Top 10 Things To Do In Mui Ne
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Top 10 Things to Do in Mui Ne

Phan Thiet attracts thousands of tourists every year because it has cool weather all year round, many beautiful beaches, famous landscapes. With Origin Travel, take a look at the Top 10 Things to Do in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet!

1. Red Sand Dune is the most important things to do in Mui Ne

Red Sand Dune

This place is known as the largest sand dune in Phan Thiet. Do you know what sand dunes are? Sand dunes are natural dunes, generated from wind-blown sediments. This dune usually has many shapes, affected by the interaction between wind. You can easily see in the red sand hill of Mui Ne. There are many different shapes and sizes of sand slopes. Every time wind blew, the dunes will change into a different shape, interesting and unique.

You can see sandy life with beautiful grains of sand. You can see deep, sandy valleys or high sandy peaks bobbing like giant statues. You will not be surprised when the shapes are changing every hour. Each time brings different interesting natural beauty.

Called Mui Ne red sand hill because the sand here is mainly brilliant red. Not by sunrise or sunset, but this is completely fancy natural colour. In addition to red sand, yellow sand also predominates on the vast sand slopes. Therefore, this sandhill is also known as Vang Mui Ne sand hill or Mui Ne flying sand hill (referring to the change of sand shape after strong winds).

Besides, you will also encounter many other colours on this Mui Ne sand beach such as pink, grey-white or red-black … It is the diversity in the colour of the sand that forms the raw materials for making sand paintings. It is extremely famous in Phan Thiet. Pictures portray people, scenes, scenes of cities and villages with rustic sand material that is no less unique and lively. Sand painting is an attractive art in Mui Ne, to learn more closely you can visit Phi Long Phan Thiet Sand Painting – the cradle of these interesting sand paintings.

If this beautiful sandy beach attracts photographers with amazing and vast sandy landscapes. For young people, this Phan Thiet tourist destination is loved by fun adventure games on the sand. Sand boarding is an experience you must try when coming to Mui Ne dunes. This game is suitable for even the little ones. You will sit on a sand board and slide down the sand top. Although climbing to the top is quite tiring. The feeling of conquest and happiness as if you were back in your childhood makes you completely satisfied and no longer feel tired.

Another interesting experience in Mui Ne red sand hill is to ride a terrain motorbike across majestic sand hills. Known as a game, not for the faint of heart, you should consider it. You will be guided and tested with experienced teachers before you experience it alone. You will feel more clearly the hot sun, strong winds that pass through your face when riding on a motorbike across the undulating sand hills. The feeling from the foot of the sand to the top, the whole person rushing to follow the car.

The feeling of leaning and falling makes you not help to scream, but quickly passing and reaching the top, capturing the beautiful scenery into your sight, making you reach feeling a moment of strange happiness.

Mui Ne Red Sand Dunes have unique scenery and interesting games. So travelling to Phan Thiet must experience this place. And do not forget to bring a camera to take pictures of you.

2. Visit the White dune and lotus lake is one of the top 10 things to do in Mui Ne

White dune

Binh Thuan is bestowed by nature that cannot be found anywhere with similar beautiful scenery. Especially Bau Trang Mui Ne – a place with a wild and peaceful beauty like a water-colour painting. Also because of that wild and peaceful beauty that helped Bau Trang attract tourists to come here

Bau Trang has formed a long time ago. In the past it was a large lake, later on, people built sand dams to run across the lake to go through. Since then, this large lake is divided into 2 parts: a small lake and a large lake. In the local language “Bau” means “lake”, therefore, the small lake has the name Bau Ong and the big lake is called Bau Ba.

Bau Ba has an area of ​​70ha, the widest place is 500m, the average depth is 5m, the deepest place of Bau Ba is 19m in the rainy season. The more the water is dry towards the shore. Bau Ong is small and long, and Bau Ba is wide and deep.

