war remnants museum


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War Remnants Museum

Located on Vo Van Tan Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, War Remnants Museum is a vivid picture of Vietnam during the war years against the US – Wei. The artefacts and images that remain as solid evidence denouncing the crimes of the invading colonialists, at the same time reflecting the will to fight and win to regain the national independence of our people.

How war remnants museum is unique?

Initially, the project, called “The Gallery of American crimes – Wei”, was opened to the public on September 4, 1975. After that, the work was renamed “The Exhibition of War Crimes of aggression” (November 10, 1990). And is now called “War Remnants Museum” (July 4, 1995).

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War Remnants Museum is a member of the World Peace Museum system and World Museum Council. The museum specializes in researching, collecting, preserving and displaying the evidence – crimes and consequences of the war of invasion in Vietnam. Through that, the War Remnants Museum calls for combating unjust war, protecting peace and solidarity for people of countries around the world.

Currently, the museum has 8 subjects on regular display and many mobile exhibitions for the public. The museum is an attractive destination in HCMC, especially for foreign visitors. Many Americans have come here to understand more about a devastating war in the history of Vietnam and humanity.

In 2013, the world-famous travel website Trip Advisor voted Vietnam’s War Remnants Museum in the top 5 among the 25 most attractive museums in Asia.

Top things to do?

The museum consists of 3 floors, each with its theme and artefacts. Let’s walk through Origin Travel a tour of the museum with meaningful and impressive experiences.

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On the first floor of the museum are the ticket office, multi-purpose room, and the world room to support the Vietnam resistance. One of the prominent stops on the first floor is “Tiger cages” – a type of detention of Con Dao prison. The tiger cage is considered to be the most terrible place to torture the American army against patriotic prisoners. Here, patriotic revolutionary communists were contained in cells only about 5 square meters wide, with no beds, or large windows. All they have to endure is darkness, the humid, stuffy air.

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Not only that, but “Tiger Cages” is also the place where extremely painful torture takes place, aimed at destroying the will and strength of patriotic people. Have firsthand witness and experience in such horrible places to see how strong and steadfast they will of Vietnamese children is.

It is worth a visit war remnants museum

The first floor is also a place to display large artefacts. Such as planes, tanks or cannons of American soldiers in the war days. Young people coming here are also very excited to see firsthand the war things that only appear in the stories told by their grandparents.

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The two ground floors of the museum are a world of images, loaded with historical landmarks of a period of history full of blood. With many attractive topics such as The World with War in Vietnam or The Tale of Agent Orange Victims. It has made many people angry or painful. There are many Americans who come here, witnessing the brutal things that their people have done to the Vietnamese people. But have to shed tears of regret and compassion.

How to get war remnants museum?

If you want to visit the War Remnants Museum, visitors can choose from a variety of vehicles such as buses, motorbikes, taxis, cars or high-quality passenger cars.

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Bus: if going from Mien Dong bus station, choose route 14, if from Ben Thanh market, choose route 28 and from Cho Lon bus station, choose route 06.

+ Motorbikes and cars: From Ben Thanh market (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City), go to Le Lai street and turn right to Truong Dinh street. Continue straight ahead to Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, run a little more, then turn left onto Le Quy Don Street.

From Le Quy Don Street, one section left, you will reach the War Remnants Museum on Vo Van Tan Street.

Taxi: in Saigon, there are many taxi companies for tourists to choose from. Such as Mai Linh, Vinasun, Hoang Long, Savico, Vina Taxi … The price is 13,000 VND – 16,000 VND / km

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  • New World Saigon Hotel

War Remnants Museum is one of the favourite places in Ho Chi Minh City for many tourists. Hopefully, the above information will help many visitors who are planning to visit the Ho Chi Minh City War Remnants Museum. Wish you have a convenient and happy tour.

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