Turtle Island
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Turtle Island

Ben Tre is the land where receive the alluvial so it has many islets called “Cu Lao” and each has its own beauties. Also, each islet has its own unique specialties.  Turtle Island or called Con Quy is one of the most appealing attractions in Ben Tre province in Mekong River Delta. This island has the area of around 65 hectares where is famous for long time fruit gardens with the cool atmosphere and village streets.

Turtle Island is one of four Islands on My Tho River (belong to Tien River). They are Con Long Island is Dragon Island, Thoi Son Island is Unicorn Island, Con Quy Island is Turtle Island, and Tan Vinh Island or Con Phung Island is Phoenix Island while Turtle Island is the smallest one in Ben Tre.

How to reach Turtle Island?

Turtle Island is located along Tien River, among Tan Thach and Quoi son Commune, Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province. It is about 23km from Ben Tre city centre. You travel on boat along Tien River within 30 minutes to reach Turtle Island.

In some regions of South Vietnam, the local people use the name “Con” or “Cu Lao” in English is islet or island to refer to the middle beach, which is a strip of soil formed in the middle of a large river thanks to a long sedimentation process.

History of Turtle Island

The island was created for more than one hundred years. It was once a little and deserted land with a lot of bushy plants for a long time ago. After that around the decade 1950 – 1960 there were some people found out and inhabitant on this land. Especially, Mr. Pham Cao Thang became the first person in 1950s who came here to explore this land. He planted so many sonneratia trees to maintain soil from getting eroded. When the time passes by, Turtle Island is extended more.

For that reason, there are more and more people coming here to live and make a living. The remaining site is from the beginning of the island is Ba Chua Xu Temple – the land built by the pre-settlers.

This land is the marvelous sightseeing for those who loves to discover the different hidden beauty of Vietnam. In 1990, the garden of this island owned an entire construction of the levee system. Nowadays, Thanks to this construction, the gardens don’t suffer from flood on rainy seasons. The local people live on the island thanks to the planting, gardening and producing handicraft candy (coconut candy or products from coconut). As well as they raise pig and bee for honey to earn their life.

Things to do in Turtle Island, Ben Tre

Turtle Island is becoming one of the must-see destinations for tourism in Ben Tre Province. It offers many fascinating activities for tourists to discover. Below are activities you should join and get the experience.

+ Discover the beauties the fruit gardens on the island. The island is among the river where has the good land for tropical fruits. It depends on each season tourist can enjoy and taste different fruits such as longan, durian, jack fruit, etc. Mainly it is on summer season from April to August

+ Get on the sampans and sail through the water coconut trees along the canals, especially small canals to reach the village. It is one of enjoyment and experience the river life and travel of local people daily.

+ Enjoy traditional folk music called “Don Ca Tai Tu”. This is one of traditional music of south Vietnam which requires singers has the sweet voice.

+ Cycling or walking around the village and enjoy the fresh atmosphere as well as enjoy the daily life and work of local people on the island.

 Infact, Con Quy or Turtle Island still remains the natural beauties with the rustic houses among the fruit gardens and coconut trees and flowers. Getting on the island, tourists will get the fascinating experiences and enjoy the local cuisines and traditional music show.

There is a natural sense of the coolness and has the great vitality where you can get the wonderful feeling. When boating on the tranquil river, you can reach and visit some popular tourist spots of Turtle Island, Hong Van and New Turtle Islet.

It is worth a visit Turtle Island

Travel to Turtle Island you should not miss the tasting tropical fruits in the gardens, honey tea. Especially, you have chance to enjoy Don Ca Tai Tu – folk music of Southern people. Also, Don Ca Tai Tu is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. This type of traditional music has been existing here for years and surely, it is the most beautiful thing to experience in Mekong Delta.

Furthermore, travel to the island visitors have chance to visit coconut candy production factories and handicraft village from coconut for the most amazing experience. Also, you can have the beautiful gifts for your friends and relatives after visiting the island.

Recently, more and more international tourists come to visit Turtle Island. The reason for this is because of several amazing attractions and appealing activities in rural life. Sure enough, the island will bring you the atmosphere of the friendly and honest.

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