Top 10 Things to Do in Quang Binh
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Top 10 Things to Do in Quang Binh

Top things to do in Quang Binh with specialities “full of sunshine and wind”, however, Quang Binh with its beauty brings an indisputable attraction for visitors. Dubbed the “kingdom of the cave”. This place in addition to owning 300 large and small caves also owns a beautiful beach like paradise and other attractive tourist destinations.

Origin Travel would like to share with you “Top 10 attractive Quang Binh tourist attractions not to be missed”

1. Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park is our first choice for top things to Do in Quang Binh

Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park
Referring to Quang Binh, everyone must mention Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. This is a tourist destination that is visited by both domestic and international tourists when travelling in Quang Binh.

World Heritage Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is not only a place containing outstanding geological and geomorphological values but also of biodiversity values. It is also a destination for ecotourism, war history and nature discovery activities in many forms. Such as hiking, cycling, rowing or simply relaxing, enjoying the fresh air of this charming mountainous area.

2. En Cave

En Cave

Hang En is the third largest cave in the world and the second collect in Top 10 Things to Do in Quang Binh. It is a must-visit for adventure travellers. The giant stalactites created millions of years ago and the clear emerald green lake and countless other miraculous artefacts of nature have created a wonderful world inside En cave.

You will have to “cross the forest and wade streams”, overcome many challenges on the way more than 10km to conquer En cave. But when you get to enjoy the natural scenery in this special Quang Binh tourist destination and the magical immense forest here. It seems that all difficulties along the way disappear.

3. Thien Duong Cave is our next recommend for things to do in Quang Binh

Thien Duong Cave

Thien Duong Cave is known as the “palace in the earth” with the splendour of the beautiful stalactites. This “Garden of Eden on Earth” has a stalactite system that not only has geological value but also has a diverse, rich, and colourful appearance.

Here, you will discover Thien Duong cave on the longest road and wooden bridge system in Vietnam. It’s perfect things to do in Quang Binh for limited time in Quang Binh.

4. Chay River – Dark Cave

Chay River - Dark Cave

With a landscape full of tropical colours, Song Chay – Hang Toi owns cool green forests surrounded by cool emerald green waters. Coming to this tourist destination, you will be able to try with many interesting adventure games. Such as zipline in the air, kayaking and discover the mysteries inside Dark Cave, … Are you adventure lover so Chay river – Dark cave is top things to do in Quang Binh too.

5. Nhat Le Beach

Nhat Le Beach

Located in the heart of Dong Hoi city and located at the mouth of Nhat Le River. Nhat Le Beach is pristine and romantic with clear blue water and soft sand. Coming to Nhat Le beach, immersed in the clear blue water seen at the bottom, lying on the smooth white sand shimmering in the sun, playing with the waves crashing on the shore, spreading white foam.

You will feel extremely refreshed and relaxed in this space intersecting between clouds, sky, river, and wild water.

6. Quang Phu Dunes

Quang Phu Dunes

Coming to Quang Binh and miss Quang Phu dunes, it must be a great pity. Quang Phu white dunes, gentle stretching to close to the green and clean coast due to the wilderness. Coming to Quang Phu Sandhill, visitors can start the conquest of dunes with a height of nearly 100m.

On the journey Vietnam adventure of conquest, visitors will see the grandeur and immensity of the sand world and its captivating wild beauty with sand grains changed daily and hourly by the breeze blowing sea day and night …

More specifically, here visitors can entertain with a very interesting thrilling game that is sand sliding. With simple skateboards like trailers, hard paper … will give visitors a completely new feeling of relaxation. The game is suitable for everyone, such as a weekend relaxing sports program for family, friends, agencies, organizations

7. Da Nhay Beach

Da Nhay Beach

With blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine, Bai Da Nhay is an ideal beach for a vacation in Quang Binh. Besides, Da Nhay Beach also attracts visitors by the wild rocky beaches. Every dawn, the morning sunlight shining down on the rocky beach shines brightly sparkling pink.

Here, you can immerse yourself in the cool clear water, enjoy the cool sea breeze or play around on the amazing rocky beaches scattered by the shore.

8. Mooc Spring

Mooc Spring
Located near relics of Phong Nha – Ke Bang. Mooc Spring is like an “emerald pearl” with clear emerald green water surrounded by majestic mountains and forests. Coming to Mooc stream, you are not only impressed with the beauty of the green water and pristine tropical forests but also full your eyes to enjoy the picturesque mountain landscape.

During hot summer days in Quang Binh, nothing is more satisfying than being immersed in cool spring water, enjoying fun with friends and family in adventure games like kayaking, walking. zipline, jump crane, …

9. Mother Transparent Monument

Mother Transparent Monument

Located at Nhat Le River pier, not far from Quang Binh Quan. Mother Transparent Monument is a historical relic that will leave you with many emotions and deep impressions. The monument was completed in 2003 to show gratitude to Mother Throughout – the mother who bravely rowed the soldiers every day to cross the river and supplied food and weapons for combat during the years of resistance France.

Around the monument, you can also take a walk or relax in the fresh green park space.

10. Than Dinh Mountain

Than Dinh Mountain

Than Dinh Mountain is a spiritual tourist destination of Quang Binh that cannot be ignored when travelling to Quang Binh. To admire the wonderful natural scenery from above, you must conquer more than 1200 rugged stone steps.

The higher it goes, the cooler and airier the air becomes. See the wonderful scenery of Quang Binh from the top of the high mountain and enjoy the peaceful and relaxing feeling in the sacred mountain space blending with nature and heaven.

Hopefully, with the list of tourist attractions in Quang Binh above. You will have a memorable trip!

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This trip we will discover 2 most beautiful cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. They are Phong Nha cave and Paradise cave, which was listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 2003 for its geological values.
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