An Giang Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to An Giang

You may not know, Western Vietnam possesses peaceful scenery, gentle people with landscapes, natural and diverse products. Temporarily leaving tourist centers such as Hoi An – Da Nang, Vung Tau, Da Lat, Sapa, Nha Trang and Ha Long… Let join ORIGINVIETNAM.COM travel to the West of the country to discover the beauty here.

When Is The Best Time Travel To An Giang?

An Giang has a geographical location near the equator, so the climate here has similar features to the equatorial climate. Rainy season in An Giang lasts from May to November. So if you travel at this time, don’t forget to bring a raincoat.

The temperature here is quite stable, ranging from 26-28 ºC. Although any season of An Giang also possesses its own beauty. However, if you come here in April or August of the lunar month, you will be immersed in the two biggest festivals, which is the festival of Lady Princess of Sam Mountain ( April 23 – April 27 and cow racing festival (end of August).

How To Go To An Giang?

Roads to An Giang are quite convenient, so you can move here with different ways. If you come from Hanoi. You can book flights to Ho Chi Minh City and from here travel by car or motorbike to An Giang. You can travel by car by buying tickets at Ho Chi Minh City bus stations to Chau Doc town or Long Xuyen city with a ticket price of 150,000-300,000 VND.

For those who intend to travel by motorbike, you can move on the following two roads:

From Ho Chi Minh City go along National Highway 1A toward Tien Giang, passing My Thuan bridge along National Highway 80 to go to Sa Dec, continue through Vam Cong ferry to Long Xuyen city. Supply road to discover border areas: along National Road 62 toward Binh Hiep border gate, continuing to follow the border line toward Hong Ngu – Tan Chau will go to Chau Doc.

Sightseeing In An Giang Travel

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Is The Top List In An Giang Travel Guide

Tra Su Melaleuca forest is about 20 km south of Chau Doc City, covering about 850 ha. It’s a typical submerged forest for the west of the Hau River, with most of the trees here being 10-year-old melaleuca trees and various rare and precious plants and animals.

Tra Su forest will surely attract you in the immense green color of the melaleuca trees and the lake-covered lake. Turning a rowing boat through the forests. You will find yourself blended with nature with new experiences, opened your eyes with new and unique beauty of nature.

Long Xuyen Floating Market

Referring to Western tourism, everyone will immediately think about the image of floating markets. Long Xuyen floating market meets from around 5am until about 2 and 3pm daily. Every morning, there are hundreds of boats on the Hau River that gather close to the river to start buying and selling activities on the river with interesting interest.

The price of renting a boat to go around the floating market is quite cheap with a range of 200,000 VND / 2-way for 2 people for the exploration trip about 2 hours. Unlike other famous floating markets in Tien Giang or Can Tho. This floating market still maintains the lifestyle of a typical floating market in the West but has not too commercialized.

Bung Binh Thien

Coming to Bung Binh Thien is one of the largest freshwater lakes of the Southwest. It’s located near the Cambodia border, connecting with Binh Di River (An Phu, An Giang). Bung has a length of about 500 m, a width of 3,000 m, so the time for the passenger boat to visit a round is about 40 minutes with the price of 150,000 – 300,000 VND for a visit.

During the floating season, on the journey of floating on the river, you will also have the opportunity to participate in two activities where this is the fishing net and the collection of crazy flowers.

Vinh Te Mountain

Following An Giang travel guide Mount Vinh Te (Sam mountain), set by King Minh Mang to record the merits of Mr. Thoai Ngoc Hau, had the merit of digging Vinh Te canal. This mountain is far from the city center. Chau Doc is about 5km west along Highway 91.

On Vinh Te mountain there are many Poinciana and during summers time. You will have chance to see the whole mountain is dyed red. Located on Vinh Te Mountain to the north, Phuoc Dien Pagoda (Hang Pagoda) is an ancient temple.

In addition, the mountain is also the place where the Ba Chua Xu temple is recognized as a national historical relic and the mausoleum of Ong Thoai Ngoc Hau and Tay An pagoda.

