tourist destination in Yen Minh district, Ha Giang province, Vietnam. Coming to Yen Minh pine forest tourist destination, you will be surprised with the extremely peaceful and poetic beauty of the scenery in this Northwest mountainous area. The rows of pine needles with their green needles are evenly high, reaching up to the cloudy sky. This is also something that tourists are extremely excited about and often compare Yen Minh pine forest to a miniature Da Lat between heaven and earth.

Yen Minh pine forest tourist destination promises to be a stopping place that attracts many tourists as well as many young people who come here to travel and visit to discover all the beauty and scenery here. This.

3. When is the best time to travel to Yen Minh pine forest?

Visitors can visit Yen Minh at any time of the year thanks to the always cool and pleasant atmosphere. However, according to Origin Vietnam’s experience traveling to Yen Minh, late autumn, from October to April next year is the best time to visit, the weather at this time is really pleasant and mild.

That’s also the time for photography enthusiasts to pick up their backpacks and check-in at these coordinates. Because this is the time when the “specialty” of the border land, buckwheat flowers bloom. All over Yen Minh, it’s like wearing a new shirt, woven with charming purple, pink, and white colors, with vast carpets of buckwheat flowers winding along the hills, creating a scene that is both majestic and poetic. Romantic like a fairy tale.

IMG Yen Minh Pine Forest

4. How to get to Yen Minh pine forest from Hanoi?

From Hanoi or other provinces to Yen Minh pine forest, you can choose to go by motorbike or by bus. If you are familiar with roads and love adventure and discovery, you can go there. You can choose to come to Ha Giang by motorbike or self-driving car, but if you are not familiar with the routes to Ha Giang, choose to come here by public transport!

4.1. Traveling by personal vehicle:

From Hanoi or from other provinces, you can choose to travel by motorbike or self-driving car to the Ha Giang city area. Here, you can easily see the entire image as well as explore the surrounding area. Stop at any point you want, stop to rest in the Ha Giang city area, you will continue your journey to conquer Yen Minh pine forest with a distance of about 100 km from here you can also easily Travel on National Highway 4C.

4.2. Traveling by public transport:

Normally this will be one of the means of transport that many young people love the most when coming to Ha Giang from the Hanoi area, you can choose to go to My Dinh bus station then from the My Dinh area you can catch many buses. Different vehicles move to the central area of Ha Giang city. From the central area of Ha Giang city to move to Yen Minh pine forest, you should rent a car to go to Yen Minh pine forest, rent a motorbike to move to Yen Minh pine forest as well as visit some places. Beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in Ha Giang are not too strange to tourists. Moving from Ha Giang city to Yen Minh pine forest, it takes about 100 km to reach this location.

Traveling by motorbike from the Ha Giang city area to other tourist destinations in Ha Giang is one of the top choices that many young people love and choose.

For tourists in the South or Central Vietnam, flying is the most suitable choice when visiting Yen Minh pine forest, it will optimize your time spent fully on the trip. . When landing at Noi Bai airport, Hanoi, you will rent a taxi or private car to move to Ha Giang city according to the instructions above.

IMG Yen Minh Pine Forest 3

5. Activities in Yen Minh pine forest

5.1. Exploring immense beauty

The scenery of the Yen Minh pine forest area. Coming here, you will see the tall pine trees towering into the sky, a layer of lush green trees and the mist playing around the shadows of the trees along with the foliage. All of these conditions have a harmonious combination between the mountain ridge and the forest clouds, giving you extremely attractive experiences for tourists.

After overcoming the slopes along with the bends around the mountainside, you will reach Yen Minh town, moving about 10 km further, you will reach the Yen Minh pine forest area. Stepping into this tourist destination, you will feel the pure peace of nature along with the extremely cool atmosphere of the vast mountains and forests so quiet that you can hear them. You can even hear the sound of the wind whispering or the leaves rustling. You can even hear the birds chirping

Going on the pass roads, you can see extremely soft curves on the hillsides and you will be immersed in the image of endless mountains and forests. Standing next to the vast pine forest scene, you can also have a panoramic view of the surrounding area with extremely romantic and magical mountain and forest scenery.

Coming here, you should definitely prepare your phones as well as cameras so you can easily take beautiful pictures of the Yen Minh pine forest!

5.2. Experiencing with winding turns

The pine forest has a large area and spans all 3 communes of Yen Minh district, so the roads are relatively long so you can easily explore the scenery here.

The roads along the Yen Minh pine forest tourist destination are one of the most beautiful roads as well as the roads that many tourists love when coming to Ha Giang because the winding roads are suitable for those who Love the discovery as well as the experience when coming to Yen Minh.

However, to conquer such curves, you should trust your steering wheel to easily conquer and explore the beauty of this place, because the road is also relatively dangerous with many obstacles. relatively sharp bend.

