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Turtle Head Rock – Ta Xua

Around the world, fevers about styles and photo shoot locations are always spreading rapidly thanks to the “Unique” and “Weird” nature of the photos taken. Recently, with the fever of “virtual living” cliffs in some countries around the world. Especially backpackers in Vietnam have also discovered many similar places to take “virtual” pictures like paradise.

Mountain climbing tourists in Vietnam are different. Perhaps this is also an opportunity for people to discover other “virtual living but not virtual” rock outcrops right in the land where they live. Also there are many virtual living rock outcrops. mentioned, among them. It’s impossible not to mention the turtle head rock at Ta Xua peak.

Why is it called “virtual but not virtual”, because even though the image is quite similar to a cliff in a foreign country, in reality, the height and difficulty when you climb to the top and the effort and time spent are completely different. It is worthy of what you experience.

IMG Turtle Head Rock Ta Xua

1. Where is Ta Xua Turtle Head Rock?

Ta Xua mountain range is made up of three peaks, characterized by turtle head rock and dinosaur spine, located in Cong village, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province, Vietnam. Conquering Ta Xua turtle head cliffs is not simple because they are among the top highest peaks in Vietnam.

2. When is the best time to visit Ta Xua Turtle Head Rock?

2.1 From December to March

December to March is the time when all the flowers in Ta Xua bloom and is also the most suitable time to hunt clouds. The weather at this time is a bit dry and cold, so if you come to Ta Xua at this time, remember to bring warm clothes.

2.2 From April to July

April to July is when Ta Xua is in flood season. This is the time when the terraced fields here have unmatched beauty.

2.3 From August to November

August to November is the time when Ta Xua changes from summer to winter. The weather at this time is quite cool, very suitable for traveling.

Therefore, depending on the purpose you want to admire at Ta Xua, you can choose a suitable time. It is best to go from August to November to have the coolest and most comfortable weather for the trip.

3. How to get to Ta Xua Turtle Head Rock?

3.1 Moving to Ta Xua commune from Hanoi

If you are in Hanoi, to get to Ta Xua, you can ride a motorbike to Ta Xua or go to My Dinh bus station. Then catch a bus to Bac Yen, then rent a motorbike to Ta Xua.

If you are not in Hanoi, you can go straight to Son La province by bus or motorbike. After that catch a bus to Bac Yen, then continue to travel to Ta Xua commune.

3.2 Moving in Ta Xua commune

In Ta Xua, you can travel to attractions by motorbike or if your accommodation is near places to visit, you can choose to walk.

Note: The road to Ta Xua turtle head rock is extremely steep. At the beginning of the trekking arc, it is mainly dirt, so it is even more difficult. But that’s to prepare for the results that lie ahead.

IMG Turtle Head Rock Ta Xua 2

4. How is the turtle’s head rock in Ta Xua unique?

Truly to its name, the cliff protruding from the ground at an altitude of about 2100 meters has the shape of a turtle’s head. Standing on this cliff, you can see very far away and shout loudly to hear the very interesting echoes of the mountains and forests. Exciting experiences and activities to conquer Ta Xua turtle head rock

Welcoming you to the conquest are consecutive slopes, with steep slopes that require you to constantly cling to tree trunks to climb or even crawl over. After 4 hours, the place that everyone is interested in is the “turtle’s head”.

Along the way up the mountain, there are almost always clear views of the cloudy sky outside. So trekkers can see many mountain clouds floating by, or the jagged mountains below, or even the villages in the distance.

You can take tour package Ta Xua turtle head rock in 3 days and 2 nights. But if you have good physical strength and experience, you can climb in 2 days and 1 night.

In addition to mountain trekking activities, you can also enjoy the beautiful wild natural scenery with a sea of clouds floating like a fairyland and moreover, you also have the opportunity to welcome the sunrise from the top of Ta Xua mountain.

The journey to conquer Ta Xua turtle head rock with many dangers lurking from the abyss, dinosaur spines, and other steep. Especially slippery slopes and many challenges for those who are passionate about adventure and discovery. That requires you to have good physical strength, strong will and relatively successful climbing skills.

IMG Turtle Head Rock Ta Xua 1

It’s worth a visit Turtle’s Head Rock

“Virtual but not virtual”, that is the reason why you need to be careful and prepare well before setting foot on Ta Xua turtle head rock in the Northwest of Vietnam, not least because of a few pictures to show off to you. friends at the expense of their own safety. With this amazing turtle head rock, you can absolutely hope that one day, Vietnam will have tourist photos that create a fever around the world.

If you plan to explore the turtle’s head rock in Ta Xua. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a memorable tour to Ta Xua. Because we are professional tour organizers and operators, we will take you on an exciting journey of discovery with beautiful landscapes. This breathtaking natural scene and unforgettable experience!

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