Tuyen Hoa
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Tuyen Hoa

Tuyen Hoa is blessed by nature with many famous beautiful landscapes, magnificent caves and many historical relics. They are especially important in the country’s fight against foreign invaders. Let’s explore this beautiful place with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Minh Cam Village Tuyen Hoa Quang Binh

1. Where is Tuyen Hoa?

Tuyen Hoa is a mountainous district, located in the west of Quang Binh province, Vietnam. Located on the Truong Son mountain range with majestic mountains and forests and is also the source of the legendary Gianh river.

The district is about 95 km northwest of Dong Hoi city and about 422 km south of Hanoi capital. With geographical location:

  • The North borders Huong Khe, Cam Xuyen and Ky Anh districts of Ha Tinh province.
  • The West borders Minh Hoa district and Laos.
  • The South borders Bo Trach district.
  • And the East borders Quang Trach district of Quang Binh province.

2. How is Tuyen Hoa unique?

Tuyen Hoa, with its mountainous terrain and large river system, is a rich and attractive tourist destination. This place possesses many historical relics and national landscapes. Such as Admiral Le Truc’s grave, Len Ha cave,… and a traditional boat racing festival.

Moreover, picturesque villages like Le Son lie beside the peaceful Gianh River. With majestic limestone mountains, they are also vivid pictures of this land. In addition, you also have the opportunity to explore unique cave systems. Such as Hang Tien, it creates a colorful natural picture.

Besides, this place is also a long-standing inhabited place of ancient Vietnamese people. In 1922, archaeologist E. Patte discovered and excavated a burial site, dating back around 5,000 years. The primitive people here lived in caves, rock roofs, and mounds in the East of Truong Son.

In particular, Tuyen Hoa is not only a destination of natural beauty but also a place to preserve a unique traditional culture. From the boat racing festival to Phong Chau ca tru and Kieu singing.

IMG Le Son Village Tuyen Hoa Quang Binh 6

3. When is the best time to visit Tuyen Hoa?

Located in the tropical monsoon region, Tuyen Hoa is always affected by the mixed climate of North and South Vietnam and is divided into two distinct seasons.

  • The rainy season is from September to March of the following year.
  • The dry season is from April to August.

The rainy season often comes with storms and floods, and the dry season causes drought. Minh Hoa is located in an area with high rainfall. Because it is located in a high mountain area bordering the Vietnam – Laos border, the rainfall is up to 3,000mm/year.

Therefore, the ideal time to travel to Tuyen Hoa is in the dry season, from April to August. During this time, the weather is less rainy, sunny, and the weather is cool and pleasant. . It creates favorable conditions during transportation as well as participating in other outdoor experiences.

4. How to get to Tuyen Hoa from Dong Hoi city?

Starting from Dong Hoi city center, you follow Ly Thuong Kiet and Ly Thanh Tong streets about 10 km northwest and then meet a roundabout intersecting with National Highway 1A. From here, you join National Road 1A and continue moving northwest for about 32 km more to reach an intersection with National Road 12A.

You turn left onto Highway 12A and move northwest about 51 km more to reach the center of Tuyen Hoa district. From here, you can take different routes to reach different tourist destinations.

5. Sightseeings in Tuyen Hoa

5.1 Len Ha Cave

IMG Len Ha Cave Tuyen Hoa Quang Binh 2

Len Ha Cave is a historical relic of the Vietnamese revolution, located in Ha village, Thanh Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh. The cave is located halfway up the limestone mountain west of Truong Son road, 150m high, the highest peak is 320m, about 420m wide, about 3 km from strategic route 15A. This place is often a key point where the enemy focuses on fierce attacks. It’s one of the most famous and attractive travel destination in Quang Binh.

In 1967, Communication Station A69 was established, choosing Len Ha Cave as the station. Especially, this is one of the most important information stations on the Truong Son route. It is responsible for liaison between the General Command and combat units in the Southern battlefield.

When you set foot here, you can imagine the difficult times during the wars against foreign invaders by the patriotic Vietnamese army and people at that time.

