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All things need to know before travelling to Danang

Da Nang is a city of bridges, growing rapidly with resort construction attempting redefine itself from the transit center to the destinations. The Hue Imperial City, rich in political history is two hours drive north. At the other direction, the cultural jewel of Hoi An is just forty minutes south. Both are notable travel destinations, which absolutely merit a visit.

Why Da Nang Is Special?

Da Nang’s 1 million residents and hotels’ construction boom are left somewhere in an awkward middle ground. Although boasting a few temples and government buildings, some modern bridges really puts Danang on the international map.

That leaves the beaches, which, for just as far as I sound like a negative Nancy, are actually quite striking. Da Nang has 92 kilometre of coastline. There are roughly 3 separate beach regions of varying popularity and features: The North part of Da Nang includes Xuan Thieu Beach and Thanh Binh Beach facing Da Nang Bay. Both are offer incredible white sand, blue water and fewer tourists, additionally lack many facilities. It is the best beach for the picnic or a cooler for the day.

It is worth a visit Da Nang

The Son Tra Peninsular includes the eastern mountainous area that divides the north and south regions of the city’s coastline. It includes smaller, nearly empty, although sometimes rocky beaches like Bai Con, Bai Nam, Bai Bac, Bai But, Bai Rang, and Tien Sa Beach. Day trips here are usually along with visits to Linh Ung Pagoda or up to the top of Monkey Mountain to take in the view over the area. If you consider yourself a bird watcher, a nature lover or fishermen, this is where you would like to be.

The South part of Da Nang encompasses Pham Van Dong Beach, My Khe Beach, Bac My An Beach and  Non Nuoc Beach at the southern end. Collectively, they cover an impressive 30 kilometre, are in closest proximity to most accommodations within the city as well as beach front dining options.

Consequently, it is the busiest and the stretches of private beach in front of resorts along  Non Nuoc Beach. The southern beaches are increasing a number of five star resorts. In December 2016, Four Seasons took over The Nam Hai, a 100 villa resort between Da Nang and Hoi An. The Wyndham Soleil Danang is constructing a 57 story-tower hotel with 779 rooms will open in 2018. It will be the tallest buildings within the city. And it will form a part of a four-tower complex that will also feature 3,200 apartments.

While Sheraton, Ariyana Beach Resort & Spa and a half dozen other developments are also under construction. They’ll join the existing Furama Resort Danang, Pullman Danang Beach Resort, and Hyatt Regency Danang Resort, among others, already located on Non Nuoc. Then there is the over 500 rooms Crowne Plaza Danang, InterContinental Danang and Sun Peninsula Resort.

How to understand?. This very likely represents the greatest density of high end beach resorts anywhere in Vietnam. And they have all pretty much opened in the past six years.

In the end, if you consider yourself a bit of beaches, or are looking to take a high class break out of flash packing around Vietnam, this just will be the perfect weekend getaway. The beaches all get top marks for cleanness, although the strong surf and resulting rip current of East Sea might make swimming in certain areas. Regardless if you decide on public areas of the beach or private hotel areas, a lot of sofa seat options for choice and relax. Let enjoy  a cold drink from the seaside.

There are a couple choices for skiing rentals and some other activities, but in general, Da Nang is beaches, and beaches alone.

Where To Stay In Da Nang?

There is also without a doubt already an oversupply of accommodation options in Danang. Many tiny resorts open with introductory offers and after being busy from 3 to 6 months upfront due to vacancy. As I mentioned, the number of resorts are along the coastline. While having a decision to Danang city for holiday or work, simply checking, or make a call to resort or travel company to book room as your wish.

We recommend staying as close the beach as possible. Because the city is large and staying at the downtown will need travel to city centre. Much 2 and 3 star hotels with a  set of blocks close the beach has the price from  US $15-40  per night. For luxury accommodation it is about US $50-100 each night with 4 or 5 star hotel and resort. Some are  on the beach, with pools and amenities. Five star beach front room start at US $200. They move up to US $1, 000 USD each night if you truly want to make a splash in the private pool of your multi bedroom beachfront villa.

Things To Do Around The City?

Absolutely, most people has a question. How to get around Da Nang? Yes, Da Nang is among the relatively pedestrian friendly Vietnamese city. It has the construction with sidewalks and a boardwalk along the ocean. However, it spreads out therefore traveling on foot is not ideal. And Grab and Uber are banned in Da Nang city. That leaves vacationers with traditional taxis to pay the large distances inside the city.