5.3. Camping in the Pine forest

Camping in the pine forest area is one of the extremely interesting activities for tourists coming to Yen Minh. If you travel to Yen Minh, you can choose to stay in homestays or stay in hotels. In addition, if you want to experience one of the completely new things you can do camping here, it’s great to enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere at night.

Experiencing camping in the Yen Minh pine forest area, you and your friends will surely have extremely wonderful and interesting experiences together. You can also prepare items to prepare for extremely attractive and outstanding parties here.

When you wake up in the morning, you can sit here and enjoy the extremely cool atmosphere of nature with your friends, catching the first rays of sunlight of this land will give you many extremely interesting experiences and great for you.

Stop here every morning to listen to the sounds of nature, hear the birds singing resounding from heaven and earth, coming here seems to immerse you in a completely new natural scenery as well as coming here. It seems you forget all your worries and worries just by immersing yourself in the wonderful natural scenery.

5.4. Admiring the green meadow

Yen Minh pine forest not only brings you the attractive beauty of upright pine trees or the image of the fresh air of nature. The steppe is located in Lao Va Chai commune, about 10 kilometers from Yen Minh town area towards the delta. This place brings you an extremely simple and pure beauty.

Stopping in this green steppe area, you can also see a few small houses along with glimpses of brocade costumes here, all seeming to bring a very peaceful scene. unique and endearing. This is also one of the familiar photography locations for many tourists when coming to Yen Minh pine forest to explore the beauty of this place.

This is also one of the familiar photography locations for many tourists when coming to Yen Minh pine forest to explore the beauty of this place.

6. Specialties In Yen Minh pine forest

6.1. Men Men Dish

IMG Men Men Ha Giang

It is not a delicacy, but Men Men makes it difficult for many people to forget when they taste it once. The dish made from local corn kernels is the daily food of the H’Mong people. After each harvest season, the Mong people dry corn on the porches or kitchens, waiting until it is completely dry before using it to make mene. However, to get a delicious finished bowl, you have to go through many steps and time.

6.2. Au Tau Porridge

IMG Au Tau Porridge 4

Coming to Ha Giang and not eating Au Tau porridge is considered not having eaten all Ha Giang cuisine. This is porridge made from Au tubers. Au Tau tubers are often found in high mountains and cold climates. In addition to contributing to delicious dishes, they are also medicinal. According to medicine, au tau has a spicy taste, a hot nature, and has very good medicinal effects. Since ancient times, Mong people have used guava root soaked in wine to massage and treat pain and colds. Also used to make porridge to relieve colds. Later, the Kinh people added spices, meat, and eggs to create a unique dish.

6.3. Buckwheat Cake

IMG Buckwheat Cake Ha Giang

Every flowering season, people here harvest buckwheat seeds to dry. Then grind it into powder to make cakes. To make such a delicious cake, people have to go through many steps. First, buckwheat seeds must be dried enough and then ground by hand.

6.4. Thang Co

IMG Thang Co Ha Giang 3

Thang Co is a specialty that can only be found in mountainous areas, so many tourists from the bottom up enjoy it, a rustic dish that has a strange appeal. According to the Mong village elders, Thang Co is a transliteration of the name “Thang Co”, meaning bone soup. In the Thang Co pot there are mainly bones, cattle meat and internal organs, mainly horse meat.

6.5. Yen Minh Rice Rolls

IMG Banh Cuon Chan Ha Giang

Banh Cuon is a dish that is no longer unfamiliar to each of us, however, if you once taste the taste of Yen Minh Banh Cuon, it will definitely make you feel surprised by its taste and texture.

Yen Minh Banh Cuon is special in that it is eaten with sausage and broth simmered from bones, creating a novelty but also very attractive, and is a favorite dish of many diners when they have the opportunity to visit here.

7. Accommodations In Yen Minh pine forest

Yen Minh is a place that can be considered a resting place on the journey from Ha Giang City to Dong Van stone plateau with a distance of 100km. Usually this will be the place for tourists to stop before continuing with their journey. Compiled a list of hotels and motels in Yen Minh, Ha Giang for those who love to travel. The information in this article is for reference only, please contact Origin Vietnam to get accurate information.

7.1. Homestay Du Gia

Homestay Du Gia is a complex of traditional houses, about 50 years old, of the Tay people. Located in the middle of vast rice fields, the space here is extremely poetic, peaceful, with fresh air, suitable for escapes from the bustling city.

Tourists staying here will be taken by tour guides to experience cultural features such as cuisine and music in some ethnic minority villages.

7.2. 2A Homestay And Coffee

Located in Yen Minh in the Ha Giang region, 2A Homestay and Coffee offers accommodations with free WiFi. Some rooms here have a terrace and/or balcony. An Asian, vegetarian or vegan breakfast without eggs or dairy is served daily at this property. Guests can also relax in the garden.

