Vo Nhai
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Vo Nhai

Vo Nhai Thai Nguyen is known for its wild and spectacular natural landscapes, mysterious and magical caves. Next to ancient historical relics. This place is suitable for adventure holiday with camping. Especially attracts tourists with a passion for conquering and exploring. Let’s explore this new land with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Vo Nhai?

Vo Nhai district, Thai Nguyen province, located about 47 km northeast of Thai Nguyen city. About 134 km north of the center of Hanoi capital and nearly 100km from Noi Bai airport. This place has the following geographical location:

  • The East borders Binh Gia district, Bac Son district and Huu Lung district in Lang Son province
  • The West borders Dong Hy district and Cho Moi district, Bac Kan province
  • The South borders Yen The district, Bac Giang province
  • The North borders Na Ri district, Bac Kan province.

2. How is Vo Nhai unique?

Thanks to the diverse terrain and scenery bestowed by mother nature, Vo Nhai leaves a deep impression on visitors. Coming here, you can admire the endless limestone mountains, mixed with pristine, majestic green forests.

Along the roads to Vo Nhai district, visitors will walk among green rice fields, in the distance are cliffs, majestic waterfalls, and people’s village houses interspersed with nature. All create a typical scene of a mountainous district in Northern Vietnam.

In Vo Nhai district, there are many famous destinations, attracting a large number of tourists to visit. This place has beautiful, mysterious caves, natural waterfalls, and archaeological relics. In particular, there is the Phoenix Cave – Mo Ga Stream in Phu Thuong commune, a special tourist complex, creating a highlight for tourism in Vo Nhai district, Thai Nguyen province.

3. When is the best time to travel to Vo Nhai?

Vo Nhai’s weather is typical of the weather in Northern Vietnam. That is the weather in the tropical monsoon climate area with cold winters. A year in Vo Nhai is divided into 4 seasons, including: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

In general, the weather in Vo Nhai Thai Nguyen is quite mild and pleasant. This type of weather is ideal for fun activities and visiting tourist attractions.the weather tends to get hotter in the summer and autumn months. In particular, the months with the highest temperature here are July and August. Especially in the winter and spring, Vo Nhai’s weather becomes cold.

According to travel experience, it is best to come here in summer and fall. This season is very suitable for you to explore and experience caves, streams and waterfalls. However, it often rains during these two seasons, so please check the district’s weather before coming here and bring appropriate clothing and necessary, convenient items for this trip.

4. How to get to Vo Nhai?

Hanoi and Vo Nhai – Thai Nguyen are not far in geographical distance, convenient transportation and there are many routes for you to choose from.

4.1. Travel by bus

If you do not want to travel by yourself to avoid getting lost, at major bus stations in Hanoi city, there are routes to Vo Nhai – Thai Nguyen. You can buy tickets at My Dinh bus station, Gia Lam bus station, Giap Bat bus station. Advice: If you want to travel in the shortest time, you should move to Gia Lam bus station. Passenger cars here mostly run along the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway, so they go quite fast and rarely catch passengers in the middle of the road.

Travel time to Vo Nhai is about 1.5 hours to 2 hours, the ticket price for each person traveling by bus ranges from 60,000 to 200,000 VND depending on the quality of each bus company. Some bus companies going to Vo Nhai that you can refer to are Hoang Long, Kieu Nga, Trung Hanh, Trong Khoi…

4.2. Travel by motorbike

Tourists in neighboring areas of Vo Nhai district can use motorbikes to get here. In the inner city area of ​​Hanoi, you drive straight towards the bridge over Nhat Tan, then enter Highway 3, going straight to Thai Nguyen city. After that, you enter National Highway 1B and go straight to Vo Nhai district. Motorbikes are for tourists who want to go sightseeing, want to experience Vietnamese traffic and want to be proactive in their transportation.

Tourists should note that because the distance is not short, visitors should bring all necessary personal documents and always wear a helmet to ensure safety when participating in traffic. To avoid getting lost, visitors should bring a map and bring necessary personal belongings.

4.3. Travel by train

Tourists in Hanoi can go to stations: Yen Vien, Long Bien, Dong Anh, Gia Lam to buy train tickets to Thai Nguyen station with trains QT1 and QT2. After that, tourists from Thai Nguyen station travel more than 40km by other means to reach Vo Nhai district. Travel time is about 2 hours – 2.5 hours, ticket price per person ranges from 40,000 – 70,000 VND depending on each train station and each seat position on the train.

