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Van Chan

Travel Van Chan – The place with poetic natural landscapes and breathtakingly beautiful terraced fields is the tourist destination in Vietnam. The journey to discover beautiful destinations in Van Chan, Yen Bai is an opportunity for visitors to admire the beautiful highland painting with many quality “virtual living” photography, trekking adventure locations.


1. Where is Van Chan?

Van Chan is a highland district in Yen Bai province, about 70 km southwest of Yen Bai city and about 190 km northwest of Hanoi capital. The North borders Tran Yen and Van Yen districts. The East and South border Phu Tho province (Thanh Son, Yen Lap, Ha Hoa districts). The West borders Nghia Lo town, Tram Tau district and Son La province (Phu Yen district); The Northwest borders Mu Cang Chai district. In particular, Van Chan district surrounds Nghia Lo town.

2. How is Van Chan unique?

Van Chan is located on the northeast slope of the Hoang Lien Son range. The terrain is complex, with many forests, mountains, caves, interlaced streams, and flat valleys. Average altitude above sea level is 400m.

The upper district has a part of the majestic Hoang Lien Son range extending northeast of Mu Cang Chai and nearly to Tu Le, forming the famous Khau Pha pass. The outer region has Lung Lo pass and Da Xo mountain range, with majestic passes, overlapping like dragons lying high in the sky; a vast sea of clouds with wind blowing. The cave system is a masterpiece of nature, with many stalactites, stalagmites, stalactites, stone borders, and stone flowers with beautiful and magical colors and shapes.


3. Which is the best season to visit Van Chan?

Van Chan is located in the tropical monsoon climate zone, average temperature 18 – 200C; The north of the district is a rainy sub-region; The south of the district is the rainiest area in the province.

Winter is cold, temperatures drop to -2 to -3oC. Rainfall is divided into two distinct seasons, from November to April of the following year is the low rainy season, from April to October each year is the heavy rainy season. Therefore, the ideal time to travel to Van Chan is from September to April next year. Then:

  • Spring is the season of blooming flowers, and the natural landscape seems to be wearing a new coat. You can also participate in traditional festivals here.
  • The period from March to May is the season when water pours into terraced fields to prepare for a new crop. The terraced fields sparkle with water like a giant mirror reflecting the romantic scenery of this majestic mountainous region.
  • Fall from August to October is the season of ripe rice. You will be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of nature here, when the terraced fields turn a shiny golden color.

4. How to get to Van Chan from Hanoi?

There are usually 02 routes departing from Hanoi. Route 01 for motorbikes in the direction of Lang – Hoa Lac, through Thang Long Avenue, Highway 21 Son Tay and then to Trung Ha bridge, in the direction from Tan Son (Phu Tho) through Yen Bai along Highway 32 to reach the center of Van Chan town.

The second route is for cars, from Hanoi you go to Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway, then exit at the intersection into Yen Bai city and go onto Hop Minh Van – Hop Minh My street and continue with Tran Phu Farm Road leads to the center of Van Chan town. With this highway, traveling to Van Chan – Yen Bai is no longer difficult for those who love the lands of the Northwest.

5. Sightseeing & things to do in Van Chan

5.5. Tu Le

Tu Le Terraced Field

Tu Le is a very famous tourist destination in Yen Bai, especially during the flood season and the annual rice harvest season. The commune is located in Van Chan district, located between 3 mountains Khau Song, Khau Than and Khau Pha pass, famous for its vast natural picture, with mountains, forests, clouds, terraced fields and quiet houses. .

There are many reasons for it to become a destination in Van Chan Yen Bai that is loved by young people. Among them, beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine and many attractive experiences are the most important factors. You can travel to Tu Le four seasons of the year. However, the most beautiful seasons are May – June when the water falls and September – October when the rice is ripe and golden.

The first time you visit the village, visitors will surely be amazed by the beautiful picture of highland nature. Here there are many terraced fields stretching across the hillsides, running far into the distance. Depending on the season, the rice fields are green, golden or sparkling like a mirror reflecting the clouds and sky.

Beautiful Tu Le of Yen Bai province is also famous for ceramic dishes made from sticky rice grown on Tu Le terraced fields. The specialty of green rice is selected from delicious rice grains that are soaking in milk, wrapped in a layer of dong leaves to retain the cool aroma and natural green color.

5.2. Suoi Giang tea cultural space

One of the most famous spots in Van Chan is Suoi Giang. This is a highland commune about 12 km from the center of Van Chan district, located at an altitude of 1300 – 1400 meters above sea level. Suoi Giang commune possesses a cool, fresh climate and beautiful, green natural landscape.

