Tram Tau hot spring
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Tram Tau Hot Spring

Travel Tram Tau Hot Springs is an outstanding ecotourism area with beautiful landscapes and many beautiful virtual living corners that leave you nowhere to go. This is a tourist destination that attracts a large number of tourists from near and far when visiting Yen Bai. Let’s follow Origin Vietnam to explore this place in more detail through the article below.

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1. Where is Tram Tau hot spring?

Tram Tau is a remote district of Yen Bai province. This place not only has famous tourist attractions such as Hang Te Cho – Lang Nhi, Ban Mu, Ban Cu Vai… But also has a 100% natural mineral water spring that is extremely good for health. October is the golden time for you to visit Tram Tau Hot Springs. This is the time when the rice in the terraced fields is ripe and golden, suitable for you to immerse yourself in the warm spring water while admiring the beautiful rice field scenery.

2. When is the best time to visit Tram Tau Hot Springs?

In October, the weather in Yen Bai is quite cool and chilly at night. Therefore, Tram Tau Hot Springs is the ideal place for you to escape the sweltering heat of the city. Note that you should go at the beginning or middle of the month because at the end of the month, all the ripe rice will be harvested.

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3. How is Tram Tau Hot Springs unique?

Tram Tau Yen Bai mineral spring ecological area is considered a “Miniature Bali” with a view overlooking terraced fields as far as the eye can see. It is not necessary to go far, you can sit right at the mineral spring and admire the scenery, you can also take check-in photos here. Tram Tau mineral spring area, hot mineral spring helps relax tendons, blood vessels, bones and joints are all massaged and healed due to daily activities.

Besides, for people with joint pain, cold feet and cold stomach, soaking in hot mineral springs is very good for the body. However, people with high blood pressure or people with enlarged pores should limit soaking in mineral springs for too long to avoid feeling dizzy after soaking. If you rent a bedroom at the mineral spring area, you can comfortably soak in the mineral spring many times a day, soaking for a short time each time will help reduce dizziness.

4. How to get to Tram Tau Hot Springs?

From Hanoi, you will not need to spend too much time to get to Tram Tau Hot Springs. You can choose a motorbike or car and follow the route: Hanoi – Trung Ha bridge – Thanh Son – Thu Cuc – Van Chan – Nghia Lo – Tram Tau (with a route of about 220km).

Alternatively, you can also catch a bus at My Dinh bus station to Nghia Lo, then catch a motorbike taxi or taxi to Tram Tau. On the way, you will be attracted by the rolling mountain scenery and winding roads like a miniature Da Lat. A small note, if you go by motorbike to Tram Tau Hot Springs, you must be very careful, because the road has many steep sections and sharp turns, otherwise you will easily fall off your bike.

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5. Top Things to do in Tram Tau Hot Springs

5.1. Accommodation at Tram Tau Hot Springs

Tram Tau Hot Springs has extremely beautiful rooms. Modern design includes bungalow rooms, food court and hot spring swimming pool. The rooms are comfortably furnished and have beautiful views of terraced fields.

5.2. Swimming pool at Tram Tau Hot Springs

If you choose to stay at Tram Tau Hot Springs, you can use the swimming pool and mineral spring bath for free. According to Origin Vietnam’s experience, bathing in the pool will bring the best results in the late afternoon or early morning.

5.3. Enjoying specialties at Tram Tau Hot Springs

Coming to Tram Tau Hot Springs, the restaurant will prepare dishes according to your needs. Specialties, carefully cooked and beautifully decorated, promise to bring you many memorable culinary experiences.

IMG Tram Tau Hot Springs 1

6. Enjoying dishes when visiting Tram Tau hot mineral spring

Tram Tau or any other place in the Northwest will definitely be extremely famous for its fragrant grilled pork sandwiched with bamboo, a dish that is quite simple to prepare but has an extremely rich flavor typical of the Northwest. The pieces of meat with both skin and fat are marinated by the people with full spices, then wrapped with fresh seaweed leaves and then grilled on a red charcoal stove with bamboo clamps. Grilled meat is golden, evenly cooked, fragrant and very sweet.

Com Tu Le is also a dish that you must definitely enjoy when travelling to Yen Bai. The grains are meticulously and meticulously selected by Thai women from screening to roasting the grains. After that, the green rice is also pounded extremely evenly. The sweet taste of green rice seems to bring together the most quintessential of the Northwest mountain and forest culture.

You can also enjoy many other dishes like black banh chung, green vegetables, and shrimp floss. Especially bamboo shoots wrapped with meat, castrated rooster from Luc Yen and famous whole fish in Nam Thia… These dishes are all specialties. especially in Yen Bai. On a cool, dark night, eating delicious dishes while drinking a few sips of warm wine, there is no other feeling that can compare.

7. Some attractive tourist sites near Tram Tau Hot Springs Area

For those who really love to explore, Tram Tau is the starting point for trekking trips to extremely beautiful peaks like Ta Xua or Ta Chi Nhu. So you can combine a stop here to rest and take a hot bath to recover. Recover your health after a tiring climb. In addition, from Tram Tau you can also visit other famous places in Yen Bai. Such as Mu Cang Chai or Cu Vai village or conquer the dangerous waterfall of Hang Te Cho if you are brave and healthy enough. .

Tram Tau hot spring is so beautiful and charming. Don’t hesitate any longer and prepare for your trip now! If you are preparing to plan your tour Vietnam to Tram Tau Hot Springs. Please contact us – a professional Mu Cang Chai tour organizer and operator. With a team of tour consultants and tour guides who are experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable about this land, we will take you on a journey to discover Tram Tau hot springs with interesting activities and memories.

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Tram Tau hot spring

Tram Tau Hot Spring

Travel Tram Tau Hot Springs is an outstanding ecotourism area with beautiful landscapes and many beautiful virtual living corners that leave you nowhere to go.

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