Y Ty Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to Y Ty

Y Ty is located at a height of over 2,000m, back resting on the mountain Nhiu Co San which peak to 2.660m, almost all over the cloud cover. The sun is probably less than a day to shine for 12 hours. The road to Y Ty is a zigzag trail of narrowed paths and then falls on the leaves of the forest, the houses looming in the clouds.

How Y Ty is unique destination?

It is true that when you come to Y Ty. Visitor feel like you are entering another world, separated from the world. The road to Y Ty now has been upgraded, no longer the scene of muddy roads, muddy as a few years ago. As well as beautiful places in the uplands. To visit Y Ty you should note some information before travel.

Y Ty is a highland border commune of Bat Xat district in 135 extremely difficult communes with 8654 ha of natural land and 11.94 km of borderline.The commune has a total of nearly 800 households living in 16 villages with 4 ethnic groups (Mong, Ha Nhi, Dao, Kinh), in which the rate of poor households is high, accounting for 77.5%.

Located at an altitude of over 2,000m above the sea level. Y Ty has a cool weather year-round. Especially compared to other communes in Bat Xat district in the winter. Winter temperatures sometimes drop below 0°C . There is one of the trekking spots of interest to young people.

Y Ty is also the only place where many ethnic minority Ha Ni live. With unique cultural identity and primitive forests. Such as the “forest” on a rocky mountain. Therefore, this is one of the attractions of tourists and people “Solo traveller” especially young people to explore and conquer the difficult road, like adventure for life.

It has a sub-temperate continental temperate climate, which is typical for medicinal plants and temperate fruit trees. Over the past years, authorities and people in Y Ty have expanded the production area of medicinal plants, to promote local strengths. Compared with traditional crops such as corn and rice, medicinal plants are more economical.

When is the best time to go to Y Ty?

Depending on your individual time, you can arrange a medical appointment at any time that suits you, but for a full trip you can refer to some suggested information. Below is as follows:

  • The hunting season is from September to April next year. You notice the weather, if it is cold (especially at night) but dry autumn style can go hunting clouds.
  • In late March and early April, the azaleas will bloom, making the Y Ty forest very colorful.
  • Next to May-June is the season of the fall, the fields in Y Ty as the picture always.
  • If you like to participate in the largest festival of the Ha Nhi people in the year, please come to the dry festival on the first day of the sixth lunar month. Depending on the year, it may fall into the range of 7-8.
  • The ripe rice crop of Yutin is around the end of August until the end of September, depending on the year. In recent years, Y Ty has focused on ripe rice on the occasion of autumn festival (next week of September 2).
  • Last year in winter, Y Ty is likely one of the possible snowfall spots with Sa Pa and Mau Son.

How to get to Y Ty?

From Hanoi to Lao Cai

From Hanoi to Lao Cai you have 2 options. Go by train or take by sleeping bus. Time from Hanoi to Lao Cai about 8 hours by train and about 5 hours with car.

From Lao Cai to Y Ty

Although it is only 80 km far from Lao Cai (Bat Xat – A Lu Road), it takes quite some time to get to Ay, ranging from 5-6 hours without stopping along the road for sightseeing and photography. The most popular means of transport is to rent a motorbike in Lao Cai or rent a motorbike in Sa Pa. If you do not want to rent a car. You can completely send motorbikes from Hanoi by train and then pick up in Lao Cai, more conditions you have cars can also drive directly to Y Ty.

Recommend accommodation in Y Ty

There are not many places to stay, so sometimes the border guard must also be open to guests far away from the road. Some of the three resorts are becoming crowded as more and more people are interested in coming here.

  • My sister’s house: Tel: 0214 3501320
  • Si: Tel:0127 456667
  • Minh Thuong Hostel: Tel: 0916 729534 – 0948 840483
  • A Ho guesthouse: Tel: 01255751173
  • Anh Thang Guesthouse: Tel: 0214 3501310
  • Thao Nguyen Green: Tel: 098 506 75 68
  • Thai Bao: Tel: 0967 659888
  • Homestay Ly Co Sam: Tel: 01645 995546

On crowded occasions like 2/9 or the annual fall festival, you should take the initiative to bring your tent because it is unlikely that you can find a place to stay in Y Ty.

Sightseeing in Y Ty

The tourist spots in the post are arranged in the direction from Lao Cai City to Bat Xat and from here along the Red River to Lung Po and go straight to Y Ty, rest here and the next morning to Den Sang, Den Than, Muong Hum through Sa Pa and back to Lao Cai.

Private Y Ty Tour Package

The best time to travel Y Ty is from September to April next year to get the wonderful scenery of cloudy cover surrounding mountains, hill. While August to September is the best time to get the golden scenery of terrace rice fields.
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