Da lat Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to Da Lat

Dalat is a famous tourist city. It is known as the Spring or Flower City of the country. The rich climate, abundant natural resources and humanity help the city attract millions of visitors every year. After a quiet period of the 1980s, Da Lat tourism has changed dramatically in recent years.

As a Little Paris, the dreamed and poetic Da Lat thanks to the cold plateau at night. It is amazing in the early morning for foggy and the pine forests surrounding the city. Tourism is a strength but also factors that change Da Lat in the direction of urbanization.

How Da Lat Is Unique?

With an altitude of 1500m above sea level, the weather is cool, pleasant, “city of flowers” is the most ideal resort for all types of tourists who need to book a hotel in Dalat. . The interesting “nothing” of the beautiful city can be mentioned as: no traffic lights, no police on the traffic junctions, no cyclo carrying tourists, no Air conditioning, not staying up late.

Dalat is also famous for villas in different styles as well as history. Should have a visiting to discover its beauties and unique. They are Dinh I, Dinh II, Dinh III (Bao Dai villa), Tran Le Xuan, Crazy House, etc

Furthermore, with French architecture still remains here, visitor can see and visit at Cao Dang Su Pham University, Dalat train station

For harmony to the nature and blooming flowers visitor can reach Central Flower Garden, Love Valley, Mong Mo Hill, Cau Dat Tea Plantation Hill, Cu Lan village, famous villages like Van Thanh, Ha Dong, huge Pumpkin garden. In addition, visitor can join to farms where grow organic vegetables, tomato to experience. And many other fields, special flower garden to pleasure visitor who love flower.

Top Things To Do In Da Lat

In fact Dalat city is a beautiful destination in the highland. There are a lot of sightseeings to discover. Here are some suggestions to discover. It depends on the time visitors have in Dalat to get more exploration. Your Da Lat tours should bee visit all of the most beautiful spot as below.

1. Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake was originally a valley with streams flowing through Cam Ly, where gathering of Lach people early. In 1919, from the initiative of the public servant Cunhac, Labbé’s public servants took steps to prevent the stream from becoming a lake. In 1923, the contemporary authorities built a dam underneath which formed two lakes. But in March 1932, a major storm broke both dams. From 1934 – 1935, Engineer Tran Dang Khoa designed, built a large stone dam: it is the bridge today. The French name is Grand Lac (Great Lakes)

2. Than Tho Lake

Than Tho Lake is located about 6km east of Da Lat city center, along Quang Trung – Ho Xuan Huong road.

It is on a high hill amidst a tranquil pine forest. Scenery around the lake so poetic, water surface is always calm calm pond. Pine in Than Tho Lake seems to be more beautiful than other places because of the thinning, higher than the sun should shine down on the beautiful grass.

3. Tuyen Lam Lake

From a wilderness valley at an altitude of over 1,000m above sea level, Tuyen Lam Lake has been transformed into an ideal resort of highland. The lake is located 5km from Dalat, nestled between the vast pine forest and the legendary purple stream. Dry season in this area lasts 6 months, not a raindrop, but the lake is full of water. The lake is blue all year round, rarely with big waves. The pine forests cover the mountains, the hills around it, stretching out to thousands of eyes. All make natural quiet, peaceful and poetic painting.

4. Cam Ly Waterfall

Cam Ly waterfall is about 10m high, although not high, but the water flow is strong and not less gentle. This is the waterfall that goes into many poems and songs. Waterfalls are one of the indispensable symbols of the fog-like city of Ho Xuan Huong or Than Tho Lake. Sadly, Cam Ly waterfall is heavily polluted by waste from upstream. Many visitors witnessed extremely regret, hoping that one day to see the Cam Ly waterfall, as pure as ancient.

5. Hang Cop Waterfall (Tiger Cave Waterfall)

Note: High risk falls.

Tiger Cave is located 15 km east of Da Lat city, in Tuy Son hamlet, Xuan Tho commune. The waterfall is located in the middle of pine forest with the area of 308 ha, the height of the waterfall is about 50 m, longer than 500 m, on the road from Da Lat to Dran (Don Duong). Tiger Cave has many other names such as Ong Eagle, Thuan Waterfall, Da Sar waterfall, Thien Thai waterfall, Long …

6. Prenn Waterfall

The name Prenn is reminiscent of a period in the 15th and 17th centuries. From Ho Chi Minh City, follow the road 20 to Dalat through the Prenn Pass 10 km long. At the foot of the pass, go about 100m visitors will enjoy the softness and grace of a curtain light water from 10m high to a small valley, surrounded by flowers and pine trees.

Especially with the cable car system, you can across the falls in the feeling of adventure, as if thinking into the realms of the fairy.