Oc Eo Relic

Coming to Oc Eo relic area of Sap-Ba The mountain area, Thoai Son district, An Giang province. This ancient and most famous monument in An Giang attracts many collectors, archaeologists to study. Also attract a lots of visitors to study the relics and traces of a development period. brilliant of An Giang and Mekong Delta lands.

The site has an area of more than 4,500ha which contains vivid material evidence. Such as the re-emergence of a prosperous life, with the unique culture of the people here.

Sap Mountain Tourist Area

Mount Sap is located in Thoai Son district, An Giang province, about 26km from Long Xuyen city. In the past, Sap mountain was located on the green paddy fields, but over time, the mountain was transformed into colorful and mysterious shapes.

Tourists come here to enjoy boating to enjoy the majestic scenery of high mountains, deep caves, deep blue lakes with swarms of swimmers, extremely charming scenery.

Tuc Dup Relic Area

Tuc Dup in Khmer means “night water”, this place has a height of about 300m with a circumference of about 2,200m. It is associated with the milestones of the country’s resistance as a strong base of the An Giang army and people in the war against the US.

In the 1940s, Tuc Dup was the hideout of revolutionary soldiers. Then when the US military discovered that. This was the base of the revolution, the bombs destroyed the barbaric place.

Today, in Tuc Dup, there are four seasons in green and brilliant colors of flowers.The road to the hill is flat and beautiful. This is a famous sightseeing place for all visitors who wish to learn about the history of their home country when An Giang.

Chau Giang Brocade Weaving Village

Brocades or brocade costumes made in Chau Giang are symbols of Cham culture in the Mekong Delta region. It is meticulously made by skillful hands of charming Cham girls here.

Visiting brocade weaving village in Chau Giang. You will have the opportunity to buy unique and quality brocades to make gifts and watch the process of making an elaborate and meticulous brocade of Cham people.

Cam Mountain

Cam mountain tourist area is one of the places. That you should not ignore when coming to An Giang. Here possesses the population of scenic Thuy Liem lake and the relics of Big Buddha Pagoda, Van Linh Pagoda and Maitreya Buddha statue where people come to pray.

To enjoy the cool air and beautiful nature in Cam Mountain, you should take a cable car, VND 155,000 for a 2-way ticket.

Ta Pa Field

In An Giang as well as in the West. There is a rather special practice of rice cultivation, which is also considered a special cultural feature of the rice agriculture.

This practice means that whenever cultivating, people often gather together to do all the fields after another to create a strange beauty for the fields in Ta Pa.

Ta Pa field in Tri Ton district entered the floating season as a large carpet with green rice fields and rows of note. Looking from above, Ta Pa is like an immense green carpet, in the season of ripe rice, the yellow color is covered with a fluttering layer like the waves. That are scattered by the pitches of soaring pitches.

Chau Doc Floating Village

From Chau Doc town center, opposite Hau river. You will come to Chau Doc floating village. This is a raft farming area consisting of floating houses close to several kilometers.

Boats and boats are the main means of transportation for households living in this floating village. It is quite special that all the daily activities of all family members just surround and encapsulate on a 4m-wide, 7-8m-long raft. Previously, households here mainly farmed catfish. But now they have moved to many other fish with higher economic value.

An Giang Cuisine

Tri Ton Beef Porridge

Tri Ton beef porridge is the most famous beef porridge in the mountainous district of Tri Ton and An Giang. Local people said that they wanted to cook delicious Tri Ton beef porridge first to choose the local beef (farmed beef in the Bay Nui area). Especially the heart must be done thoroughly. Making beef porridge is a combination of rice, meat, tendons, marijuana and accompanying spices. That are onions, cilantro, chopped ginger and herbs such as omelets, coriander.

This porridge is the right way to eat and talk quietly, slowly enjoy. Its unique taste and also to have an appetite, not too fast.

Chau Doc Trumpet Noodle Soup

Vietnam is really a noodle country because it spreads along the country. Where there is also a famous noodle dish. And referring to vermicelli, you can’t go anywhere better than Chau Doc vermicelli. It’s one of the most specialty dish of the Southwest region.

A delicious bowl of vermicelli and vermicelli must always have toned snakehead fish, cleaned and then put in boiling water. The cooked fish will be picked out and then cooled, purged with meat, removed the bones. The taste of vermicelli is thought to be delicious, unique and unmistakable with other vermicelli dishes.