Located in the middle of the white sandy slopes. These two water basins are also collectively called Bau Trang and today often called Bau Sen because there are many lotus blooming in the lake. The water in Bau Ba is sweeter than Bau Ong, the lotus is also more and more beautiful, blooming almost all four seasons.

The flora in Bau Trang Mui Ne is very rich, there is much delicious freshwater fish: anabas, snakehead fish, grass carp …

In addition to these two main lakes, Bau Trang has many other small lakes nestled among countless other dunes. With a total area that can be called the largest in the country with yellow, red, orange, and white dunes – in That is the highlight of the Virgin Mary sandhill.

In summer is the most appropriate time to visit Bau Trang because this time is the blooming lotus season, all the lake is covered with a pink colour creating a beautiful scenery. The best time to visit Bau Trang during the day is from early morning like 5:00 to 9:00 and late afternoon from 16:00 to 18:00. Because at that time the weather is cool, convenient for having fun in the lake.

3. Why Fairy Stream is one of top 10 things to do in Mui Ne?

Fairy Stream
Fairy stream Mui Ne – favourite tourist destination of many tourists not only at home but also abroad. With the colour white – red-orange is the main colour that makes it unique and mysterious. Not clear, murky, Tien stream in Mui Ne is impressed by the beautiful red-orange water.

The water in Fairy stream is quite shallow, above the ankle. The deepest place is just above the knee, the water flows gently without too strong. Therefore, you can walk in the middle of the stream without worrying about getting your clothes wet.

Along the stream, there is a way to the top of the mountain. Standing on the top of the hill, overlooking the far side, you can see the panoramic view of the beautiful Fairy Stream Mui Ne.

On one side with the green colour of the forest. On the other side there are golden castles, below are the stalactites exposed as if wanting to catch all the gold of sunlight. This pure untouched beauty in this Tien Binh Thuan Stream has moved many hearts when coming to this place.

Because each colour has its style, you can travel to Suoi Tien Mui Ne all year round. In the summer, the stream looks like a layer of honey cake, dotted with the purple colour of hyacinth flowers. On the contrary, when visiting this place during the rainy season or at any time. It feels like the earth wall here changes into new works, new nuances.

Although the name Suoi Tien Mui Ne is less known to tourists, this place has great potential for tourism because of its uniqueness and difference with the orange-red colour. If you have the opportunity to travel to Phan Thiet, do not forget to take a moment to visit this special and unique tourist destination in Mui Ne Binh Thuan.

4. Mui Ne Fishing Village is among Mui Ne Best Thing to Do

Mui Ne Fishing Village

In addition to swimming, participating in fun activities on the sea, visiting scenic spots. There is also a place that tourists cannot miss when coming here is the fishing village of Mui Ne. Not only is a place where visitors can buy cheap fresh seafood, but also learn about the lives of people in the sea and admire the unique natural scenery in the coastal area.

The fishing village of Mui Ne is located on Huynh Thuc Khang street. About 200m from Mui Ne bus station, 23km north of Phan Thiet city centre and about 1km from Mui Ne market.

If you come here in the early morning. You will have the opportunity to admire the bustling trade scene of fishermen returning from late sea trips.

Coming to the fishing village, you will experience the life and fishing profession of fishermen. When the small baskets return, the fishing effort is poured into a small canvas, from which the crabs and fish will be classified by type and size, and then sold to tourists or local people. Cheap fresh seafood can be bought, sold and traded quickly, depending on quality and size. From 9 am onwards, the beach began to thin again. At about 10 o’clock, on the sand, only a few people lingered to sell all the little seafood to late visitors.

Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious taste of the sea on the shore with the cheapest price or buy some fresh seafood at home. While eating, you can comfortably watch the sea, bustling shopping scene of the people of the sea.

If you have time, you will take a walk deep inside the fishing village, you will learn how meticulous the process of drying fish, drying squid and fish sauce is.

