U Va hot springs
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U Va Hot Springs

On the journey to Dien Bien tourism, visitors must have heard of places. Such as: A Pa Chai, Muong Nhe, Pa Khoang Lake, Pha Din Pass,… all of which are extremely famous and attract tourists to visit every year. But besides that, if you are looking for a new and attractive hot mineral springs resort in the highlands of the westernmost region of Vietnam, don’t miss the U Va hot springs area!

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1. Where are the U Va Hot Springs?

U Va hot spring tourist area is located in Noong Luong commune, Dien Bien district, about 18 km southwest of Dien Bien Phu city center and about 470 km northwest of Hanoi capital. U Va has mountainous terrain, a total area of over 73,000 square meters with natural hot mineral springs, with an average temperature of 76-84 degrees Celsius.

2. How is U Va hot mineral springs unique?

U Va tourist area has a hot mineral spring that was discovered . It’s used by the French colonialists in the 1950s. Later, realizing the usefulness of this stream, Dien Bien province invested in building the U Va hot mineral spring tourist area in a separate area for tourism and relaxation.

The hot mineral spring is called “U Va” which is derived from the transliteration of the word “U Va” by local people in Noong Luong commune. In it, U is meant as grandmother and Va means cradle. According to legend, this hot mineral spring is a fairy lying on a beautiful cradle. U Va’s charming landscape has hills and mountains above and rivers, streams and lakes below.

On U Va Hill there is also a legend about seven fairies. Every afternoon, seven fairies descend to the lake to bathe and then return to the hill to have fun and teach the Thai ethnic people how to grow mulberries, raise silkworms, cultivate rice, weave fabric…

Before 2002, the entire area of Noong Luong commune – where the U Va hot mineral spring flows through – was a lawn. After surveying, Dien Bien province took advantage of the natural mineral water source and brought it to the high hill area.

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3. When is the best time to travel to the U Va hot springs?

The most suitable time for tourists to take a vacation trip to U Va Hot Springs is from October to April next year. In particular, if you want to soak in hot minerals, you should soak in the early morning or in the afternoon.

4. How to get to the U Va hot springs tourist area?

If you are a tourist starting from the center of Dien Bien Phu city, you move along Vo Nguyen Giap street and then continue onto Highway 279, then finally you turn right, cross the bridge and continue going another 1km then arriving there. You can choose convenient means of transportation in Dien Bien city such as passenger cars, taxis, renting self-driving motorbikes…to move to U Va hot springs.

5. Some experiences at U Va hot springs area

Currently, U Va Hot Springs is providing visitors with many convenient resort services. Among them, the special services that attract the most tourists are hot mineral baths and herbal baths. After bathing, visitors will feel a relaxed spirit, comfortable body and extremely smooth skin. Then visitors can participate in other recreational activities. Such as playing tennis, cycling, badminton, and enjoying traditional music from the Dao and H’Mong ethnic people. After that, you can enjoy dishes imbued with the quintessence of Dien Bien cuisine.

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6. Specialties when traveling to U Va hot springs

Traveling to U Va hot springs, visitors will not only be able to soak in the fresh and healthy hot spring water, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy famous specialties in Dien Bien.

6.1 Buffalo meat kept in the kitchen

Smoked buffalo meat is definitely a Dien Bien specialty that every tourist should try once. The buffalo meat ingredients are selected extremely carefully, filtered to remove all tendons and slimy meat, then sliced and marinated for 2-3 hours. Finally, bring it up and hang it in the kitchen to smoke the meat slowly until it cooks.

When grilled, buffalo meat will have a delicious taste, chewy, sweet and soft. It’s great to eat this meat dish with beer. Visitors can choose to buy kitchen buffalo meat as gifts for relatives and friends.

6.2 Mac Khen grilled chicken

Mac Khen grilled chicken is a famous Thai dish in the Northwest region of Dien Bien. The chicken will be grilled with an elaborate method on a piece of charcoal to keep the heat, grilling the chicken slowly and leisurely so that the chicken fat flows out naturally so that the skin and meat are firm until cooked.

After the chicken has been cooked, begin to spread the Mac Khen seasoning sauce on top. When exposed to heat, the seasoning steam will naturally emit an attractive aroma. The chicken is extremely tender and delicious, guaranteed to be eaten once and remembered forever.

6.3 Pa Pinh Top (grilled stream fish)

Surely this is a dish that makes many tourists unfamiliar, but it is not difficult to understand! Actually, Pa Pinh Top is a regional name here for grilled stream fish, this is also a traditional dish of the Thai people in the Northwest region.

6.4 Dien Bien upland sticky rice

Dien Bien upland sticky rice is famous for its deliciousness and extremely sticky sticky rice grains when eaten. Although sticky rice is abundant in the Northwest provinces, the most famous is Dien Bien. When cooked, Dien Bien sticky rice will make each grain plump and round, giving it a characteristic sweet, fragrant and soft taste.

Cooking upland sticky rice is not simple as it requires a lot of experience and effort. You have to make sure the sticky rice is not soggy and the seeds bloom evenly for it to be delicious. Eating upland sticky rice is best with a little sesame salt or some other salty dishes.

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7. Accommodation when traveling to U Va hot springs

You can refer to some accommodation facilities below when traveling to U Va hot springs.

  • Minh Trang Guesthouse. Address: Cong Hoa Team 3, Thanh Luong commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien.
  • U Va hot mineral resort. Address: Noong Luong Commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien
  • Guest house of Dien Bien district People’s Committee. Address: Dien Bien district center, Dien Bien.
  • Truc An Guest House. Address: Thanh Binh village, Thanh An commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien.
  • Quynh Phuong Guesthouse. Address: Na Tau 1 Center, Na Tau Commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien.

8. Some important notes when traveling to U Va hot springs

  • During the mineral bath, you need to rest and should not soak in the hot mineral for more than 40 minutes. That you can avoid being dizzy or catching a cold when you finish soaking.
  • You also need to be careful not to soak or bathe after eating. Also let your body digest the food for 1 hour before taking a mineral bath.
  • The summer months are also when Dien Bien is in the rainy season. So you should pay attention to the weather and move carefully to have a safe and complete trip to have fun and take a mineral bath at U Va hot springs.
  • The space at the U Va mineral spring tourist area is close to nature, with many trees, so you do not arbitrarily cut down forest trees or light campfires without permission from the resort’s management board, to avoid causing harm.
  • Coming to U Va Dien Bien mineral spring, you have many opportunities to interact with ethnic minorities here. Therefore, you should not point or joke and you need to respect their customs and traditions to avoid causing unfortunate misunderstandings.

Our above article aims to share details about the U Va Hot Springs destination for you. Hopefully you have equipped yourself with useful information and knowledge about this destination

If you are planning your tour to Dien Bien Phu to U Va hot springs, immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. A team of experienced, dedicated consultants, tour operators, and local guides will lead you on a tour of Vietnam discover U Va hot springs, providing many memorable experiences along the way.

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