Tra Vinh Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to Tra Vinh

To have the full experience of Tra Vinh tourism, you should also take some time to learn something about this land before you go. Tra Vinh is one of the provinces located on the coast of the Mekong Delta. It bordering Vinh Long, Soc Trang, Ben Tre and having 65 km of coastline.

In recent years, Tra Vinh has been evaluated as one of the provinces with rich potential in cultural and historical tourism. Especially when tourists come to Tra Vinh. They really want to explore various types of tourism. Such as beach holiday, garden water, the coastal floating dunes specializing in specialty fruit gardens … And of course, they also do not forget to learn about the cultural identity of the ancient land of the three ethnic Kinh, Khmer and Hoa.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Tra Vinh?

You can come to Tra Vinh in any season. There are many festivals here. It will be great if coming to Tra Vinh on special occasions, especially in Cau Ke district.

In July, the seven lunar and the Vu Lan festivals were held at all four of Mr. Bon’s temples:

  • Middle Pagoda (Van Ung Phong cung) on days 8, 9, 10;
  • Chua Cay Xanh (Nien Phong Cung) in 2 days 15, 16;
  • Giong Lon Pagoda (Minh Duc Cung) on 19, 20
  • Chua Chuy (Van Nien Phong palace) from 25 to 28. The Vu Lan festival at the pagodas is fun, but it is rich and bold with the identity of Trieu Chau ethnicity (Hoa) above all at Cho pagoda (Van Nien Phong palace).

How To Go To Tra Vinh From Ho Chi Minh City?

The distance from the center of Ho Chi Minh City – Tra Vinh city is nearly 200 km. If you ride a motorbike, you will lose 3-4 hours of travel. But you should note, in order to be able to run a motorbike, you need to have good health, good driving ability and most importantly, a passion for burning.

The advantage of riding a motorbike is that you will admire the beautiful scenery along the way, discover many interesting things. In addition, when you come to Tra Vinh, you do not have to worry about transportation in the inner city.

If you do not want to go to Tra Vinh by motorbike , you can go to the Mien Dong bus station to catch a bus to Tra Vinh. The address of the Western coach station is: 395 Kinh Duong Vuong, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. Please contact to buy a ticket, ask about the time of the route, avoid the case of buying late tickets and running out of good seats.

Some car companies run Ho Chi Minh City – Tra Vinh route :

1: Mai Linh Bus 2: Tan Cuong Bus

  • In Saigon, the car picks up passengers at 296B Tran Phu, District 5, near An Dong Market. The car leaves from 6 am to 6 pm, with one trip per hour.
  • In Tra Vinh, bus pick up and drop off at 89 Pham Hong Thai and 545 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. Vehicles leave at 1h, 2h, 3h, 4h, 7h, 8h, 9h, 11h, 13h, 17h.

Thanh Thuy Bus

  • The car departs in Tra Vinh from 0h to 18h. The car departs in Ho Chi Minh City from 1h to 22h. Particularly, high quality cars have seats that depart at 1h, 2h, 3h.
  • In Ho Chi Minh City, the bus picks up at 276 – 280 Tran Phu, near the District 5 tax office. In Tra Vinh, the car picks up passengers at 28 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 2, Tra Vinh City.

Travelling Within The City Of Tra Vinh

Arriving in Tra Vinh, you will have to find the good car or taxi company to go to tourist sites, sightseeing. You can choose the following taxi companies in Tra Vinh:

  • Thanh Thuy Taxi – Tra Vinh: 0743 86 86 86
  • Mai Linh Taxi – Tra Vinh: 0743 754 888

Accommodation In Tra Vinh

Experience the Vietnam tour of Tra Vinh, there are a few motels and hotels in Tra Vinh also have motorbike rental service. You can rent motorbikes by day, only from 150,000 VND, while saving costs can be more active in time.