This is also a place with beautiful scenery when sunset falls or dawn. Watching from a distance the beach has hundreds of ships anchored, a poetic landscape that attracts those who love the beauty of the sea. If the morning is quiet with hundreds of boats falling asleep and the sky is soaked with blue magic when sunset falls. The sea is shimmering and bright, each boat is a rustic silence.

5. Ke Ga Lighthouse is one of the top 10 Things to Do in Mui Ne

Ke Ga Lighthouse
Mui Ke Ga has a pristine landscape, clear blue water. With unique peculiarly shaped rocks and an ancient lighthouse towering over the sea and sky, about 20 km from Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan.

Ke Ga Cape is still quite wild. When you come here, you have to go canoe to Mui Dien, a few hundred meters from the shore. This is where the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam and tallest, oldest in Southeast Asia, designed by a French engineer.

To go to the lighthouse located on Mui Dien, remember to arrive before 17:00. Because after this time, the canoe will only pick up guests, not bring passengers. And also should come here in the afternoon to see firsthand the sunset is more beautiful than in the movie.

Lighthouse at Ke Ga Cape. Inside the lighthouse, 183 spiralling steel steps are leading to the top of the lighthouse and dozens of steps leading up to the top of the light. Construction materials were brought from France.

Ke Ga Lighthouse has been confirmed by the centre of Vietnam. It records as the tallest and oldest lighthouse in Vietnam.

6. Whale Temple

Whale Temple

Whale temple, officially known as Dinh Van Thuy Tu, is located on Ngu Ong Street, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan. It’s built-in 1762 to worship Nam Hai god.

According to legend, after the Palace was completed, a very large man washes up on the shore in front. Fishermen in the area were mobilized to put him into burial on the grounds. Because he was too big, it took two days before he was brought ashore and solemnly buried. Ong skeleton, with a length of 22m, weighing 65 tons, is now restored and placed on a solid stainless steel frame above a large boat model placed solemnly in the Palace.

This is a long-standing temple built in Phan Thiet with a special architecture. Passing the three-door gate, quite deep inside is the main area to worship Nam Hai Cu Toc Ngoc Lan. The left side is to worship Thuy Long, the goddess of the goddess and the right to worship the god of worship and the right to worship Thai princely. Behind the Palace is a storage room that preserves more than 100 whale skeletons dating back over 150 years, including the record whale skeleton in Southeast Asia.

Besides, Dinh Van Thuy Tu still preserves many artefacts of the historical and cultural value of Binh Thuan’s. Such as 24 ordinations of Nguyen kings (because Nguyen generals were rescued by whales at sea. many times), or panels and parallel sentences in Han-Nom characters left on an ancient bronze bell over 140 years old …

Visiting here, tourists have the opportunity to hear about the legends of the miracle saved people from disasters, waves at sea. And learn about the customs of the fishermen’s Nam Hai.

7. Cham Poshanu Tower

Cham Poshanu Tower

Although the ancient Kingdom of Champa has disappeared for a long time. The unique architecture that they remain and makes people sobbing and surprised. Typical of which is the famous relic cluster of Poshanu Phan Thiet Cham Tower.

The first impression when seeing Poshanu Cham Tower is the unique Hoa Lai architectural style – one of the classics that distils the most impressive quintessence of the ancient Champa.

The entire tower cluster was built with red bricks, joined together without seeing a mortar circuit – a typical style of the Cham that until now scientists have not been able to explain why they can do that special thing again.

The four sides of the tower are designed in a square shape. The higher the tower is, the smaller the shape of the tower is, the doors are arched with delicate patterns carved on the surface … Time has passed, but it still retains quite the integrity and clarity of the images.

This top-notch architecture and is considered a symbol of the Kingdom of Champa. It not only appears here but can also be found in many other famous works such as Poklong Garai Cham Tower, My Son Sanctuary, Tower Po Dam …

Poshanu Binh Thuan Cham Tower consists of 3 towers. The largest tower or the main tower is located in the middle 15m high. With one main door facing the East as the residence of the gods and 3 fake doors in the other 3 directions.