Besides, electric car is available at the city so that visitor can view the city easily. However its cost is more expensive than taxi. Although the roads are wide, and the traffic are not crowded, it is not ideal to ride a scooter.

Private Da Nang Tour Package 5 days

  • Get the panorama of this famous beach city from summit of Marble Mountain and Son Tra Peninsular
  • Take a cable car to Ba Na Hill to discover its beauties with cool climate all year round and especially Golden Bridge
  • Get the charming of Hoi An ancient town to back the past for a famous trading port
  • Understand more of Imperial Hue city with unique of Royal Palace and style of each mausoleum that show King’s opinion
Recommended trip

The most attractive tourist destinations in Da Nang

1. My Khe beach

Once voted the most glamorous beautiful beach on the planet by Forbes magazine of America. Only 3 km from the center of Da Nang city, looking down from above. My Khe beach is a vast blue strip and when it comes to new places, the beauty flares brilliantly.

My Khe beach attracts many tourists because of its pristine looks, white sandy beaches, gentle waves in a very cool and fresh atmosphere. Coming to Da Nang, visitors should come here once to experience an early dawn sparkling, radiating from the horizon as an aura and immersing themselves in cool water. You can choose for yourself a hotel location at Son Tra district. It’s very convenience to go to this beautiful beach.

2. Son Tra peninsula

It is a combination of the only marine ecosystem of natural forests in Vietnam. It’s about 10 km from the city center with 3 sides adjacent to the sea. The climate here is very fresh and clean, according to scientific research, every day the forest here recreates enough oxygen to supply 4 million people, a huge green lung fo the city. This is also the home of many animals with 22 rare and precious species named in the red book, the most prominent is the primate populations with the number of about 300-400 individuals.

3. Marble Mountains

It is a famous place also known as Non Nuoc mountain. There are 5 limestone mountains on the sandy beach. This place is famous for Non Nuoc stone carving village, which produces many marble artifacts that are famous all over the country and abroad. The historical records still show that before the arrival of Vietnamese people, the Cham people worshiped their gods in caves and shrines. The migration of Vietnamese people to this region brought Buddhist culture and beliefs, created more temples and pagodas, making this place very diverse and harmonious in identity. Book a hotel right in Ngu Hanh Son district for easy access to this landscape.

4. Ba Na Hill

Far from the city center, about 40 km to the southwest. It’s a must in you Vietnam tours Danang list. Because the scenery is quite natural. Especially the weather in this area is very pleasant due to the high terrain (1487m above sea level). Come here visitors will have the feeling of four seasons in a day. It’s very suitable for leisure activities. Inside Danang resort there are many entertainment venues. Because the road is beautiful but quite long. In addition, there are many dangerous bends, so be careful when traveling by motorbike. Now coming to Ba Na is more convenience because there is a bus with a fare of 136 000 VND per person for both return and return.

5. Bridge turning Han River

This is a symbol and pride for the people of Da Nang city. Every night when the night falls, the bridge is colorful and shimmering on the calm river. Every year, at this location, Danang will host an international cultural tourism event: the Firework Festival, which will take place on April 29-30. This is a very special occasion for Da Nang tourism when attracting a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to visit this beautiful city as well as admire the very special themed firework displays. Da Nang city during that time was extremely bustling and vibrant.

6. Danang Dragon Bridge

Although not famous as Ba Na Hill, Ngu Hanh Son or Han River Bridge. But Cau Rong is still considered a unique bridge in this beautiful city. Dragon Bridge is considered the heaviest bridge in Vietnam with a strong dome structure, the bridge is specially designed to use a combination of 5 steel pipes to decorate dragon scales. The bridge is also built quite elaborately when equipped with a lighting system consisting of a total of 15,000 LED bulbs.

The most attractive thing in Dragon Bridge is the ability to spray both water and fire. However, the bridge only serves sprinkler screens, spraying fire on weekends, Saturday nights with Sundays or major holidays of the year. The time of spraying is 21 pm, then it will be a spraying screen; in which the number of fire sprays was 9 times, each time lasted 2 minutes, while water spraying was only 3 times but there was a longer time than 3 minutes / time.

7. Bridge of Love

This is a bridge simulating the famous love bridges in France and European countries. The bridge is located on Tran Hung Dao Street, near the top of the Dragon Bridge and the dragon carp statue. This place is free for visitors to visit. The bridge has an arc shaped about 70 m long, 6 m wide, facing the middle of the river and has plenty of space to see the beauty of the Han river banks.