Because Thai Nguyen station does not have direct railway lines from Thai Nguyen to provinces in central and southern Vietnam. So tourists there can go to the nearest station to buy train tickets from where you live to Hanoi. Then, from Hanoi you can choose many types of transportation to get to Vo Nhai – Thai Nguyen.

5. Explore the beauty of Vo Nhai district

Vo Nhai district in Thai Nguyen province has many attractive and famous tourist destinations waiting for you to explore. Come explore this place with us!

5.1. Phoenix Cave

Phuong Hoang Cave belongs to Phuong Hoang Mountain, Phu Thuong commune, Vo Nhai district. The cave is located 45km northeast of Thai Nguyen city, more than 100km north of Hanoi city center. Phoenix Cave has a wild, mysterious beauty, associated with the historical traditions of Vietnam. This place is considered a precious gem that is being polished to become more sparkling and sparkling.

Coming to Phuong Hoang cave, visitors will be interested in hearing about the legend of this place and knowing why people call this place Phuong Hoang cave. The journey from the foot of the mountain to the cave entrance is quite arduous but also very interesting. This place is also blessed by Mother Nature with thousands of years old stalactite masterpieces with diverse shapes such as the image of a mother holding a child, a phoenix taking off, a tiger in disguise, a unicorn, etc.

Especially, in the cave There are also puddles of water, accompanied by light from the top of the cave and the top of the cave, creating a mysterious and magical space that is very suitable for tourists to take photos and preserve memories here.

5.2. Mo Ga Stream

Mo Ga Stream is only 100m from the foot of Phuong Hoang cave, located in Phu Thuong commune, Vo Nhai district. This place is 45km northeast of Thai Nguyen city, more than 100km north of Hanoi city center. The stream is formed and originates from the water inside the cave flowing out, creating an extremely clear and cool stream.

The stream flows out, passes through the rocks, falls into a small waterfall and splashes white foam. With cool and clear water, visitors can clearly see colorful pebbles at the bottom like sparkling gems. In particular, the stream has a safe depth so visitors can cool off and relax, listening to the sound of gurgling water, birds singing, the natural sounds of the mountains and forests and fresh air. This place is very suitable for resting in the summer, away from the sweltering sun, dust, pollution and hustle and bustle of luxurious urban areas.

5.3. Nam Rut Waterfall or Falling Rain Waterfall

IMG Falling Rain Waterfall

Nam Rut Waterfall, also known as Falling Rain Waterfall, belongs to Than Xa commune, Vo Nhai district, Thai Nguyen province. Thach is located about 30km northeast of Thai Nguyen city and about 100km north of Hanoi city center. This place is famous for the wild beauty of majestic mountains and high waterfalls pouring into the Than Sa River.

The dreamy scene with hazy water bodies and white bubbles creates a unique visual experience. This place is called Falling Rain Waterfall because on dry days there is only a small waterfall pouring from above into the Than Sa river. On rainy days, many large waterfalls and countless small waterfalls gush out from the rocks, creating an extremely magical scene. Right at the beginning of the waterfall, there is a fine sand beach interspersed with heaving rocks and a long gravel beach.

Along both sides of the river there are undulating high and low rocks where you can sit and admire the scenery or fish. In particular, Nam Rut waterfall is also the homeland of the majority of the H’Mong ethnic group. When you visit, you will have the opportunity to experience mountain and forest specialties.

5.4. Than Sa archaeological site

IMG Than Sa Archaeological Site

Than Sa relic site is located in Than Sa commune, Vo Nhai district, 40km northeast of Thai Nguyen city and more than 100km north of Hanoi city center. This is a place containing many stone archaeological sites of people who lived about 1 to 40,000 years ago, discovered in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century by Vietnamese archaeologists. Since 1982, this place has been recognized as a national monument.

Here, archaeologists have excavated and obtained a large number of stone artifacts that are rich in type, demonstrating the diversity and uniqueness of stone-making techniques. Among them, the most special thing to mention is the Nguom industry, dating back to the late Paleolithic period.

Through excavations, archaeological findings at Than Sa have confirmed that Vo Nhai is one of the cradles of primitive people, where an ancient culture called Than Sa culture existed. Tourists who visit every year are very excited to admire the beauty and archaeological values ​​of this place.

