Bac Lieu Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to Bac Lieu

Bac Lieu tourism in every season is beautiful, also suitable to explore. Each season brings a unique beauty. Referring to Bac Lieu, people think of the windy garden orchards, relics, tourist attractions for young people…

How Travel To Bac Lieu Is Unique?

Referring to Bac Lieu, people immediately think of the homeland of Prince Bac Lieu – a famous dude who plays for a while. In addition, Bac Lieu is also the homeland of the late musician Cao Van Lau who composed the famous “Da Co Hoai Lang” tune.

Arriving in Bac Lieu, visitors not only visit Bac Lieu’s house. But also have the opportunity to enjoy the song of “Da Co Hoai Lang” song by the garden artists. charming river and enjoy many famous specialties here.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Bac Lieu?

Bringing in the boldness of Southern weather with two rainy and sunny seasons, sudden rains come and suddenly stopped. In Bac Lieu, each season brings its own beauty. But in order to combine tourism and cultural tourism. You should come here during the festive season of the Khmer in October every year. Ok Om Bok is the biggest festival. This is also the best time for Bac Lieu tourism.

How To Go To Bac Lieu?

In order to answer the question to Bac Lieu. The information below will help you a lot. It’s far from the center of Ho Chi Minh is about 300km. So from Ho Chi Minh City to move to Bac Lieu, you can catch a bus with the price ranging from 200,000-250,000 VND / trip and take 5 hours. Some suggestions for coaches for you come from the city as follows:

  • Hoang Xuan Garage: In Tp. HCM, phone number: (08) 3833.7101 – (08) 3751.0281.
  • Phuong Trang Garage: In Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City phone number: (08) 38 309 309.
  • Mai Linh: In Ho Chi Minh City phone number: (08) 39 29 29 29
  • Hao garage: Running Ho Chi Minh City – Bac Lieu – Ho Phong, phone number: (08) 39552755.
  • Tuan Hung garage: Running TP. HCM – Can Tho – Ca Mau, phone number: (08)
  • Kim Yen garage: SĐT: (08) 6278.3225 – 6651.3115 or 0915.756.777 – 0913.783.862.

From the western provinces, especially Can Tho, you can catch a few bus routes above with a route. Ho Chi Minh-Can Tho-Bac Lieu to move to Bac Lieu. Such as Phuong Trang, Tuan Hung and Vu Linh cars … the travel time is about 4:30.

From the northern provinces you can take an airplane or train to Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho and continue your journey as mentioned above. Air ticket prices from Hanoi and Can Tho are relatively expensive, ranging from 1,500,000-3,000,000 VND / way with the starting point of Noi Bai airport to Can Tho airport.

Transportation Within The City.

Just like going to other provinces, traveling in Bac Lieu has 3 main forms: Motorbike, taxi and motorbike taxi.

With Taxi you should prioritize to choose the taxi of the company with a clear meter, should not catch a taxi though to avoid being priced. Phone numbers refer to Mai Linh Taxi: (0781) 6250666; Taxi Bac Lieu: (0781) 392292.

With motorbikes: this is a very popular vehicle in Bac Lieu . People with motorbike taxi drivers are mainly very warm and easy-going locals. If you need them willing to be reluctant guides and surely they are extremely helpful when you want to learn about Bac Lieu tourism.

Motorcycles rental: To make it easier to move in Bac Lieu , as well as to take the initiative, you should hire yourself motorbikes to explore freely. With a rent of only 50,000-80,000 VND / day, you can refer to the phone number: (0781): 3828494 or 0949 069 333, 0982 0981 99.

Where To Stay In Bac Lieu (Recommend Accommodation)?

Accommodation in Bac Lieu, the accommodation service has not really blossomed, hotels and motels are mostly in the affordable prices ranging from 200,000-800,000 VND / room. So if you want to stay here longer to discover more about the culture, the history of the bridge. Then you can rest assured because the cost of accommodation doesn’t cost you a lot of money. When they come here. They often rent rooms at the following main addresses: Dong Hai, Gia Rai, Hoa Binh, Hong Dan, Phuoc Long, Vinh Loi … in Bac Lieu province.

Bac Lieu Hotel: Located at 4-6 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 3, Bac Lieu with relatively large rooms and prices from only $ 21/room/night. Bac Lieu Hotel is about 100m from the city center. With a convenient location that visitors can easily access to the city’s attractions. Here the equipment is arranged extremely comfortably with air-conditioner, snack bar and it is a system of recreational facilities. Such as massage room, sauna. This is your first choice and your family when visiting Bac Lieu. It’s one destination could not skip on your Mekong delta tour Vietnam.

Tran Vinh Hotel: Located on the route 85-87 Hai Ba Trung Street, Bac Lieu near the city center, the price of rent from $ 29/room/night with 41 well-equipped rooms. Tran Vinh will bring you The most relaxing rest space. If you choose this place to stay in Bac Lieu, this hotel will help you easily make daily tour to the famous places to visit in Bac Lieu like the Bac Lieu Citadel (200m from the hotel)

Bac Lieu Specialties Cuisines

There is no denying how rich and diverse the cuisine in our country is. In every province, there are hundreds and dozens of different dishes. Delicious dishes in Bac Lieu are not missing. But to call them famous specialties. Please take a quick look through the list below.

Grilled Noodle & Spring Rolls In Bac Lieu.

This rustic dish is the first famous specialty that I want to introduce to you. This dish is so famous that almost every street in Bac Lieu sells this dish.

Noodle here really big and thick like noodles, people eat with grilled spring rolls, salty soy sauce. It’s cost about 30,000 VND, enjoy 1 bowl.

Bac Lieu Dry Noodles.