8. Sky 36

Sky36 is located on the 36th floor and the house number 36. From skybar is the highest floor of Novotel Danang hotel, you can see the whole city, there are rivers, mountains, There is a sea, and the city’s neon lights are bright at night. If you come to Da Nang, you definitely have to experience this city view from above.

Discover Son Tra Monkey Mountain

Son Tra Monkey Mountain and wildlife will pleasure your natural love with wildlife Red-shanked Douc Langurs, Son Tra Peninsula will take you to the eco atmosphere. With 1-day trip, it takes you to trek this Monkey Mountain forest just far from Da Nang City centre 10km to explore the important biodiversity center of Indochina.
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What to Eat?

The foods of Da Nang is not one for the record books, however, it nevertheless has numerous gemstone in case you know where to look. That is where Da Nang Food Tour or Fantastic Da Nang Food Tour come in. This tour particularly gets high marks. They aim a max of four to six individuals. And a restaurant list that changes depending upon the mood and personal preferences of the guide and guests. If you’re dedicated to do it yourself food discovery, then the author Summer Le has a 10 dish guide  for local Vietnamese food at the city. She will show you everything you should know about the dishes, how to eat them plus Vietnamese food culture and local history in general.

1. Salad of Nam O fish

This is a famous specialty only in Nam O village when traveling to Da Nang. This dish is mainly delicious in fish meat that is caught directly from the sea, so it is very sweet and fresh, through the careful processing, the more special flavor, strange mouth but not fishy at all. Nam O fish salad is the best if processed from herring.

2. Da Nang chicken rice

Since long, chicken rice has become a typical dish in Da Nang. Specially fried chicken pieces with a bit of spicy chilli sauce and hot soft rice, when eaten with kimchi or cucumber has its own taste. Specially create special attraction for chicken rice dish.

3. Bun cha with fish

Maybe a lot of people have eaten vermicelli and fish. But if you want to try a special flavor, do not ignore this dish in Da Nang. The scent is sweet and sweet broth, rich from fruits and vegetables, adds a little sweetness to the pilgrimage and the spicy taste of chili, making a delicious one of the special food in Da Nang.

4. Pancakes

As a folk dish and appeared in many street food lists, banh xeo became familiar with many people. Pancakes are wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper, served with raw vegetables and dotted with sweet and sour fish sauce, eaten in a crispy crust of the crust and greasy bean sprouts of meat and shrimp.

When is the best time to visit Da Nang?

The best time to travel to Da Nang is since March to September. Daytime temperature reaches 26-29 degrees Celsius with a strong ocean breeze, however, sometimes it is cool at night from 18 to 23 degree. As a result, visitor should wear a light sweater.

Lying in central Vietnam, Da Nang encounters a tropics monsoon climate. Summer time June to August have temperatures that are higher. Winter season is from November to February and the temperature is cold from 10 -18 degree. Additionally, ensures you miss the peak domestic travel months of May to August, which attracts significant audiences.

Which Beach is Best?

Mother nature graces Da Nang with several beaches of varying popularity. While all generally face East (meaning sunrise rather than sunset views). Nearby are accommodation, crowds and general beach vibes do vary considerably. The Da Nang Experience has the best comprehensive beach guide to the region here. For what it’s worth, we find the private resorts of Non Nuoc Beach offer the ideal quiet paradise.

Tour Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills

Escape on Ba Na hills tour from Da Nang city and spend the Afternoon on the beautiful Ba Na Hills. Marvel in the superb architecture of the Linh Ung Pagoda. The most interesting must see is Golden Bridge.
Traveller's Choice

Da Nang tours recommendations

In case you are searching for a day visit to the Marble Mountains, or require a break from the beach for almost any other reason. Looking Jeep Tours is also a should try tour in Da Nang. Run by Jeremy, an American veteran, and local Vietnamese, Tam, the extremely customizable tours are well worth the purchase price. Bring sunscreen and as the jeeps are topless.

A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site My Son is a comparatively easy one hour drive out of Da Nang. The site, though smaller compared to the renowned ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, is older. Only 45 minutes away, Hoi An is an easy day trip. In fairness, it respects a few days of exploration by itself. And Hoi An has lots of riverside accommodations that get rid of the need to commute from Da Nang. Some tour companies will arrange pick up for travelers staying in Da Nang who go on several trips around Hoi An and Vietnam with them.

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