5.2 Commodore Le Truc Temple

The historical site of the temple and the grave of Admiral Le Truc is located in the southwest, near the foot of Da Du mountain in Quang Binh province. To visit this relic, you have to go through many roads, however, the most convenient way is to travel by car along the inter-district road Quang Trach – Tuyen Hoa. Then, you turn left at Len Thanh Thuy to reach the relic.

In particular, admiral Le Truc temple is a national historical relic, located in Thanh Thuy village, Tien Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province. This is the resting place of Admiral Le Truc, a famous Can Vuong insurgent leader in the history of fighting against the French.

Le Truc was born in 1828 in Thanh Thuy village. He was a military officer of the Nguyen Dynasty, participating in many major battles in the resistance war against the French. In 1885, after King Ham Nghi passed down to Can Vuong, he started an army against the French in Quang Binh. His insurgent army achieved many victories, terrifying the French army. In 1887, after many fierce battles, Le Truc’s insurgent army was defeated by the French army.

Every year, on the anniversary of his death, local people and tourists from all over come here to commemorate and pay tribute to his contributions. Commodore Le Truc Temple is an important historical relic, contributing to educating patriotic traditions for the young generation.

5.3 Le Son Village

IMG Le Son Village Tuyen Hoa Quang Binh 5

Le Son village is an ancient village located in Van Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province. The village was founded in 1471 and has a history of more than 500 years. Le Son is famous as the “First Eight Famous Fragrances” of Quang Binh, with many ancient legends, charming scenery and literature.

Located in the southeast of Tuyen Hoa district, Le Son is about 15 km from the district center. The village has an area of ​​about 770 hectares, located in a low mountainous area, surrounded by the Gianh River to the East and South. North and west of the village are rolling mountains.

Furthermore, Le Son village has a charming natural landscape, with rolling mountains, the romantic Gianh River and stretching rice fields. In the village there are many valuable historical, cultural and artistic relics, such as the Le Son communal house, Le Son pagoda, Chan Linh temple,…

This is an attractive tourist destination of Quang Binh province. Coming here, you can visit historical, cultural and artistic relics. Furthermore, you can also enjoy cuisine and learn about the culture of local people.

5.4 Ka Tang Bridge

IMG Ka Tang Bridge Tuyen Hoa Quang Binh

Ka Tang Bridge is a bridge spanning the Gianh River, located in Lam Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province. The bridge was built in 1966 and was one of the important traffic centers during the resistance war against the US to save the country.

Besides, Ka Tang Bridge is located on Route 15A, a vital road connecting the North with the South. Ka Tang Bridge is a steel wire bridge spanning the Gianh River. The bridge is 72m long, 4m wide, 7 to 8m high above the water surface. The bridge played an important role in transporting goods, weapons and manpower to the southern battlefields.

Especially, Ka Tang Bridge was recognized as a special national historical site in 2013. After the war, people rebuilt the Ka Tang Bridge with reinforced concrete. The current bridge is 120m long and 12m wide.

5.5 Minh Cam Bridge

Minh Cam Bridge is a bridge spanning the Gianh River, connecting Phong Hoa and Mai Hoa communes, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province. The bridge was built in 2003, has a length of 150 meters, a width of 10 meters, and is a vital traffic route of Tuyen Hoa district and neighboring districts.

In addition, Minh Cam bridge is also a famous tourist attraction of Tuyen Hoa district. From the bridge, visitors can see the romantic Gianh River, vast green rice fields and rolling mountains.

In order to get to Minh Cam bridge, visitors can travel by car or motorbike along National Highway 12A or Ho Chi Minh Road West branch. From Dong Hoi city, follow Highway 12A north about 80 km to Minh Cam bridge.

5.6 Bai Duc

Bai Duc is a historical place located in Huong Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province. This is where the first Communist Party cell in Northern Quang Binh was established on January 12, 1931.

In particular, this is a land with an important strategic location, located at the traffic gateway between Tuyen Hoa district and Huong Khe and Can Loc districts of Ha Tinh province. This land has a tradition of patriotism and fighting against foreign invaders.

