Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary
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Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary is a submerged region between My Hoa and Tan Xuan Commune, Ba Tri District, Ben Tre Province, which is 52 km east of Ben Tre Borough and 120km south of Ho Chi Minh City.

What is the special of Vam Ho Bird Santuary?

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary has more than 84 different birds. This is the land of wild plants thanks to the mangrove region with the nipa, mangrove, ect on the high place which is the habitant for birds while the low area has reeds, trumpets, etc is the habitant of storks and cauldron.

In 1986, the birds start to come to Vam Ho until today. However, it has the large of birds now. Coming to Vam Ho, you can not only admire the storks and cauldrons, you can also see wild birds flying in groups. You also have chance to listening to the birds’ hoeing, the boucal singing, walking among the trees, leaning your back in a hammock swaying under the forest foliage, and breathing the fresh air of Ba Lai river.

Once visiting Ben Tre Province, you must visit Vam Ho bird sanctuary – the biggest bird yard in Ben Tre to discover the amazing nature, listen to and see by your eyes the flocks of birds flying in the sky.

How to reach Vam Ho bird sanctuary?

From Ben Tre city centre, visitors have many ways to reach Vam Ho bird sanctuary – the deeply mangrove forest

The most convenient way is through Giong Trom to Tan Xuan, Ba Tri District. It is about 30km.

When is the best time to visit Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary?

The most crowded for tourist arriving Ben Tre is from October to April next year. This is the time for different birds fly here to give birth. Visitors can see clearly on the top of tree with a lot of birds and birds’ nets. Till August, birds fly out to another lands. This custom remains for decades.

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary is the special ecosystem which is the typical for mangrove forest of Mekong Delta. It has the high biological value and development potential for ecotourism.

Visitor will experience by local small boat called xuồng to pass through the jungle and listen to the diversity sound of birds.

Furthermore, visitors will have chance to visit the resistance base area, passing bamboo bridges, leaning your back in a hammock swaying under the forest foliage, breathing the fresh air of the Ba Lai river.

Rarely has the wild as in Vam Ho. It has the real beauty with many birds and aquatic like this land. Currently there are over 120 rare species birds such as storks, cauldron, gongs, gray herons, quắm trắng, le le, etc and many wild animals such as pythons, snakes, squirrels, weasels, bats, lizards etc.

It is worth a visit Vam Ho Bird Santuary

Vam Ho is a mangrove area with an average elevation of 1.25 meters above sea level, so it is safe from annual tides. Vam Ho vegetation cover has nipa, date, mangrove, mắm, etc on the high floor. It is very ideal for resident birds. While the low floor there are many plants such as mangrove, bup tra, ô rô, cóc kèn, rau muống biển (sea morning glory), lau sậy (reed), etc which are all advantage for storks, cauldons to make their nets. Inside the bird garden, there is a system of canals, like a spider network, so there are many shrimps and fish, mainly goby, crab, and crayfish, etc are a rich food source for birds and storks here.

Visiting Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary with Origin Vietnam Mekong delta tour, visitors can also visit the old relics of resistance from the Vietnamese – American War where once kept many revolutionary troops underground. They also participate in some rustic games such as walk through monkey bridge, walking rope across the lake, ride cyclo (three wheels), old swing game, etc.

There are different tropical fruit gardens all year round such as jackfruit, pomelo, papaya, etc which are grown by organic ways.

The most interesting thing is to enjoy traditional music show from different birds when has the sunset over the land. It is when birds come back after a day fly out to find food.

Factually, the sound of thousands of birds mixing and playing, dancing and whooping becomes the enchanting song of the jungle.  Furthermore, the song of the storks are the varied rhythms and calls of other wind birds mixed with the sound of leaves, which makes a silent summer’s night shimmer with excitement.

Useful Information

  • Location: Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary
  • Best for: All visitors
  • Entrance: Free
  • Hours: Day time visit is recommended
  • Distance to city center: 17.4km (10.8 miles)

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