From the center of Van Chan district to Suoi Giang commune, although not far, it is very challenging for visitors with steep, winding roads. In return, the beautiful scenery on this road is a masterpiece with majestic mountains and forests, covered with clouds and sky, always poetic and extremely romantic.

Khi du lịch Yên Bái bạn nên ghé thăm Suối Giàng một lần để chiêm ngưỡng những đồi chè Shan Tuyết cổ kính hàng trăm năm tuổi. Đây là những ngọn đồi được trồng với thân cây to, lớn và cây xanh tươi tốt. Đan xen vào đó là những luống chè xanh uốn lượn dọc theo những ngọn đồi, đẹp và thư thái như một bức tranh.

5.3. Ta Xua peak

IMG Ta Xua 5

Ta Xua peak is located between the natural boundary of Yen Bai and Son La provinces with an altitude of about 2000m, is one of the 15 highest peaks in Vietnam. There is only one road to the highest peak with a very steep slope. This is one of the places for those who love to conquer and is a famous trekking destination in Vietnam.

When you come to Ta Xua, you can’t help but visit the dinosaur spine hill – a mountain range stretching out into the deep valley, dolphin outcrops, lonely trees, etc. Around August to April of the following year, is the time A spot to watch the sunrise mixed with wonderful floating clouds, in the distance are charming terraced rice fields. It is these captivating natural beauties that make this place always hold a high position in the hearts of travel lovers.

5.4. Hoc village

When traveling to Van Chan Yen Bai, tourists cannot miss Hoc village. This is a beautiful village located next to Suoi Nhi, in Son Thinh commune, just a few minutes by motorbike from the district center. Although not as famous as Suoi Giang, Hoc village also possesses beautiful quality scenery, harmony between peaceful nature and the beauty of the Black Thai ethnic village.

Coming to Hoc village, visitors will be overwhelmed by the thatched-roof stilt houses, located in green gardens, in the distance are undulating mist-covered mountains. Around Thai people’s houses, there are lush green gardens, lush corn fields, and the steady sound of weaving shuttles.

Today, Hoc village is planned into a cultural conservation area with village characteristics of the Black Thai people in the Northwest. Visitors to this beautiful village in the Northwest will learn about the traditional customs, festivals, costumes, musical instruments, etc. of the Thai people. In addition, you also have the opportunity to bathe in relaxing hot mineral springs.

5.5. Muong Lo Field

Muong Lo field is the second largest field in the Northwest mountains.It is also considered a giant basin nestled between towering mountains and hills and covers the entire town of Nghia Lo. Standing from afar on the pass, you will feel peaceful before the smoothness and shine of the fields stretching to the horizon.

With the romantic scenery of the land of rice, Muong Lo field is also one of the Yen Bai tourist destinations that helps you immerse yourself in the diverse culture of 12 ethnic groups: Thai, Kinh, H’Mong, Muong… With the charming beauty of the fields, Muong Lo has been registered as a national intangible cultural heritage that needs to be preserved.

5.6. Thien Cung Suoi Giang Cave

Located on a large mountain with steep cliffs, Thien Cung Suoi Giang cave was discovered not long ago with a length of up to many kilometers. Inside the cave, there are many tall stone pillars, terraced fields and clear water holes, curving around the cave, creating a poetic but no less majestic space.

5.7. Aeris Hill

Located in the famous Tu Le town, the birthplace of the famous sticky rice dish of Van Chan district. Aeris Hill will let you admire the majestic space, rolling and majestic mountain slopes, suitable for tourists with adventurous tastes. Besides, this place also has a wild and peaceful beauty, making people feel at ease.

5.8. Tien Nu Cave

The next destination that tourists should visit is Tien Nu cave in Tu Le commune, Van Chan district. The cave has many stalactites with interesting shapes, sometimes hidden and sometimes visible, creating a cave with wild and majestic beauty.

5.9. Lung Lo Pass

The first destination that tourists need to know is Lung Lo Pass, also known as Dao Pass. This is a famous place that has entered the anti-French history books of the Vietnamese people as a legend.

6. Specialties when traveling to Van Chan

As a northern mountainous district in Yen Bai province. Van Chan is not only known to tourists for its beautiful and majestic natural scenery. But you can also experience diverse culture and rich cuisine. Referring to Van Chan cuisine in particular and Yen Bai in general, we cannot help but mention the delicious dishes “eat once and remember”. Everyone who sees local products wants to buy them.