When coming to the Bai Duc relic, you will learn about one of the important historical events of the Party Committee and people of Quang Binh. You will also admire the beautiful natural landscape of Tuyen Hoa land.

5.7 Chan Linh Cave

Chan Linh Cave is a famous scenic spot in the west of Le Son village, Van Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province. The cave is located in the heart of a limestone mountain containing a railway tunnel called Le Son tunnel; This place is marked by the demarcation between Kinh Chau village (in Chau Hoa commune) and Le Son village (Culture). The limestone mountain containing this cave protrudes from the water of the Gianh River.

According to ancient books, Chan Linh cave has a history dating back millions of years. The cave is about 100m long, about 50m wide, and about 10m high. The ceiling of the cave has many stalactites, stone columns, stalagmites,… with strange, diverse, shimmering, and magnificent shapes. In the cave there are many small sub-cave, connected to each other.

Moreover, Chan Linh Cave is associated with many mystery stories and legends. According to legend, Chan Linh cave is the residence of a beautiful fairy with powerful magic. The fairy often helps people in the area, so she is respected and worshiped by the people.

5.8 Minh Cam Cave

IMG Minh Cam Village Tuyen Hoa Quang Binh 1

Minh Cam Cave is a famous archaeological and tourist relic of Quang Binh province, located in Minh Cam village, Phong Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district. The cave was discovered in 1922 by archaeologist E. Patte, and has been excavated many times over the years.

It is formed from the geological tectonic process of limestone. The cave has a wide door formed by 3 rocks clustered together. The cave is about 300m2 wide and about 10m high. In the cave there are many stalactites, stalagmites and interestingly shaped rocks.

In Minh Cam cave, archaeologists have found many ancient relics, including pottery, stone, bronze, etc. These relics show that Minh Cam cave was once inhabited by ancient Vietnamese people long ago. more than 5,000 years.

At Minh Cam cave, you can visit, admire the beauty of the cave, and learn about the history and culture of ancient Vietnamese people. In addition, you can also experience ecotourism activities, such as boating on the Gianh River or visiting Minh Cam village.

5.9 Vooc viewing spot in Thach Hoa

Thach Hoa, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province is one of the ideal places to see Ha Tinh langurs, a rare primate species listed in the Vietnam Red Book. Currently, in Thach Hoa there are about 100 individual langurs living and breeding.

In order to get to the langur viewing spot, visitors can ride a motorbike or car along Ho Chi Minh Road to Tuyen Hoa town, then turn onto provincial road 555. From the center of Tuyen Hoa town, visitors travel about 15 km is to Thiet Son village, where the house of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tu, who has spent many years protecting the langur herd, is located.

Actually, the most famous langur viewing spot in Thach Hoa is the house of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tu, a retired border guard who has volunteered to protect the langurs all this time. Mr. Tu’s house is located in Thiet Son village, Thach Hoa commune, about 15 km from Tuyen Hoa district center. From Mr. Tu’s house, visitors can easily observe the flock of langurs living in the surrounding treetops.

6. Specialties when traveling to Tuyen Hoa

6.1 Tuyen Hoa wild honey

Quang Binh is a province with a high density of natural forest cover, with favorable conditions for bees to collect honey from natural flowers and grass, especially in the mountainous district of Tuyen Hoa. Honey here has a unique aroma and high nutritional value, much different from that in other places, thereby making the Tuyen Hoa specialty honey brand famous near and far.

Tuyen Hoa honey is the crystallization of hundreds of fragrant wild flowers and rare herbs blessed by nature and mountains. Therefore, this specialty of Tuyen Hoa’s mountains and forests has very high health value and has a unique aroma in each season.

6.2 Wild bamboo shoot soup

Wild bamboo shoot soup is a popular dish of most mountain people. However, in the highland communes of Tuyen Hoa district, the way of processing is unique and unique only here.

This Tuyen Hoa specialty dish is effective in treating colds and flu, especially malaria because this dish has a characteristic spicy taste. When eaten hot, it will make the body sweat, which is beneficial in healing. On average, a pot of bamboo shoot soup that serves 5 to 7 people will use about ½ bowl of crushed chili peppers, creating a tongue-twisting spicy taste that challenges all spicy food lovers.

