Kien Giang Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to Kien Giang

If you are someone who likes new experiences, do not miss the opportunity to explore these wonderful tourist destinations of Kien Giang. These are the ideal places for you to have a complete Kien Giang trip with family, friends, …

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Kien Giang?

Before choosing a travel time in Kien Giang. You should be aware of the storms or refer to the weather forecast to make sure the trip to Kien Giang is not affected by storms.

From April to September:This is the summer break for students also this is summer holiday for Vietnamese tourist. So you can make a family trip to Kien Giang. In April to September, Kien Giang tourism will be in high season and the number of tourists coming also very high.

From October to February:Although the number of tourists at this time has decreased. However, if you like a comfortable tour. There is not “touristy”. This is the right time to travel to Kien Giang.

Transportation To Kien Giang

From TP. Ho Chi Minh to Kien Giang can move in two ways:

Passenger bus:There are many bus from HCM to Rach Gia City always comes straight to the places near the famous islands with the price of 150,000 – 200,000 VND.

Take the train:You can book tickets in advance or buy at train stations. However, on holidays, you should book in advance to avoid running out of tickets. Train ticket prices range from 90,000 to 150,000 VND.

Top 10 Things To Do In Kien Giang

1. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is known as a tourist destination in Kien Giang that is most visited by domestic and foreign tourists when they travel to Kien Giang. With the advantage of the weather as well as clear blue sea water, many rich dishes.

There are also famous beaches such as Sao beach, Dai beach, Truong beach, …

2. Ha Tien

Ha Tien tourist destination is famous for its beautiful landscapes, mountains and fresh nature, delicious specialities at the night market near Giang Thanh River. In Ha Tien, visitors can enjoy the tour at Mui Nai beach, Binh San mountain, …

3. Pirate Island

This is a mysterious island that makes anyone think of pirate movies when they hear the name. This tourist destination in Kien Giang is home to a wild and attractive landscape for tourists. Guests have an unforgettable experience once coming here.

There are 16 small islands about 40km away from Phu Quoc with many beautiful and romantic beaches. Also, visitors here can organize overnight camping or small parties.

4. Nam Du Island

As one of the tourist destinations in Kien Giang with wild and natural beauty. Nam Du Island with beautiful scenes that have not been influenced by human hands, so it still retains its unique features. Besides, visitors also experience the rustic life of the people on the island.

5. Rach Gia

In the tourist destinations of Kien Giang, Rach Gia is the place chosen by many tourists as a destination that cannot be ignored. Here, you can move to mysterious and pristine islands or you can walk around the urban centre of the sea, Nguyen Trung Truc communal house, shopping at the commercial centre, … There is nothing special about playing places in Rach Gia, but ensuring Rach Gia cuisine will make you unforgettable. Some of the dishes you must try in Rach Gia are fish vermicelli, fish sauce hot pot, pancakes, crab ball soup, herring salad …

6. Ba Lua Archipelago

A certain place to visit to explore in Kien Giang is Ba Lua archipelago. Here, visitors can manually catch snails, oysters, … right at the beaches. Besides, you can also watch the sunrise and sunset and take beautiful photos to keep memories.

7. U Minh Thuong National Forest

It is the largest conservation of rare flora and fauna in Kien Giang with an area of over 3,000 hectares of melaleuca forests. U Minh Thuong forest tourism is an ecotourism type for those who love and want to immerse themselves in nature. You will be able to take a boat ride through the Melaleuca forests, watch unique trees and birds in the forest. After taking a boat walk around the national forest, remember to enjoy the specialities in this place such as fish hot pot and wild vegetables, grilled fish, fish salad…

8. Hon Tre

Hon Tre is a small island located near Rach Gia suitable for those who want to go fishing, taking photos, eating seafood and having fun in a short time. Because Hon Tre is near Rach Gia, the train ticket to Hon Tre island is only about 60.000 – 70.000 / time. The seawater in Hon Tre is not as green and clear as in Phu Quoc Island, but in return, the strange and unspoiled landscape makes the people completely conquered.

According to Hon Tre tourism experience, bring tents and barbecue stoves, then buy seafood from local people and hold a seaside BBQ party is an extremely interesting activity. Note that if you buy seafood, buying seafood in the afternoon because people just caught it onshore is the cheapest and most delicious, avoid buying right near the pier because the price will be several times more expensive. This is the next place to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Kien Giang that origin travel wants you to explore.

9. Hon Phu Tu

Hon Phu Tu belongs to Hon Phu Tu tourist area in Binh An commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province. 38km from Ha Tien city centre and about 70km from Rach Gia city. This is a beautiful and famous landscape, dubbed the “Ha Long Bay” of Kien Giang and was recognized as a national scenic spot in 1989.

Hon Phu Tu is a small rocky island located about 110m from the mainland, consisting of two adjoining rocks on a rocky platform 5m high above sea level. In which, the big rock (Hon Phu) is about 33.6m high, the small rock (Hon Tu) is about 30m high. Precisely from the terrain of two adjacent stone pillars, slightly inclined to the East in the middle of the sea. It is considered a symbol of father and son’s feelings. And there is also a legend full of human values ​​about spiritual paternity.