Tea Made From Thot Not

Coming to An Giang in particular and our Western region in general. You will be familiar with the image of jaggery growing everywhere. Therefore, it is not uncommon to utter a note to become a raw material for many dishes. Here in which the most special dish to mention is thot not tea.

The jaggery tea has a fleshy taste of coconut milk, which is better when eaten cold. Arriving in An Giang. It will be difficult for tourists to miss this Western dish.

Beef Ball Soup

The beef broth is one of the specialties that creates the culinary brand of western paint An Giang. Unlike jaggery tea, this dish is carefully prepared by the cook and the cooking method is quite meticulous. This soup cake is said to have a delicious and strange taste and reminds visitors whether they have left An Giang.

Beef (Bo Leo Nui)

The dish with this strange name is very attractive to visitors when visiting An Giang. This dish is attracted by the marinated way, processing has many differences compared to the normal grilled beef dish of Vietnamese people. The piece of beef, though left on the kitchen, will not be tough, but it will always be soft and very mouthful. Roasted meat will be wrapped with rice paper, raw vegetables, banana slices … dot with chao to create a perfect taste.

An Giang Snakehead Dry Fish

Copper snakehead fish is made from the spice-seasoned snakehead fish of the Western region including salt, sweet powder, pepper, dried fish is colored with chili pepper seeds pressed for water. Fish are marinated for about 30 minutes and then dried in the sun for 3 to 4 days.

Dried snakehead fish is not only delicious when frying up with white rice, but also making delicious delicious drinks. It can also be made into other special dishes. Such as mango salad, cucumber salad. Where are melancholy, papaya salad … This is really what you should buy as a gift for your relatives and friends after your trip to An Giang, down to the West to explore the river.

Rice And Ca Pua Of Cham People

The dish of Rice and Ca Pua is known as a special dish of Cham people in Chau Giang. These two dishes are always tied together so many people mistakenly believe this is the name of a dish, but in fact, two dishes are always used together.

The taste in rice dish when blended together is very harmonious and pleasant even though the dish processed with quite a lot of coconut milk but still not too sweet. Moreover, the fat taste of coconut has become a very specific feature of this dish. Tourists who come to An Giang but ignore this dish are really wasted. Because nowhere on our S-land can we find a better rice-noodle dish made by Cham people in Chau Giang.

Where To Stay In An Giang?

After year experiences in this area, we would like to recommend hotels as below.

Victoria Chau Doc Hotel

  • Address: No. 1 Le Loi, Chau Doc, An Giang
  • Standard: 4 stars

The hotel is located at a river junction, so it has a very poetic scene. Romantic bedrooms, fully equipped with facilities for the perfect vacation. In addition, the hotel also owns a mini bar, clean swimming pool. Luxury restaurant overlooking the river is very peaceful and romantic.

Located in the center of Chau Doc town, from here you can easily visit the famous tourist destinations around it.

Murray Guest House

  • Address: 11-15 Truong Dinh, Chau Doc, An Giang
  • Standard: 3 stars

Located in the center of Chau Doc town. This place is very convenient for tour and sightseeing of visitors. Receiving a lot of good feedback on service style, friendly and professional staff, Marray Guest House is also highly appreciated for the meticulousness in every detail, with a clean and modern facilities system. , serving all the needs of tourists when visiting here.

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

  • Address: Vinh Dong 1, Nui Sam, Chau Doc, An Giang
  • Standard: 4 stars

This is truly a paradise that brings the most perfect vacation for tourists when arriving in An Giang. Victoria Nui Sam Lodge offers a luxurious space, located at Sam Mountain, so visitors can have a sweeping view down. The rooms here are decorated in a elegant, elegant style, ensuring you perfect moments of relaxation with family and friends.

Although owning a beautiful view by the hotel located on the mountain, it may also be disadvantageous for you if in the evening, you want to walk around the street, buy gifts home. But the compensation will be the attitude of the staff professional, considerate and friendly, always try to help you have a smooth, fun trip.

Travel to An Giang if you do not know where to go, what to do or where to stay. Do not forget to consult the An Giang tourist destination above and enjoy your trip.

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