7. Elephant Waterfall

Elephant waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls of the Central Highlands. It has a height of over 30m, 15m wide, 25km far from Dalat city to the southwest.

8. Damri Waterfall

Dambri waterfall is about 60m high. Rainy season, the upstream water rumbling to roaring, a few kilometers away hear the sound. Around the waterfall is a forest almost still retain intact beauty wild uncovered with an area of nearly 300ha with enough birds. Many ancient trees such as stars, vultures, so many original … to a few three arms embrace is also here.

9. Pongour Waterfall

Pongour waterfall in Duc Trong district, about 20km far from the district center and 50km far from the center of Da Lat city. On Highway 20 Dalat – Sai Gon, go to Trung village (on the Chai mountain side) turn right to go a long way of land 8 km you will reach the Pongour waterfall that locals call Bay Waterfall or Thien Thai.

10. Dantala Waterfall

The center of Da Lat 5km, located between the Prenn Pass. It is from National Highway 20, turn down 300 meters to a small valley, you will meet Datanla waterfall with attractive and bold wild.

11. Da Lat Cathedral (Con Ga Church)

The cathedral is located on Tran Phu Street, which is designed in the style of Roman Catholic churches in Europe, typical of the Roman school. The cross-shaped church (like cross) is 65m long, 14m wide, 47m high bell tower. At that height, from the bell tower, you can see the whole city. The church door leads to Langbiang Mountain.

12. Domaine De Marie Church (Mai Anh)

Domaine de Marie Church is also known as the Church of the Son of God (because of the chapel of the soeurs of the Charity of the Charity of Charity). Mai Anh Church (because the area previously had many cherry blossoms). This is an architectural complex consisting of the chapel and the two rows of Bon Son Thanh Loi St. Vincent Son Monastery. It has a total area of 12 hectares located on Ngo Quyen Street, about 1 km southwest of Da Lat City Center.

13. Cam Ly Church

Cam Ly Church (Cam Ly is the name of a waterfall in Da Lat) or Son Tra church is a church of the Catholic Church of Vietnam in Da Lat city, Lam Dong. The church serves primarily for ethnic minorities. It’s built by the priest Boutary, a Frenchman, with many ethnic minorities and contractor Nguyen Thanh Ho. The church was built for six years from 1960 to 1968.

The architecture is stylized from the traditional roof of the Tay Nguyen ethnic minority, and is expressed in the spirit of the rustic school of architecture. There is a harmonious combination between western architecture and ethnic traditions.

14. Pagodas In Da Lat

Visitors often know the city of Dalat with the romantic pine trees, many strange flowers, lakes that do not know that the city of fog also owns many beautiful ancient temples and pagodas.

Here are famous pagoda which visitors should visit once to Dalat. Dalat Truc Lam Buddhist Monastery, Van Hanh Zen Monastery, Linh An pagoda, Thien Vuong Co Sat pagoda (China pagoda style), Linh Phong, Linh Quang, Linh Son, Linh Phuoc, Linh Quy Phap An

15. Da Lat Market

Dalat Market is a commercial center of Dalat city located on the main street of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street and is considered “the heart of Da Lat city”. Not only a market with shopping activities, markets are also attracting visitors to the city of Dalat. In 2011, Da Lat Market was newly built and expected to be completed in 2018-2019.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Dalat?

In fact, Da Lat every season has its own beauty. You can come to discover Da Lat any season that best suits your conditions. Da Lat will be different at different times in the year.

Da Lat has 2 main seasons: dry season and rain season. The wet season is from April to October. Dry season is from November to March so it is the best time to visit Dalat. It is dry and very comfortable, so that the travelers can totally relax with the clean environment here and visit many fascinating natural destinations.

Moreover, this is the season of flowers in Da Lat when colorful flowers are bloomed brilliantly everywhere. There is an annual flower festival in January in Da Lat, when many unique types of flowers from the city and other areas in Vietnam are exhibited.

How To Go To Da Lat?

Due to the topographic features, Da Lat traffic only includes roads, railways and airlines. However, only road and air traffic is really active now. The most important route connecting Dalat with other cities is National Highway 20.

+ By plane

Lien Khuong Airport, 28 km south of Dalat city center, next to National Highway 20, it is in Lien Nghia Town, Duc Trong District. All three airlines in Vietnam have direct flights to here, depending on the time of year you can invest time to hunt cheap tickets to Dalat.

You can fly to Dalat from Hanoi, Sai Gon, Da Nang, Vinh and Hai Phong. Airlines will have the corresponding flight routes (Hanoi and Saigon, which also have), you can check directly on the ticket website of the airline.

+ By motorbike

From Ho Chi Minh City visitor can go to Dau Giay crossroads (Dong Nai) and then turn to Highway 20 to Dalat. This distance is about 300km from the center of Ho Chi Minh.