7.3. Eco Homestay

Located in Yen Minh in the Ha Giang region, Eco Homestay offers accommodations with free WiFi and free private parking. All rooms here are equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV.

7.3. Camping in Yen Minh pine forest

Camping in the pine forest area is one of the extremely interesting activities for tourists coming to Yen Minh. If you travel to Yen Minh, you can choose to stay in homestays or stay in hotels. In addition, if you want to experience one of the completely new things you can do camping here, it’s great to enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere at night.

8. Some Special Notes before travelling to Yen Minh pine forest.

In order to make your trip to Yen Minh pine forest as well as to Ha Giang more complete, please note a few of the following points to make your trip to Ha Giang safe and convenient and more beneficial.

  • Please prepare yourself a pair of sturdy sports shoes to ease your transition to Yen Minh pine forest! Because the roads in the Yen Minh pine forest area are also relatively difficult to travel on rainy days, you should pay attention and be more careful during your travel.
  • Before your trip begins, check the weather forecast in advance to avoid encountering rain or bad weather.
  • If you plan to organize outdoor parties with friends, you need to pay attention to using fire because this is a mountainous area with lots of trees, so you should also be careful when using fire. kidney.
  • In addition, when coming to Yen Minh pine forest, you should also pay attention to environmental hygiene here, do not litter indiscriminately, and the atmosphere here is also extremely fresh.
  • The temperature here also often changes, especially in the early morning or late at night when the temperature drops suddenly, so you should prepare and bring yourself light jackets.

9. Some attractive tourist sites around Yen Minh pine forest

On the journey to the Yen Minh pine forest area as well as to the tourist destinations in Yen Minh, if you do not stop by here to visit some of the following places, it is a mistake for you on your trip. your calendar

9.1. Co Tien Twin Mountains (Twin Mountains)

IMG Quan Ba Mountain 1

Co Tien Twin Mountain or many people still know it as Quan Ba Twin Mountain, is one of the tourist destinations located near the Yen Minh pine forest area and this is also a place that many tourists are extremely excited to visit. with Ha Giang

The Fairy Twin Mountain is associated with a legendary story about the love and motherly love of a fairy girl and a boy on earth.

Each season when coming to the Co Tien twin mountains, tourists can witness different beauties of this place. In the days of July – August, visitors will witness images of Quan Ba twin mountains along with the terraced fields wearing fresh shirts. And if your Ha Giang off the beaten path in the days of September – October, if you come here around this time, you will see images of rice fields dyed a shiny yellow color along with images of twin mountains. The greenery all seems to bring visitors an extremely interesting and eye-catching scene.

9.2. Quan Ba Heaven Gate

IMG Quan Ba Heaven Gate 2

Quan Ba Heaven Gate is located on the road leading to Yen Minh pine forest, this is one of the tourist destinations chosen by many people. This is one of the places that tourists who love backpacking always want to come here.

Stopping at the Heaven’s Gate area, you will admire the beauty of the vast mountains and forests along with green rice fields and a valley of buckwheat flowers when entering the season.

The sky gate is a narrow gap located between the two mountain peaks to clear the road. This is also the starting point for the Happiness Road. When you reach the sky gate area and look down, you can easily catch the whole picture. Photos of zigzag roads weaving through each area of endless green mountains

9.3. Du Gia village

IMG Du Gia Village Yen Minh 4

As a commune in Yen Minh district of Ha Giang, this is the main living area of the H’Mong and Tay ethnic people, this is also one of the tourist destinations that tourists love very much. , with the advantage of being located in the connecting area between the tourist destination of Ha Giang city and Bac Me Du Gia district, is one of the places with tourism development.

Coming to Du Gia, you will witness images of both sides of the river along with green rice fields to villages and ethnic houses here, giving you an extremely unique beauty. When talking about Ha Giang, you will certainly immediately think of images of extremely eye-catching and dangerous passes. Such as Ma Pi Leng, Tham Ma slope... but the roads to get to Du Gia village are no less dangerous. and difficult if you are a person who loves to explore and conquer, you can choose to come to Ha Giang as well as to Du Gia to explore the scenery of this place.

Coming to Du Gia, you will enjoy the fresh air of nature and you will have the opportunity to explore more of the scenery here, with images of the houses of the people here. Everything seems to have appeared in an extremely beautiful landscape picture that nature has given to you

Du Gia village will be one of the attractive tourist destinations for visitors when visiting Yen Minh. If you have the opportunity to come to Yen Minh pine forest, don’t forget to visit this attractive tourist destination of Du Gia village.

It’s worth a visit Yen Minh Pine forest

The above is the entire article about Yen Minh pine forest tourist destination. Hopefully this article has given you more useful and attractive information about this famous tourist destination of Ha Giang. If you are planning to go to Yen Minh pine forest – Ha Giang, please contact Origin Vietnam immediately for more detailed information as well as to know more about your travel schedule when coming to Ha Giang.

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