Most motels and hotels in Tra Vinh are concentrated in Tra Vinh city. From here to the places to visit is also very convenient; moreover, you don’t have to worry about finding restaurants, restaurants or shopping addresses if you are in downtown Tra Vinh.

A Few Motels And Hotels In Tra Vinh You Can Choose:

  • Cuu Long Hotel: No. 999 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 7, Tra Vinh City.
  • Duy Phuong Hotel: Hamlet 5, Ward 8, Tra Vinh City.
  • Duy Tung Hotel: No. 6 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 2, Tra Vinh City.
  • Gia Hoa Hotel 1: No. 75 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 7, Tra Vinh City.
  • Hoa Anh Dao Hotel: Hamlet 4 Pham Ngu Lao, Ward 1, Tra Vinh city.
  • Hoan My Hotel: No. 105A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 7, Tra Vinh City.
  • Hoang Ngoc Hotel: No. 5 Le Thanh Ton, Ward 2, Tra Vinh City.

Top Things To Do In Tra Vinh

1. Hang Pagoda

Opening the list of tourist destinations Tra Vinh is a temple with wild beauty mixed with a little mystery. Called Hang Pagoda because the temple gate has a design very similar to a cave leading into the spiritual world of indigenous people.

Different from meticulously embellished architectural works, this temple has perfect harmony with nature. The campus in the temple is half-covered with trees, which is also home to many unique birds. Taking advantage of that rich resources, the monks here have carved large trees themselves, turning them into unique artworks of the temple.

2. Mangrove Ecotourism

Having a history of more than 20 years old. Mangrove Ecotourism has long been an attractive tourist destination in Tra Vinh for those who love to exploreMekong delta nature. With the speciality of the mangrove forest with an immense area, the first mark that this place brings is the overwhelmingly majestic wild space.

Hidden in the primaeval forest system is an extremely rich world of flora and fauna. Going down the boat, the boat along the river, tourists can both see first-hand rare species of flora and fauna, and local people have introduced their interesting habits and properties.

3. Khmer Museum

Paired with the Khmer museum in Soc Trang province. It’s the shortest address for those who are interested in learning about Khmer culture.

The Khmer Culture Museum in Tra Vinh preserves many rich artefacts about the cultural, spiritual and materialistic life of the Khmer people in the Mekong Delta region. If you are considering a Tra Vinh tourist destination for a Vietnam trip to explore local history, this must be a good choice!

4. Ba Dong Beach

Ba Dong Beach has always been considered one of the most famous tourist destinations of Tra Vinh. Immersed in the space of the blue sea, breathing the unique sea breeze in your chest. Tourists will understand why Ba Dong beach has such a great attraction.

The name of Ba Dong beach comes from the daily activities of the sea. Every low tide, the beach emerges three beautiful and unique sand caves (including two small caves and one large cave).

So if you miss Ba Dong at the time of the sprint, you still have a fun time at these great dunes. Visiting Ba Dong beach you can also enjoy the famous specialities of the western river region.

5. Vam Ray Pagoda

Vam Ray Pagoda is the largest Khmer temple in Vietnam with bold Khmer architecture. This place attracts not only local people but also tourists from all over the world to visit and worship.

The distinctive structure and outstanding yellow colour of Vam Ray Pagoda easily remind people of the scenery of the distant country of the Golden Temple.

With its unique outstanding architecture. Vam Ray pagoda has contributed to creating a new face for the cultural tourism industry of Tra Vinh province as well as of the system of Khmer Nam Bo pagodas.

6. Long Tri Isle

Another famous eco-tourism area of Tra Vinh is in the top tourist destination. This is also understandable because the biggest speciality of Tien Giang is still the river gardens that are blessed with the scenery.

Cu Lao Long Tri tourist area wins the hearts of visitors thanks to a series of fun dining activities. Such as boating, fishing, cycling around the resort and visiting the luxuriant fruit garden.

Most attractive, tourists will directly enjoy the delicious regional specialities in restaurants and huts on the water. Eating specialities while enjoying the natural scenery.

