Binh Thuan Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to Binh Thuan

You are thinking about travel to Binh Thuan. But do not know where to go? Check out the following article immediately to get the most comprehensive travel experience that Origin Travel team shares and don’t forget to book tour & hotel here.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Binh Thuan?

You can come to Binh Thuan any season of the year. The climate here is divided into two distinct seasons: Rainy and dry seasons. Depending on the schedule, please choose the best time as below:

  • From April to May: This is the hottest weather, suitable for swimming.
  • From June, July and August in Binh Thuan with heavy rain, seaweed appears to make the water turbid. If you want to go swimming, then avoid this at this time.
  • From September to December is the best ideal time of the year to travel to Binh Thuan. According to the Binh Thuan travel experience of our team. This is the perfect time for your Vietnam beach vacation.

How To Go To Binh Thuan?

From Hanoi


This is the most convenient transfer to Phan Thiet for tourists from Hanoi: Departing from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Then Phan Thiet by bus or train. Another way is to fly from Hanoi to Nha Trang, then continue to Phan Thiet.


From Hanoi train station you can take trains like: SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7, TN1, SPT1, PT3 trains all run through Binh Thuan.

Passenger bus:

  • Hoang Long bus: Address 7 lane 155 Cau Giay, Hanoi, tel: 046 672 6080, ticket price 860,000 VND.
  • Mai Linh Express: Depart at the Nuoc Ngam bus station, call center: 043 633 6699 (in Hanoi ), 062 3823 222 (in Phan Thiet).

From Ho Chi Minh City


From both ends of the country you fly to Cam Ranh airport – Nha Trang. Then take a bus to Phan Thiet. The bus here is continuous operation, with a large number of you can be assured.


Normal trains cost VND 110,000 / ticket or more, symbol SPT (go in the morning) or PT4 (go to the weekend evening.

Passenger bus:

Starting at 5:00 at Eastern bus or De Tham street, District 1. Ticket price ranges from 90,000 – 130,000 VND depending on the firm.

  • Kumho Samco Express: Depart at Eastern Bus Station, tel: 083 5112112, fare 120,000 VND / one way
  • Mai Linh Express Bus: Departing at the East Bus Station and Le Hong Phong Bus Station, tel: 083 9393939 (in Ho Chi Minh City), 062 3823 222 (in Phan Thiet), ticket price is 120,000 VND.
  • Phuong Trang bus: Depart at 274-276 De Tham, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, tel: 062 3636 636, ticket price is VND 120,000.

Sightseeing In Binh Thuan

1. Cu Lao Cau

Cu Lao Cau is an emerging “paradise” that is causing a fever recently for all tourist enthusiasts. Wild, mysterious, interesting the impressive points that Cu Lao Cau brings to those who have set foot here. Cu Lao Cau is suitable for those who love to explore the beauty of the sea. Especially love the feeling of adventure.

2. Phu Quy Island

Phu Quy is blessed with not only natural resources. But also beautiful landscapes. Your first impression when come here is the very pristine scenery. Especially almost no touch of professional travel services. Phu Quy Island owns clear beaches, long smooth sandy beaches and many beautiful color coral reefs.

3. Co Thach Sea

Co Thach Beach is a rock and sand complex with rocky beaches of many small, round, flat and colorful stones. That is why local people call it seven-color stone. Seven-color stone beach is the most attractive point of Co Thach. Also it is one of the unique landscapes of Vietnam.

4. Ke Ga Cape

With blue sea, fresh air, nostalgic lighthouse, golden rock beach exposed to sunshine and fresh breeze, the tranquility of Ke Ga cape Binh Thuan will surely help you forget all tiredness and sadness in Daily life. When the tide recedes, Ke Ga cape acts as a part of the land when revealing a strip of sand connecting the two parts.

5. Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Mui Ne sand dunes are also known as sand dunes in Mui Ne. Red sand dunes, white sand dunes in Mui Ne … This is considered a unique sand hill in Vietnam. It’s originating from ancient iron mines. hundreds of years of creation. This place is called the sand hill because the shape of the sand hill changes hourly, day by day, month by month … there is no certain shape. The change in the shape of sand dunes is caused by wind erosion and blowing away the fragile sand above.

6. Ta Cu Mountain

Ta Cu mountain is now a place to attract a lot of tourists come here to explore. Specially participate in recreational games and Buddhist pilgrimage. If you have the opportunity to come to the beloved city of Phan Thiet.

7. Fishing Village In Mui Ne

Another place that tourists cannot miss when coming here is the fishing village in Mui Ne. Not only is the place where tourists can buy fresh and cheap seafood. But you can also learn about the life of the people in the sea and admire the unique natural scenery in the coastal areas.

8. Poshanu Tower

Traveling to Phan Thiet, there is a place with a special and special Cham ethnic culture. That visitors cannot ignore which is Poshanu tower. Poshanu Cham Tower is an architectural work of the Champa Kingdom with the value of art, history, culture, and architecture. So it has gradually become an attractive tourist attraction for visitors to Phan Thiet city.

9. Fairy Spring Mui Ne

Fairy Spring Mui Ne is one of the famous landscapes in Phan Thiet city. It’s bringing a beautiful scenery with natural, majestic and fancy beauty with silt-colored water, winding around the horned mountains stunned two white red.

10. Sand Statue Park

Appearing for the first time in the World. Vietnam opens the monumental Forgotten Land Sand Park with a large scale. Promising to be an extremely attractive Phan Thiet tourist destination with unique artworks. Sand Statue Park will be a favorite stop for all visitors, especially young people.

11. Doi Duong Park

Duong Phan Phan Thiet Park is a beach located in the heart of the coastal city, attracting tourists by white sand mixed with low hills, gradually overlooking the sea. With the characteristics of shallow beach, soft sand, soft waves, clear blue water. You will be really impressed and fascinated when you come to the beautiful coastal city.

12. Lady Waterfall (Thac Ba)

Lady Waterfall is located in Duc Thuan commune, Tanh Linh district, Binh Thuan province. It’s about 140km from Saigon. This place is located in Ong Mountain Nature Reserve so it still retains a strange pristine scenery. Lady Waterfall has 9 floors, each floor is 15 – 25m high, panoramic view of Thac Ba Binh Thuan looks like a soft white silk strip flowing between majestic mountains.

Binh Thuan Specialities

1. Can Cake

The best place to eat Can cake when coming to Phan Thiet is at 168, Thu Khoa Huan, Phan Thiet City. The shop is open from 4 pm to 10 pm. Most tourists come here to try and appreciate it.

2. Seafood Salad

Phan Thiet is known as a land of sunshine and wind, along with delicious, nutritious fresh seafood. Visitors come here do not forget to enjoy this seafood salad!

3. Banh Canh

Come to Phan Thiet to enjoy a simple nutritious soup served with bread and dipping sauce with delicious boiled eggs. Especially, Binh Thuan rice cake is not sticky like Banh Canh in other places. The special point is that delicious broth is added to the available fish such as fish, bream, mackerel, orange fish … All combine to create a delicious soup of Binh Thuan specialties.

The above is detailed of all things need to know before travel to Binh Thuan that Origin Vietnam would like to share with you. Hopefully the above information will be a useful for your beach tours Vietnam in Binh Thuan.

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