Van Phuc Silk Village


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Van Phuc Silk Village

Van Phuc silk village (also known as Ha Dong silk village) is one of the most beautiful and famous silk weaving villages in our country. With more than a thousand years of existence, Van Phuc silk captivates tourists both at home and abroad with unique embroidery patterns.

How Van Phuc Silk Village is unique?

Van Phuc village has nearly 800 households working in weaving, accounting for nearly 60% of the total number of households living here. Every year, the village produces about 2.5 to 3 million square meters of fabric, accounting for 63% of the total turnover of the craft village. Although there are now many kinds of silk imported from China, affecting the prestige and quality of Van Phuc silk. But the people here still keep and make great efforts to create these the best product and reaffirmed its position.

Van phuc silk
Photo by Dam Anh

Van Phuc silk is unique because the pattern on it is very diverse, carefully attentive by artisans, always decorated symmetrically with each other, the lines are not cumbersome, complicated but always create a sense of airiness, definitive. Therefore, Van Phuc silk has long been considered a representative of Vietnam originating abroad. And also chosen as a type for making court costumes, especially popular under the Nguyen Dynasty.

Currently, Van Phuc silk has about 70 kinds of silk, brocade, with different names such as flower ribbon, dragon phoenix, flying clouds, cinnamon, … Among the traditional silk, the most famous are Van silk, this type of silk has floating flowers, smooth shine on the surface of the silk, the sunken flowers can only be seen in the light. The special feature of Van silk in particular and Van Phuc silk, in general, is that the wearer will feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Top things to do?

First, as soon as you arrive at Van Phuc silk village, you will encounter a very large and beautiful village gate.

Right to the left of the gate of Van Phuc village, you will see the ancient Van Phuc pagoda, the bold northern pagoda with ancient banyan trees, lotus wells and the wooden bridge will surely give you a sense of relaxation.

About 20 meters further you will see a welcome sign with a shopping/sightseeing map. Since the Van Phuc craft village is not too big, for convenience, you can take your phone to capture the map. Here you should also park your car to go shopping.

Van phuc silk1
Photo by Dam Anh

Follow the directions to enter the “cultural tourist area and shopping”. Turning left to enter the cultural tourist site will be a welcome gate.

Going on is an exhibition/showcase of how to make silk appear right in front of you.

When you have finished the tour, you can go out to the market to check items and shop. Here silk items are sold in a wide range of colours, from children’s to adults. You will find what you need in Van Phuc, from a cute handkerchief to a trendy scarf.

Next, you go back to the welcome board and the original map. We will go deep inside. The roads in Van Phuc craft village are very clean and beautiful and very little trash.

Going on a distance of about 200 meters will be the “Van Phuc silk business centre”.

In the market, there are many stalls selling products made of silk for local also many Western customers.

After the sightseeing/shopping is finished, we turn out to meet the goodbye gate. “See you again”

How to get to Van Phuc silk village?

Van Phuc silk village (now Van Phuc Ward) is located in the heart of Ha Dong District. It’s only about 10km from the centre of Hanoi.

To go to Van Phuc silk village, you can choose to follow the extended Le Van Luong street or take Nguyen Trai street to Ha Dong post office. Then you turn right, you will not be difficult to recognize the gate of Van Phuc village.

What to eat?

After visiting Van Phuc silk village and famous landmarks in Hanoi, come to Ga Ngon restaurant for lunch and dinner. Ga Ngon Restaurant is considered a symbol of periodic cuisine, evaluated by the famous American Tourism magazine Triprow as a culinary address must come to eat once.

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