6.1. Smoked buffalo meat

Smoked buffalo meat is made from fresh pieces of buffalo meat. Mountain buffaloes are grazed naturally, eating grass and forest leaves, so their meat is firm and sweet. Buffalo meat, after being marinated with typical Northwest spices such as Mac Khen and wild chili, will be dried on a wood stove or put in the oven. Dried buffalo meat is packaged in half a kilogram or 1 kg and is easy to preserve, so tourists often buy it as gifts.

6.2. Grilled chicken with mac mol leaves

Walking around Mu Cang Chai market, visitors will immediately be attracted by the attractive aroma emanating from grilled chicken shops. Northwest chicken is carefully marinated with spices, hook honey leaves are stuffed into the stomach and then grilled on a charcoal stove. The chicken is grilled whole so it retains its natural sweetness. The chicken meat is firm but not chewy. When eaten with Cham Dao, it is “delicious and forgetful”.

6.3. Bamboo shoots rolled with meat

Bamboo shoots are available in many places, but Yen Bai bamboo shoots are still considered the most delicious and sweet. The season lasts from December to March every year. Traveling to Yen Bai at this time, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy bamboo shoots rolled with meat. It’s Yen Bai specialty and also the pride of the people here.

6.4. Sticky rice with ant eggs

Each locality in the Northwest offers visitors a different specialty. In Mu Cang Chai, that specialty is ant egg sticky rice. When spring comes, it is also the time when black ants lay eggs. People of the Tay, Dao, and Thai ethnic groups in Yen Bai go to the forest to find ant eggs to cook sticky rice. Mu Cang Chai upland sticky rice combined with Northwest forest ant eggs creates a specialty that visitors will remember once they eat.

6.5. Roasted Muom Muom (roasted grasshopper)

Yen Bai is famous for its endless terraced fields. The ripening rice season brings with it plump, plump crabs. Crispy roasted late mussels with chili salt and lime leaves is a hybrid dish that is “addictive”. This “unique and strange” dish is also on the menu of many restaurants in Yen Bai.

6.6. Smoked sausage

Besides buffalo meat, smoked sausage is also a Yen Bai specialty that many people choose to buy as a gift. Sausage is made from delicious pork, marinated with rich spices. A secret to making delicious sausages of the Yen Bai people is to use firewood with fragrant essential oils. Such as cinnamon wood to add flavor to the dish.

6.7. Delicious dishes from Tu Le sticky rice

The sticky rice is considered the “jewel of heaven” of the valley. This is a famous specialty rice of Van Chan that anyone who has the opportunity to pass here wants to buy. From sticky rice, Yen Bai people make many delicious dishes such as five-color sticky rice, green rice… Every dish is sticky, every dish is fragrant.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Van Chan

Van Chan gradually became an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists in Yen Bai province, Vietnam. Therefore, the accommodation system here is also extremely rich and diverse. If you want a comfortable place to stay, you can choose hotels and motels in the town center. If you want to spend the night in beautiful villages, have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magnificent nature and experience the life of the indigenous people here.

7.1 Hotels

  • Suoi Giang Hotel. Address: Son Thinh Commune, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Kieu Nga Hotel. Address: Cua Nhi, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Khau Pha Hotel. Address: At the foot of Khau Pha pass, Van Chan, Yen Bai.

7.2 Guesthouses

  • Anh Muoi Guesthouse. Address: Tu Le, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Chuyen Dung Guesthouse. Address: Tu Le Commune, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Hoang Quan Guesthouse. Address: Pom Ban village, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Pho Mountain Guesthouse. Address: Tu Le Commune, Van Chan, Yen Bai.

7.3 Homestays

  • Homstay 1 Ban Hoc – Van Chan. Address: Ban Hoc, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Homestay 4 Ban Hoc – Van Chan. Address: Ban Hoc, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Homestay 2 Ban Hoc – Van Chan. Address: Ban Hoc, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Homestay 3 Ban Hoc – Van Chan. Address: Ban Hoc, Van Chan, Yen Bai

The destinations in Van Chan Yen Bai are all extremely beautiful and pristine destinations with countless beautiful scenery and attractive tourist activities.

If you are planning your tour Mu Cang Chai to Van Chan – Yen Bai, please contact Origin travel team – the best tour operators in Vietnam. With a skilled and dedicated team of tour consultants and experienced guides, we are ready to lead you on an exploration of Van Chan, ensuring unforgettable moments through engaging activities and captivating.

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