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All things need to know before travelling to Cao Bang

If you are a discoverer, you definitely cannot ignore the “Green Jewel” in the Northeast of Vietnam. It’s Cao Bang. Please prepare immediately for the journey to the mountains of Cao Bang travel experience that Origin Vietnam will share now.

Situated in the Northeastern of Vietnam. Sharing border with, Bac Kan, Lang Son & China. It’s about 218 km from Hanoi City. Cao Bang’s topography is among the most complex within the country that’s transportation is restricted. So the local people here mostly using motorbikes move from one place to another to save energy.

How Cao Bang is unique?

While talking to Cao Bang province all people will think it’s famous with Ban Gioc waterfall. But not only with Ban Gioc but Cao Bang province also famous for it’s history. Because the Uncle Ho. The first president of Vietnam returned on December 1941 through China. Being located directly on the boundary with China supposed that Cao Bang was a zone of contention between the two countries. It also played a significant part in the movement, acting as a basis for the North Vietnamese revolutionaries and earning the nickname Cradle of the Revolutionary Movement.

What to do in Cao Bang?

For a time. Ho Chi Minh took refuge in Pac Bo cave. The region is starting to garner more attention from adventurous travelers seeking to get away from the overcrowded and above visited tourist locations and wanting to experience the rugged beauty of the frontier region. Due to its northern location, Cao Bang is cooler than the rest of Vietnam like Cham Island with an average temperature of 25-28 degrees in summer and 16-17 degrees in winter. A number of the peaks sometimes see snow in especially cold bouts. The cooler climes, rich forests and clean air makes Cao Bang a nature escape that leaves visitors feeling refreshed and filled with appreciation for the beauty of nature.

There are multiple places which contain war remnants about the Vietnam Revolution throughout the French colonial era namely the Lenin Stream, Coc Bo Cave, Pac Bo, and Khuoi Nam Stream at which Uncle Ho Chi Minh worked and lived before the beginning of August 1945. Like some other mountainous areas in Vietnam, Cao Bang has many cultural minorities like H’Mong, Tay, Dao, Nung, San Chay and 11 others cultural groups. The varied groups offer an exceptional culture in the province. Lots of traditional festivals from the cultural groups are celebrated. Join in on the festivals like the Long Tong Festival and Moi Me Trang.

Famous tourist destinations in Cao Bang

1. Ban Gioc Waterfall (about 90km from Cao Bang city)

Dubbed the fourth largest waterfall in the World among beautiful waterfalls located on the border between countries, this is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam and the most famous tourist attraction of Cao Bang. A place you can’t missed when visiting Cao Bang.

2. Nguom Ngao Cave (3km from Ban Gioc waterfall)

It’s only 3km fromBan Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang ‘s tourism experience of will reveal that you should experience Ngom Ngao cave once. In particular, for those who like to imagine, then animation will be an attractive destination. Because the cave is formed from long-standing stalactites with many special and different shapes, creating a unique overall that only Nguom Ngao cave has.

3. Le Nin Stream and Pac Bo Cave (about 55km from Cao Bang City)

Le-Nin stream, Pac Bo cave is a famous historical monument, where Uncle Ho chose to work and directly lead the Vietnamese revolutionary leadership after more than 30 years abroad. Le-Nin Stream and Pac Bo Cave are two places that are very familiar to every Vietnamese people from the time of schooling to school.

This place is also a beautiful landscape with lush mountains, cool streams, charming marine paint. Located in the middle of the jungle, the ruins have a cool, windy atmosphere…

4. Thang Hen Lake

Thang Hen is the largest freshwater lake among 36 freshwater lakes in Tra Linh district. Although they are separated in many small lakes. But it’s connected by underground caves. It’s the best time for the view in Thang Hen lake is sunrise & sunset. When the sun is just behind the mountain range is the best time to be immersed in the fairy scene here.

Cao Bang specialties

1. Ants egg cakes

Referring to Cao Bang specialties. It is necessary to mention ant egg cakes. Every April, May every year, Tay people in Cao Bang province go to the forest together to find the black ant eggs to make cake. Ant Egg cake (Tay language called pieng ron) are made from sticky rice, ant eggs and young leaves of fig trees. Black ant eggs in Cao Bang forest are very thin, fat and high in protein.

2. Da Hien vegetables

It’s also known as Bo Khai vegetables, Tay – Nung language are called Phjac Dien, often growing wild in the rocky areas. This is a very crunchy, easily broken tree. The constitution became a special vegetable of Cao Bang. In the spring and summer season, in the town areas as well as elsewhere. There is almost no party without stir-fried vegetables with beef, pork …

3. Khao cake

If Thai Binh is known for Cay cakes, Thanh Hoa is famous for its green tea cake. But Khao cake is specialties of Cao Bang. With baking ingredients from glutinous rice flour combined with fatty, peanut or sesame meat as a filling, the pastry has a delicious smell, the cake is known as a rustic dish but contains a power.

4. Cao Bang sticky rice

You can only find a good filling in the northern mountainous areas of our country. Therefore, when traveling in Cao Bang, the dish that needs to be tested is dishes made from filling, in which the most delicious is sticky rice. When the weather reached autumn, relatives of Tay and Nung ethnic groups in the Northeast went to the forest to collect fillings. In autumn, going to the villages of the compatriots will have the opportunity to enjoy the sticky sticky rice dish (which is the same brand).

How to get to Cao bang province?

From Hanoi:There are 3 bus stations the local bus go there daily.

  • My Dinh bus station
  • Gia Lam Bus Station
  • Southern bus station

It’s great for

  • Trekking lover, couple, so lo traveller
  • Recommend to do private tour that visitor will get useful information about this area. Also the local people daily life. It’s great to do trip combination with Ba Be National Park. Trip duration can take 4 days/3 nights from Hanoi.

Hopefully, Cao Bang’s travel guide has provided enough information for the journey to experience the beautiful land of your northern mountains. Cao Bang tourism will certainly not disappoint visitor.

Private Ban Gioc Waterfall tour Package

Where you have chance to visit the many magnificent Ban Gioc Waterfall in Vietnam. You’ll be travelling throughout remote areas in the northern of Vietnam, brushing across the Chinese border and stay with local families in discover about the distinctive cultures and traditions life of Tay ethnic minority.
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All Things you will need to know before travelling to Cao Bang

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