6.3 Lac Son chicken rice

Chicken rice dish originates from Chau Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district, with two simple, easy-to-find ingredients: free-range chicken and sweet, crispy wild bamboo shoots. It creates Tuyen Hoa specialties with a unique, delicious flavor that is unmistakable. This is also the dish that has fed many people in this land.

To make a delicious chicken rice dish, people choose chickens of about over a kilo, and the accompanying bamboo shoots are bamboo shoots and some are grown by each family. After being cleaned with the water of the gentle Gianh river. After that, people cut the chicken into pieces and marinate it with spices such as turmeric, chili, green onions, etc. for about 30 minutes to absorb the flavor and cook the chicken in boiling water for 15 minutes. The rice is cooked from newly harvested rice so it is flexible, soft and has a faint aroma.

6.4 Gai cake

Banh gai is made from sticky rice, a type of cake that was previously only available during Tet holidays but now, they are present in most markets in Tuyen Hoa district. It is a type of cake that is made very meticulously and depends a lot on craftsmanship, so banh gai always has a characteristic sweet and tangy flavor. This is a specialty cake of Quang Binh in general and a specialty of Tuyen Hoa in particular.

In order to make a delicious and delicious banh gai, the baker must have certain experience in choosing ingredients, mixing ratio, grinding sticky rice, choosing gai leaves, steaming the cake, etc. Thanks to that, banh gai has been uniquely characterized by the natural scent of hemp leaves, the dark color of the cake and the specks of fragrant sesame seeds.

It is a specialty cake made in Tuyen Hoa Quang Binh with a characteristic sweet flavor. Combining the essence of heaven and earth and the skillful hands of the craftsman. So, it contributes to further developing the culinary tourism potential in this romantic mountainous district.

6.5 Chilli and sour spring rolls

When it comes to spring rolls, surely we all immediately think of Thanh Hoa spring rolls. However, in the culinary land of Quang Binh, people added spring rolls with the spicy flavor of the typical chili here – spring rolls with chili. It is one of Tuyen Hoa’s specialties with a rich identity.

It can be seen that Nem chua is a quite popular dish in Vietnam, a famous product in many localities. However, in Tuyen Hoa, due to the habit of eating spicy food, people here have their own way of making spring rolls according to their own customs, habits and tastes.

It is a familiar combination of pork, rice and traditional spring rolls, in addition to a product of the mountains and forests here – chili pepper. When enjoying this specialty in Tuyen Hoa Quang Binh, diners will easily feel the characteristic spicy taste, rich in spices, familiar yet strange.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Tuyen Hoa

7.1 Staying overnight in Tuyen Hoa

  • Bien Thuy Guesthouse. Address: Dong Le Town, Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh.
  • Linh Son Guest House. Address: Highway 12A, Dong Le Town, Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh.
  • Commercial Motel. Address: Account 2, Dong Le Town, Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh.
  • Duc Trung Guest House. Address: Highway 12A, Dong Le Town, Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh.
  • An Binh Guesthouse. Address: Tien Hoa, Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh.
  • Hoang Dan Guesthouse. Address: Dong Le Town, Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh.

7.2 Staying overnight in Dong Hoi city

  • Gold Coast Hotel Resort & Spa. Address: Bao Ninh Commune, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh.
  • Rex Quang Binh Hotel. Address: Nam Ly, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh.
  • Royal Quang Binh Hotel. Address: Hai Dinh Ward, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh.
  • Muong Thanh Luxury Nhat Le Hotel. Address: Hai Thanh, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh.
  • Sun Spa Resort. Address: Bao Ninh commune, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh.
  • Melia Vinpearl Quang Binh. Address: Hai Dinh Ward, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh.

Tuyen Hoa is not only a tourist destination, but also a journey to discover diverse beauty, profound history and unique traditional culture. Every corner, every monument is a page of history, a “work of art” of nature and people.

Please immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. In order to immediately have an attractive schedule for your trip to Tuyen Hoa. We will also accompany you on your Quang Binh tour to explore the beauty spots in Tuyen Hoa with the most interesting experiences.

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