Coming to Hon Phu Tu, you can also choose to visit two more beautiful landscapes: Bai Duong and Hang Pagoda.

10. Da Dung Mountain

Da Dung Mountain is a new tourist destination that is urging more steps from all over. Because its beauty is like Phong Nha cave on alluvial land. This is also a special gift that nature gives to Ha Tien land with enchanting beauty

Da Dung Mountain has about 14 large and small caves connected to create mysterious “mazes” and has a beauty like a stone sculpture.

Standing inside the bed of Da Dung mountain looking out. Visitors can see the wonderful beauty of the landscape and natural land of Ha Tien. Surrounding the mountain are rice fields stretching to the eye, lots of swamps, bushes create a wild and interesting landscape.

Da Dung Mountain attracts visitors not only because of the beautiful scenery around the mountain but also the unique names of the caves there. Each cave has very strange names based on the legend, the stalactite shape or the feeling that the cave gives visitors when stepping inside.

Kien Giang Specialist Dishes Should Try

Thot Not Cake

This kind of cake is the specialty dish that you definitely have to taste when you arrive in Kien Giang. The cake is yellow and wrapped in banana leaves. As its name suggests, jaggery is made from jaggery, a soft sweet cake and a light fragrance. The best way to enjoy it is to let it cool and eat, then the cake will lessen. The popular price of this cake is sold in Kien Giang is 3000-4000 VND. It will not be difficult for you to buy it enjoy or bring it back as a gift for your loved one. Because it is widely sold in markets or grocery stores.

Herring Salad

For diners who like to eat fresh seafood. Herring salad will probably conquer you with the freshness of seafood. The process of making herring is quite meticulous when the person doing it has to choose the really fresh herring, filtering it out for each flesh and then removing the bone. As well as Thot Not cake, herring salad should also be eaten in the right way to fully appreciate the local flavor. That is served with herbs, onions, cucumbers and dipping into soy sauce but must also be mixed soy Separate formula. Phu Quoc is probably the place where you can enjoy this delicious and freshest food.

Crab Soup

Crab soup is very popular in many restaurants in our country. It’s popular for many people but not many people who eat in Kien Giang give you the most traditional taste of it. As a land owned by many islands. It is easy to catch fresh and delicious crabs to serve this dish. If the dish of herring will be the best in Phu Quoc, the crab soup made in Ha Tien will satisfy the best taste when coming to Kien Giang. A small suggestion is that Dong Ho night market has a lot of delicious cakes. But if not, any restaurant in Ha Tien will serve you.

Where To Stay In Kien Giang?

With the increasing popularity and even international expansion of Phu Quoc. It is no wonder that the system of resorts, hotels, hostel, homestay … with modern facilities is growing up. The following will be places worth considering.

Eden Resort Phu Quoc

  • Address: Cua Lap Lap, Xa Duong To, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang
  • Rating: 4 stars

Eden Resort Phu Quoc is designed as a small oasis like an attractive ecological reserve, fully equipped with services. The bedroom here is designed in an elegant and modern style, suitable to the tastes and needs of many different customers. Moreover, the restaurants and bars in the resort serve customers built in many different styles. Such as indoor, outdoor, on the lawn, right by the coast. In addition, the point that makes visitors even more satisfied is the right meals in the room for visitors to be decorated in the balcony. So that you can enjoy the food while still admiring the peaceful and poetic sea view.

Some other amenities like an outdoor swimming pool right next to the beach, spa centers, a fitness center or fun and entertainment activities such as diving, fishing, water sports activities, tourism By boat, visiting the islands and climbing the mountains … will also bring you moments of rest can not be more complete.

Phu Quoc Eco Beach Resort

  • Address: Ong Lang Beach, Cua Duong, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang
  • Rating: 3 stars

Resort is designed to be simple and close to nature. The rooms here are suitable for those who like a quiet space, look not too luxurious but still delicate.

Phu Quoc Eco Beach Resort is only about 30 minutes away from Phu Quoc National Park. It’s one of the largest and most beautiful National Park in Vietnam.

In addition, it also has a swimming pool near the sea, bars, restaurants, beauty spa areas and above all will provide you with direct tours to explore the most beautiful islands of Kien Giang.

Novotel Phu Quoc Resort

  • Address: Duong Bao, Duong To, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang
  • Rating: 5 stars

Attached to the 5-star standard, this resort still has a very friendly price, but the equipment is still the most modern. It can be said that every corner here will create photos that make people admire the most admiringly.

Being considered a resort space with good service quality, a changing menu of dishes, places near famous tourist resorts, you will really your perfect trip here. The main decor style of this hotel is cool, bright colors, sea-inspired furniture with accents of beautiful white beds that make every girl feel like a princess.

With the above Kien Giang tourist destinations. Hope to be able to provide you with the necessary information for your upcoming travel and discovery of wonderful land. So let prepare for a trip to Kien Giang with your group of friends, family, lover now.

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