Everywhere, each region brings its own flavor. But the noodle soup in Bac Lieu is even more special. Whoever eats once will remember not to forget, enjoy once and want to eat again.

In fact, the processing of dry noodles is not difficult, raw materials are not special. But through the skillful hands of the local people become extremely attractive.

Noodle With Beef

Braised beef noodle soup is an attractive traditional specialty in Bac Lieu. This dish is the perfect choice for spicy believers. For those who do not eat spicy food, do not worry, just tell the owner 1 hour. That you will have a bowl of rice noodles suitable for your taste. Not only dry beef jerky but also a lot of dishes are sold in Bac Lieu.

Hotpot Sauce.

Referring to specialties in Bac Lieu. But omitting the sauce hotpot is a very big shortcoming. Listening to the name of hot sauce, many people will think this dish is very salty or cannot imagine the ingredients of the dish.

However, the hotpot is processed very well, enjoying hotpot sauce on healthy winter days, or at the end of autumn when the wind blows, nothing is equal. Sitting with friends around a delicious hotpot with eight stories together and enjoying highland specialties is nothing more.


Do not see this simple dish of pancakes everywhere also sold. But accidentally omitted a strong flavor, attractive here. Not only tourists but also locals are extremely fond of this dish. Pancakes use a lot of ingredients to make cakes. Such as cassava root, onion, shrimp, green beans …

Ba Khia: It is a special crab of Bac Lieu people in particular and people in the West in general. Ba Khia are processed into many different dishes. Such as Ba Khia of salt, Ba Khia mam, Ba Khia salad…

Each dish brings a unique flavor, attracting tourists from Bac Lieu to find out when traveling in this land.

Dam Cha La: Looking through this dish is no different from bugs, how deep it is, perhaps that is why this dish is always picky. People catch the worms from the big stems, then process into many different dishes. Such as grilling, frying butter, …

If you have enough courage to try it once, it is really a dish Delicious and special.

Sightseeing In Bac Lieu

Bac Lieu, a rich silver sea and forested land, is sure to be a place to stop giving you many interesting and wonderful things. If you think that Bac Lieu has nothing special, nothing to do, visit … then it is a completely wrong judgment.

Bac Lieu Fan Field.

Fan field of Bac Lieu wind is called tourist for this place. In fact it is wind power plant in Bac Lieu. From the center of Bac Lieu city to come here, it takes about 2km, but at a distance of ten kilometers, visitors can see but the “iron fan” turns evenly on the clear blue sky, bringing a beautiful natural scenery.

This is one of the tourist attractions loved by young people when Bac Lieu tourism is a hot vacation spot and a romantic place to attract young people to Bac Lieu.

Bac Lieu Bird Garden.

From the center of Bac Lieu city, about 6km further to the sea, Hiep Thanh commune, visitors will admire the beauty of wild nature with the Bac Lieu Bird Garden in the middle of nature. This is the common house of dozens of waterbird species, including many species. Such as le le, stork, heron, cauldron, pile cuffs, black knuckles …

Especially during the period from May to October. Come here visitors will admire a large number of birds gather, nest. The most interesting thing when traveling to the Bird Garden is to stand on a tall tower, then look at the panorama below. A beautiful scene that is not everywhere you can see.

Ancient Longan Fruit Garden In Bac Lieu.

It’s one of the most attractive specialties in Bac Lieu. So it is very common for this place to have large longan gardens. However, the longan garden here has existed for hundreds of years, perhaps because of that, it is called the ancient longan garden.

Entering the garden, visitors will feel the glimpse of the label blending into the wind spreading the garden, feeling the cool air, green trees … Not only that, but you also enjoy the stages. Dan ca tai tu and enjoy home-grown specialties here. An experience that is hard to ignore right?

Bac Lieu Prince’s House

Bac Lieu Prince’s house is located at No. 13 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 3, Bac Lieu City. The house is characterized by classic French design, this is considered one of the most superficial houses in Nam Ky province in the early 20th century.

Visitors to Bac Lieu Prince’s house not only have opportunities to admire Unique architecture, important historical artifacts. But also heard about the life of the “playboy” in the West.

Nam Hai Buddha.

Nam Hai Buddha was built in 1973, this is considered the most outstanding cultural and spiritual architecture in Bac Lieu. Annual Point tourism attracts tourists in large numbers of visitor come to visit, admire. Also it is a pilgrimage to worship in Bac Lieu.

The attraction of this attraction is the 11m tall Buddha statue facing the Sea, as if protecting and blessing the fishermen in this area.

Bac Lieu Beaches.

Bac Lieu is known for 156km of coastline and many important estuaries.Such as Ganh Hao, Nha Mat, Cai Cung and Vinh Hau … It will be a huge burn if you ignore this stop.

Bac Lieu Sea is not like other places. This place is beautiful with houses on the sea, visitors come here can drop themselves in the clear blue water, enjoy the attractive seafood, enjoy the cool sea breeze and white sand beaches like Nha Trang, Vung Tau

General Note When Traveling In Bac Lieu

  • You may consider buying some specialties in Bac Lieu such as radish, dried shrimp, canned tubs at the central market of Bac Lieu or Tran Huynh market.
  • Dress in simple clothes like sweat-proof t-shirts, shorts.
  • If you go to visit the forest or the garden remember to bring mosquito medicine, insect repellent, sunscreen, hat
  • Do not forget to put in a medical bandage, wind oil in case of feeling sun or car sickness due to moving too much.

Above is the important information about Bac Lieu hope you also try to remember the information of Bac Lieu tourist experience 2019 to have a perfect trip. ORIGINVIETNAM.COM wishes you always have a lot of luck and Happy Travel on every road.

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