Traveler can fly to Cam Ranh from Hanoi and back to Nha Trang. And then go ahead to Dalat. Passing the spectacular Omega Pass, one of the beautiful roads connecting Da Lat plateau and coastal city of Nha Trang

+ By car/open bus

From Sai Gon daily there are many high quality passenger trains to Dalat. Since the 20th national highway was upgraded, the time to move to Da Lat was reduced to about 5-6hours.

Transportation Around Dalat


Taking Xuan Huong Lake as a heart, the tourist spots in Dalat are quite close. The most suitable means to discover Dalat is the motorbike. The motorbike will be more flexible in moving to smaller locations where the taxis come in unsuitable. Also it is suitable to wander the flower and have economic benefits best for your trip

Double Bike

There are many bike rental locations around the Xuan Huong Lake area. With cool weather, the bike rental around the city is quite fun, but only for nearby places, walking around the lake. Bicycle vehicles are unlikely to move as well as steep.


This is a suitable vehicle for elderly families and children who are traveling by motorbike or bicycle. When you come to Da Lat, you can get a phone number and rent a fixed one.

Some taxi companies in Da Lat

  • Da Lat: 0263 3666888 – 0263 3556655
  • Mai Linh: 0263 38383838
  • Lado: 0263 3666777
  • Thanh Buoi: 0263 3837838
  • Dalat Toserco: 0263 3830830
  • Anh Dao: 0263 3570570
  • Thang Loi: 0263 3835835
  • Red Star: 0263 3959595

Accommodation In Da Lat

As one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam, Da Lat is also one of the most well-equipped accommodation facilities for visitors. The whole city of Dalat has thousands of places for visitors to choose from high-end resorts, budget hotels and homestay to personalized youths.

If you are a holiday lover, you can choose resorts or villas far from the center, which are usually quiet and suitable for those who do not like the noise. In contrast, if not too fussy and just a suitable accommodation, most of the hotel accommodation in Dalat can meet your requirements.

If you come to Dalat on the occasion of the Hung King, April 30 or every summer, you will often encounter room fire. That is why you should book your hotel room in Dalat. If you are used to book online, you should reserve even months to avoid getting back to the hotel.

  • Luxury hotel: Muong Thanh Holiday Dalat, Ana Mandara Dalat resort, Dalat Palace Heritage, Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa, etc
  • Deluxe hotel: TTC Ngoc Lan hotel, Saigon Dalat, Binh An village Dalat, Swiss-BelResort Tuyen Lam Dalat
  • Superior hotel: Trung Cang hotel, Ngoc Phat hotel, Du Parc hotel Dalat, etc

And a lot of budget and homestay in Da Lat city centre as well as surrounding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dalat Tourism:

Da Lat tourism season is the most beautiful?

Going to Dalat is beautiful every season, each season will have an interesting unique feature such as spring with cherry apricot blossom, summer with purple phoenix flowers, autumn with falling maple leaves, etc.

Which tourist destinations do not charge in Da Lat?

There are no beautiful tourist attractions in Da Lat such as Lam Vien square, train station, Xuan Huong lake, Tuyen Lam lake, etc.

Is the road to a lonely pine difficult to walk?

The road to the pine tree is quite high and difficult to walk, especially when it rains. You should not ride low-powered scooters when coming here.

What gardens does Dalat have?

Hydrangeas garden, Rape flower garden, lavender garden, lavender garden. Some flower gardens are seasonal, such as triangles and sunflowers.

How to go to Dalat by motorbike?

Roads to motorbikes to Dalat from Saigon are very few police officers, if any, are often encountered in Dong Nai territory.

Does Dalat have a bus?

Da Lat has 5 bus routes operating in the city area and 8 buses going to nearby stories in the area of ​​Lam Dong province.

Where to rent a motorbike in Dalat?

Most motels, hotels, homestays in Dalat have motorbike rental. Or you can rent a motorbike at the shops around Dalat market area

What to eat in Dalat?

Dalat has a lot of attractive delicacies such as beef tripe hotpot, chicken leaf hotpot, shredded bread, grilled rice paper, butter cream, strawberry shakes, baked goods

All above of Da Lat travel guide from A to Z provided by Origin Vietnam will be like a companion accompanying you on every journey of conquering, exploring dreamy trip to Dalat, a land of blooming flowers city in Vietnam.

The Best 4 days in Da Lat Itinerary

  • Experience Truc Lam Zen Monastery with amazing scenery of Dalat city
  • Admire the beauty of the old French architecture at Dalat Railway Station
  • Have chance to admire the admirable architecture of Linh Phuoc Pagoda, built from debris of glass, pottery and porcelain, and the unique Guan Yin statue by immortal flowers of Vietnam.
  • Enjoy the wonderful of different flowers in the city
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