Tuyen Quang Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to Tuyen Quang

Located in the heart of the Northern Vietnam. Tuyen Quang is considered as one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Vietnam with many interesting, unique and attractive landscapes.

How Tuyen Quang is unique?

Tuyen Quang is a place associated with the process of national formation. It is also the place where the cultural of the ethnic minorities in the northern mountainous areas. With many tangible and intangible cultural heritages of the ethnic communities have lived in this land for a long time. Coming to Tuyen Quang tourist will get fascinating experience vacation in Vietnam.

The province is bordered by Ha Giang, Cao Bang to the north, Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen to the east, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho to the south and Yen Bai to the west. Tuyen Quang is located in the center of the Lo river and Gam river flows through the province from the north-south direction and enters Lo river in the northwest of Yen Son district.

Tuyen Quang is also a homeland of Thai people. But since the 13th century was under the control of the Tran dynasty. Tran dynasty called Quoc Oai, later changed to Tuyen Quang. Under the reign of King Tran Hien Tong (1329-1341). Tuyen Quang changed to the town, then the city under the Minh Dynasty.

After the Emperor Le Thai To had expelled Minh, he placed Tuyen Hoa in the West. The reign of King Le Thanh Tong, Tuyen Quang consists of a district and five districts and became Minh Quang province under the reign of King Le Uy Mu. Le Trang Tong, changed Minh Quang into An Tai.

They were self-reliant in Tuyen Quang, anti-government ruled in Thang Long. In the North and South Dynasties, the Vu family did not follow the Mac but followed the Le Trung Hung in Thanh Hoa, but when the Le Trung Hung Dynasty on Thang Long, the Vu were not completely subdued. The vassals on the Bau mountain in the city should be known as Bau, building a system of large houses throughout a large area throughout the Doan Hung crossroads up to the territory of Luc Yen.

In 1699, Vu Cong Tuan was arrested and killed by Trinh Lord. The imperial court ordered Tuyen Quang to command the Thai patriarchs.

When is the best time to travel to Tuyen Quang?

Due to the tropical monsoon climate, affected by the mainland’s North Asian climate. Tuyen Quang has 2 distinct seasons, cold winters and hot and humid rains. From May to August and the coldest months are November and December.

  • The appropriate time to go to Tuyen Quang is around October 11, you often travel Ha Giang around this time, can combine to explore Tuyen Quang always because both provinces are on the same route Street.
  • Another great time to travel to Tuyen Quang is mid-autumn festival. Since 2004, Tuyen Quang has organized one of the biggest moonlit festivals in the country. Tuyen Quang festival with participation Of tens of thousands coming from all over and outside the province.

How to get to Tuyen Quang from Ha Noi?

About 150km from Hanoi and connected to the capital by Highway 2, it is easy to go to Tuyen Quang. From My Dinh bus station, there are regular routes to Tuyen Quang. Besides, it is possible to go to Tuyen Quang by car to Ha Giang in the evening. If using motorbike, go from Pham Van Dong to Noi Bai – Phuc Yen crossroad, turn to National Highway 2 to Phuc Yen, Vinh Yen and go straight on National Highway 2 via Phu Tho, Tuyen Quang.

Accommodation in Tuyen Quang

Although Tuyen Quang tourism compared with some neighboring provinces have not really developed. But the hotel and guest houses services are enough to meet the needs of tourists.

In recent years, due to the increasing demand for community-based tourism. There are many homestay residences in Tuyen Quang have been invested and expanded to serve tourists.

What to see in Tuyen Quang?

Tuyen Quang tourism has not developed as many other localities. But there are also many beautiful scenes that many people have never heard of, except the historical sites of Tan Trao… Let’s try to review the Worth the trip in Tuyen Quang.

Relic of Tan Trao

Tan Trao National Historical site is located in the southeast of Tuyen Quang, including 12 communes in the ATK in Son Duong and Yen Son districts. This is a large land border with two provinces Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen. Tan Trao is a mountainous area with thousands of dangerous relics, many caves, rich resources, beautiful scenery.

Mac Citadel

Mac Citadel was built in the period from 1552 in the Mac Dynasty. It’s repaired at the beginning of the Nguyen Dynasty (XIX century) during the Le-Mac war. The Southern Dynasty (Le Trung Hung) led by Trinh Tung headed north capture Thang Long. Mac Mau Hop arrested and executed. The nobles and mandarins retreated to Cao Bang. To prevent the Le army, the Mac dynasty built a citadel on the banks of the Lo River. According to legend, the whole process of building takes only one night. Quan Mac also in a mountain land more than 50m called Tho Son (mountain land). The citadel was also a place of war between the Le dynasty and the Mac Dynasty for many years when the kings of Mac darted an attack from Cao Bang to Thang Long.

Thanh has an important military position on the banks of the Lo River and is located on a convenient waterway linking with many important historical events of Tuyen Quang. Thanh also witnessed many important historical events of Tuyen Quang.

Na Hang Ecotourism Area

Na Hang Eco tour Vietnam is located in the northern part of Tuyen Quang, 110km from the center of Tuyen Quang City. It has a total water surface of 8000 ha, through Na Hang and Lam Binh districts and the entire reservoir area of Tuyen Quang hydroelectricity. Optical.

This is the convergence of two Gam River and Nang River, bordering Ba Be Lake with majestic mountains, inspirational land associated with the legendary bold humanity, really fascinated visitors with countless beautiful natural attractions.

Khuoi Nhi Waterfall

The year-round waterfall tossing white foam as beautiful as the hair of thousands of thousands, upstream of the waterfall you will not be surprised by a beauty that captivated the heart. The waterfall is soaring, the white foam flushed down a pool of natural blue water, fantasy, beautiful to fascinated. Also, when dipping in the water here, you will enjoy one of the most natural massage services are served by the staff “fish” floating under the water.

And there as many other tourist attraction in Tuyen Quang Such as. Tat Ke Nature Reserve, Ban Ba Waterfall…

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