7. Ao Ba Om

Ao Ba Om is a famous scenic spot of Tra Vinh province as well as the Mekong Delta region. This scenic spot is located in Ward 8, Tra Vinh city, more than 5 km southwest of the provincial centre and more than 500 meters east of Highway 53.

The most is a primaeval forest, which is preserved quite intact, about 30 – 100 m wide, 2 km long, with thousands of endemic flora species of dune land, including nearly 500 ancient oil trees hundred years old. Through the process of erosion of wind and rain.

Especially soil and sand were swept away, leaving ancient roots with strange shapes. It stimulating the curiosity of tourists from near and far as well as the imagination of poets and musicians has once set foot in. Beneath the intersecting foliage of the primaeval forest is a cool year-round path, meandering, many steep hills. Making it easy to associate and nicknamed Ao Ba Om as a “Da Lat between Delta”

8. Con Chim Community Tourist Site

Con Chim has a natural area of 60 ha, located in the middle of Co Chien River, of which agricultural land is 34 ha and has 220 inhabitants.

Visitors coming to Con Chim can enjoy the delightful view of the river landscape of the countryside and the lush green forests. Tourists can experience crab fishing activities, set shrimp and fish … and enjoy fresh seafood delicious dishes, along with rustic dishes by the local skilled chefs.

9. Truc Lam Tra Vinh Zen Monastery

It is located in Khoán Tieu hamlet, Truong Long Hoa commune, Duyen Hai town. 50 km far from Tra Vinh city centre, in the southeast and 12 km from Duyen Hai town to the east. This is the only Zen monastery belonging to Truc Lam sect in Tra Vinh province.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery holds many records among the Buddhist monasteries in Tra Vinh province. Such as the closest temple to the East Sea, all architectures closest to the ethnic traditional architecture. The largest main hall, the largest Buddha statue, the largest Avalokiteshvara statue, the largest common rose, the largest capacity auditorium, the largest yard in front of the main hall …

With the traditional historical values ​​of Truc Lam Zen, the value of the architectural arts, the value of the environmental landscape. Truc Lam Tra Vinh Zen Monastery is now a place of Buddhist pilgrimage and only spiritual tourism strongly attracts Buddhists. Tourists visit, admire the Buddha and direct their hearts to return to the heroic national roots.

10. Tra Vinh Market

Closing the list of tourist destinations to visit is a busy place that Origin Travel is sure that you love. Tra Vinh Market is located in a prime city centre, with a large area. So it is easy to identify and move to by many different means.

As the wholesale market of the whole city, you will be excited when witnessing the bustling shopping space of Tra Vinh small businesses. The people of the South are chivalrous and hospitable, so situations like cutting and cutting rarely happen. Visiting the market to choose some specialities as family gifts, enjoying all the famous delicacies is the perfect end to your Tra Vinh tour.

Specialties Should Enjoy In Tra Vinh

What to eat when coming to Tra Vinh? In addition to the entertainment venues. You are very curious about Tra Vinh specialties in this land, right? So, please take a moment to stroll around the city center and enjoy the specialties of Tra Vinh. Such as Bun suong, Mam Ba Dong, Da Loc rice cake, vermicelli, dried shrimp, and chili lemongrass …

Here are some cheap delicious restaurants Tra Vinh. In general, the food here is quite delicious, hygienic, friendly service style. And most importantly, the price is very reasonable, not too expensive.

  • Dong Khoi noodle soup: Dong Khoi, Tra Vinh or No. 4 – Nguyen Thai Hoc – Tra Vinh
  • Dinh Y restaurant: 152 Tran Quoc Tuan – Ward 2 – Tra Vinh
  • Tra Vinh Hu Tieu: Pham Thai Buong – Tra Vinh

Origin Travel hopes the above suggestions on Tra Vinh tourist attractions will enrich your options when having the opportunity to visit here. Are the above attractions enough to motivate you to carry your backpack and go?

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