Tuong Long Pagoda Tower
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Tuong Long Pagoda Tower

Do Son owns many beautiful landscapes, among them, Tuong Long pagoda is one of the top stops in Do Son. This historical site is thousands of years old with immeasurable cultural values. Let’s explore this sacred temple with unique architectural features with Origin Vietnam right here.

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1. Where is Tuong Long Pagoda Tower?

Tuong Long Tower Pagoda is located at the top of Long Son Mountain. It is in Ngoc Xuyen Ward, Do Son District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam. About 22 km southeast of Hai Phong city and about 123 km east of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Tuong Long Pagoda Tower unique?

Long Son mountain peak is 95.2m above sea level. This is the highest mountain in the Cuu Long range of Do Son peninsula, Hai Phong. According to many studies, the people had built this tower from the 11th century, corresponding to the reign of King Ly Thanh Tong. The ancients passed down that Tuong Long Tower Pagoda is the place where “mountains gather”, capturing the sacred air of heaven and earth.

Moreover, Tuong Long Pagoda Tower was on a plot of land with an area of about 2,000 square meters with 9 floors, it was estimated to be about 100 meters high. In addition to serving the purpose of serving religious activities. This place is also an observatory to monitor changes in the Northeast region of Vietnam. Over thousands of years of history, Tuong Long pagoda has the honor of becoming an archaeological relic.

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3. Architectural and cultural value of Tuong Long Tower Pagoda

3.1 Unique architectural value of Tuong Long pagoda

Architectural features are the factors that create the uniqueness of Tuong Long pagoda tower. Seen from afar, the tower resembles a flute with many layered windows. They had been paved with bricks and marble outside of the tower, creating an ancient red color. The roof is carved with lotus flowers, chrysanthemums,…extremely delicate and beautiful.

The four corners of the tower’s base have an inclination of about 190 degrees. Around the base of the tower, there are three rows of four-level houses that are places to worship gods, worship Buddha, receive guests, and conduct activities of monks, etc. Most tourists, before moving to the foot of the tower, stop to worship the gods in each temple. temple to show respect.

Tuong Long Pagoda Tower is like a brilliant pillar of spiritual light, illuminating the light of Dharma for contemporary people. Not only that, it also reflects the integration and spread that this religion has had a long process of development and reached its peak.

3.2 Cultural and historical value of Tuong Long pagoda

Over thousands of years of history, Tuong Long tower has become an archaeological relic. People have found ruins of a tower with a square foundation, a hollow heart, and on the bricks there are still embossed words in Chinese.

In 2007, Tuong Long Tower in Hai Phong was rebuilt and officially inaugurated in 2017. The new tower is 9 floors high, the tower shell is built of ceramic bricks. The tower decoration retains the characteristics of the period. Designed with soft, sophisticated patterns and textures. Tuong Long Pagada Tower today has become a spiritual destination for many tourists across the country, especially at the beginning of the year.

Besides, Tuong Long Pagoda Tower is not only known as a great landmark and palace of the Ly Dynasty kings. But this work is also one of the tourist destinations in Hai Phong originating from the directly influenced ideology of Buddhism.

Regarding spiritual value, Tuong Long Pagoda Tower is associated with the story of the golden dragon descending to earth in the dream of King Ly Thanh Tong. According to records from the book “Dai Viet History”, in the year Mau Tuat 1058, King Ly Thanh Tong, after traveling across Ba Lo sea, stopped here to build a tower. He dreamed of seeing a golden dragon, so he ordered the construction of a low pagoda and named the tower Tuong Long (seeing the golden dragon appear) to remember the good omen.

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4. When is the best time to visit Tuong Long Pagoda Tower?

Hai Phong is characterized by the humid subtropical climate of the Northern region of Vietnam, with 4 distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The annual average temperature is about 23.3 degrees Celsius, not too high.

The most suitable time to travel to Tuong Long Pagoda is from April – October or January – May. From April – October, Hai Phong’s weather is quite dry, sunny, with little rain, so it is convenient for moving. From January to May the weather here is pleasant and cool, in addition there are many festivals such as the Elephant Mountain festival,…You can combine visiting the pagoda and exploring these interesting festivals. .

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5. How to get to Tuong Long Pagoda Tower?

5.1 From Hanoi to Hai Phong

You have many options for transportation to Hai Phong city such as motorbikes, buses, trains, etc. With flexible departure times throughout the day, you can easily catch buses from the stations. Buses like Giap Bat, Gia Lam, My Dinh,…Or Hanoi stations, Long Bien stations. If you are someone who likes to explore, motorbikes are also a great choice. You will be proactive in your journey and can stop to admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road.

Starting from the center of Hanoi, you just need to follow Highway QL5B (can only go by car) or Highway QL5A (can go by both motorbikes and cars) about 100 km southeast to reach Hai Phong city. Room.