5.5. Nguom Stone Roof

IMG Than Sa Archaeological Site 2

Nguom Stone Roof is part of the Than Sa relic site. Located in Nguom mountain, Trung Son village, Than Sa commune, Vo Nhai district. 40km northeast of Thai Nguyen city and more than 100km north of Hanoi city center. Nguom Stone Roof is a famous archaeological relic that has been ranked as a national relic.

This is a giant stone roof, frog-shaped, wide and airy, the stone roof is about 30m high, 60m wide, the cave entrance is located in the North. The rocky roof still remains wild with dense forest trees and steep cliffs. This is also where the ancient Vietnamese people began to form. Besides, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the living, working and culture of mountainous ethnic groups. Such as the Tay and Nung.

5.6. Huyen Cave

Hang Huyen is a natural limestone cave located in Lang Trang hamlet, Trang Xa commune, Vo Nhai district. The cave is located 40km northeast of Thai Nguyen city and more than 100km north of Hanoi city center. This place is a famous historical and scenic spot of Vo Nhai district. This is considered an ideal place for those who love adventure, exploration, and adventure.

This is a natural cave, Huyen Cave has a length of kilometers, deep inside the cave, until now no one has been able to conquer the last point of the cave. The cave entrance is about 30m above the foot of the mountain. In front of the cave is a flat and fertile field. With a system of limestone mountains, fanciful and mysterious caves, cool streams and fresh air, Huyen Cave has been a potential and attractive tourist destination for many years.

6. Enjoy specialties when traveling to Vo Nhai

6.1. Na La Hien

Vo Nhai district is not only known for its historical relics and scenic spots, but this land is also known for many products including custard apple – a special fruit given to this land by heaven and earth. La Hien belongs to Vo Nhai area.

The custard apples here are large, have white pulp, and have sparse and small seeds. Na has a rich sweet taste, the scent is also very characteristic, gentle, pure. If you have the opportunity to come to Vo Nhai, do not forget to enjoy the fragrant and sweet custard apples. Then, before parting, choose a few pounds of custard apples as gifts for your family and friends.

6.2. Forest honey

Vo Nhai is a land with many mountains and forests, so natural wild honey is always available. The honey here has a gentle floral flavor, completely harvested by hand. Even if honey is kept for a long time, it will have a natural sweetness and will not change color or settle.

Wild honey has many health values ​​and is often used as a tonic, beauty care or spice for dishes. In addition to its uses such as anti-cancer, laxative, detoxification, and improving metabolism, wild honey is also a non-toxic skin care product.

6.3. Wild banana

Vo Nhai district is a highland district, so wild bananas are a quite famous specialty. Among all types of wild bananas, wild bananas provide extremely valuable medicinal benefits. Lush banana trees grow in the forests, bringing bananas that help people.

Wild bananas are often used in remedies to treat kidney stones, stomach ulcers, menstrual cramps, etc. Banana seeds are used by people to soak wine, serving daily needs. Wild bananas are like thoughtful highland gifts that tourists bring back to give to each other after each trip.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Vo Nhai

7.1. Hotels and motels in Vo Nhai

To make it easier to travel to attractions in Vo Nhai district, we have compiled some places where you can rest:

  • Hung Hung Guesthouse. Address: Lang Ken hamlet, La Hien commune, Vo Nhai district
  • Long Dai Guesthouse. Address: Highway 1B, Lau Thuong commune, Vo Nhai district
  • Gia Bao Guesthouse 2. Address: 268 QL1B, Dinh Ca Commune, Vo Nhai District

7.2. Homestays in Vo Nhai

Homestay is a place chosen by many tourists to see and immerse themselves in the natural scenery here. Some beautiful Homestays that visitors can refer to:

  • Homestay Tuan Nghia. Address: Phu Thuong commune, Vo Nhai district
  • Moc Homestay. Address: Mo Ga, Vo Nhai district

Vo Nhai land is not only beautiful, attractive and mysterious. But also contains many typical traditional cultural values ​​and archaeological values. Traveling to Vo Nhai Thai Nguyen is certainly an interesting experience that tourists cannot miss.

If you don’t know where to go on your upcoming vacation, take a few days to visit this land of Vo Nhai. We are Origin Vietnam – the leading tour operator in Vietnam. We are always ready to accompany and support you on every tours in Vietnam. Please contact us immediately to receive support and enjoy the best experiences with memorable trip ever!

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