5.2 From Hai Phong city to Tuong Long pagoda

From Hai Phong city center, you move along Ho Sen street, Vo Nguyen Giap street, provincial road TL353, to Do Son area. You turn right onto Ly Thanh Tong street to move to Long Son mountain to reach Tuong Long Tower Pagoda.

6. Activities and Experiences at Tuong Long Pagoda Tower

6.1 Offering incense and pray

Tuong Long Tower, in addition to possessing unique architectural features rich in culture and history, is also a sacred place that radiates incense and smoke day and night. Tourists come here to pray to the gods. In particular, the sacred Amitabha Buddha statue was recreated from monolithic jade stone and placed on the first floor of the tower.

6.2 Participating in the spring festival to pray for good luck in the new year

The Spring Festival to pray for good luck in the new year at Tuong Long Tower is always on the list of Hai Phong festivals, attracting many tourists from all over. In the first days of the year, the tower wears a brilliant coat, full of the vitality of the spring landscape.

The Spring Festival for good luck is held extremely enthusiastically. In addition to burning incense and praying to Buddha, you can also ask for lucky talismans and send their thoughts and wishes to the “wish” tree right at the foot of the tower to wish for a peaceful new year.

6.3 Returning to your roots with a landscape imbued with history

With a location quite high above sea level, from the tower’s rooftop, you can fully admire the beautiful landscape of the city. Looking towards the East, you will enjoy the vast sea view with immense mountains on all four sides.

With such a very peaceful landscape, it is not difficult to understand if many tourists choose to stop at Tuong Long Tower as a way to enjoy the fresh, quiet, spiritual atmosphere to help the soul feel more peaceful.

6.4 Visiting and learning about the historical value of the exhibits

The archaeological pit display area at the foot of Tuong Long tower, completed in 2018, is also a highlight attracting tourists. On the archaeological pit foundation, it divides into two areas, an artifact display area is restored to build a new tower. The remaining area had decorated with artifacts from 1058. Such as trough tiles, funny nose tiles, terracotta pieces carved with dragon images, statues of lovebirds, dragon head pieces,…

These artifacts are valuable documents for you to learn about the historical and cultural value of this monument. When seeing these artifacts, many visitors expressed pride in the traditions passed down by their ancestors.

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7. Specialties when traveling to Tuong Long pagoda tower

Hai Phong has countless delicious dishes that you cannot miss. After traveling to Tuong Long pagoda, take time to explore famous dishes such as:

  • Crab hotpot: The hotpot has a sweet taste from crab bones and bricks, combined with soft tofu, dipped meat and raw vegetables, extremely attractive.
  • Spicy fish vermicelli: The vermicelli has a spicy flavor from chili peppers along with many attractive toppings. Such as spring rolls, crispy fried fish, vegetables,…that will definitely make you remember it forever.
  • Crab spring rolls: The crispy crust along with the fatty crab meat of this spring roll dish will definitely not disappoint you. Coming to Hai Phong, you must definitely try crab spring rolls to clearly feel the culinary style of the Port.
  • Crab noodle: This is a dish that combines many toppings such as shrimp, lolot leaf rolls, pork,…extremely delicious. This bowl of crab noodle is full of color and flavor and this sweet broth will definitely make it hard for you to resist.

8. Accommodation when traveling to Tuong Long pagoda tower

Do Son is a famous tourist destination in Northern Vietnam, so you don’t have to worry too much about where to stay when traveling here. You can refer to some of the following hotels:

  • AUI Hotel. Address: 38 May To, May To Ward, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong city.
  • Hotel Nikko Hai Phong. Address: No. 1, Street 1 – Lach Tray riverside urban area, Vinh Niem, Le Chan, Le Chan district, Hai Phong city.
  • Tan An Palace Hotel. Address: 22 Hong Bang Street, Trai Chuoi Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City.
  • Rose Hotel Hai Phong. Address: 36/384 Lach Tray, Dang Giang ward, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong city.
  • Sheraton Hai Phong Hotel. Address: Do Thi area, Hanoi – Hai Phong, Vinhomes Imperia, Hong Bang, Hai Phong.
  • Meliá Vinpearl Hai Phong Rivera. Address: Manhattan Street 9 Vinhomes Imperia, Ward, Urban Area, Hai Phong.

With its ancient beauty and bold ancient architecture. It is not difficult to understand if Tuong Long Tower attracts the attention of many tourists. Coming here, you will not only expand your knowledge but also enjoy the fresh air. Away from the dust and noise of busy cities.

If you are planning your upcoming trip to Tuong Long Pagoda, please contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator immediately. We will take you on a tour Vietnam to explore Hai Phong with interesting experiences and memorable memories.

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