Moreover, this tower is also designed with 3 floors, each floor is decorated with flowers and strange figures are carved dense on the brick surface. Inside the tower, the real-life part of Linga – Yoni is worshipped in monolithic bluestone. The most sacred mascot in the Hindu temples.

Located right next to is the tower worshipping the God of Fire. So it looks very similar to the image of the kitchen from afar. It is not only the smallest size, only 4m high, but the architecture and decorative features are also simpler. Even due to the erosion of nature, the tower is now quite damaged and the patterns and motifs have also faded away, leaving only the original lines.

In the far north is the tower worshipping Ox Nandin – the riding mascot of Shiva. The tower is about 12 meters high, with the same architecture as the main tower, but is streamlined in detail to the overall harmony.

Currently, the Poshanu Cham Tower Relic Area is restored and repaired by the state and is ranked as a historic architectural monument of national art. Every year, this place attracts a lot of tourists to visit. When the Rija Nuga or Poh Mbang festival, residents come here to pray for rain and pray for good things.

8. Takou Mountain Pagoda – Buddha Lying 49 meters long

Takou Mountain Pagoda

Takou Mountain in Phan Thiet nowadays attracts many tourists to explore, participate in entertainment games and pilgrimage to Buddha. On Takou mountain there is a temple called Takou mountain pagoda which is very sacred and is pilgrimage by Buddhists and visitors here every day.

Takou Mountain is 649m high, located along National Highway 1A, Tan Lap commune, Ham Thuan Nam district. About 28km from Phan Thiet. Takou mountain pagoda is a group of pagodas consisting of Tren Pagoda, also known as Linh Son Truong Tho, and Lower Pagoda also called Long Doan.

Ta Cu mountain pagoda is located on the slopes of Ta Cu mountain at an altitude of 400m, including Tren Pagoda built-in 1879. But many years ago there was a temple to worship Buddha with a thatched roof and Tren Pagoda was built after the Huu Duc group.

From the foot of the mountain, climb hundreds of steps along the winding roads between the old forest to reach the temple. Here all year round the air is fresh, cool, the average temperature is 18-22 degrees Celsius. The steams radiating from the rocky mountain with cool air in summer. The majestic, poetic landscape of the mountains and forests makes Nui Temple even more famous.

The most monumental and unique work is the 49m-long Nirvana Shakyamuni Buddha statue. With the length of 11m, lying on its side, his back leaning against the cliff, his head on his arm, built-in 1962 and near 4 years later to complete.

With a modern and safe cable car system, visiting Takou mountain pagoda has become easier.

9. Duc Thanh School

Duc Thanh School

Located in Thanh Duc village, now it is 39 Trung Nhi street, Duc Nghia ward, Phan Thiet. The school is located on the banks of the beautiful and peaceful Ca Ty river of Phan Thiet city.

The relic of Duc Thanh School, also known as Duc Thanh Hoc Hieu, Youth Education, is a school founded by patriotic scholars in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province in 1907 to respond to the Duy Tan movement. initiated by Phan Chau Trinh, Tran Quy Cap and Huynh Thuc Khang in Trung Ky.

The scene inside Duc Thanh school is covered with a cool green colour of trees. They are very well cared for, including the old star fruit tree Nguyen Thong planted since the establishment of the school is still green, lush.

The architecture of Duc Thanh school consists of 2 large wooden houses used as teaching rooms. A small house, a Ngu house for teachers and students to stay in and a reception place named Ngoa Du Sao.

The teaching room of Duc Thanh School is built of very large wood. Inside the classroom, there are still tables, chairs, blackboards and a school drum. The Fisherman’s House on the right side of the classroom is where the students and teachers live. Behind the classroom and the Ngu house is Ngoa Du Sao. It is used as a reception place for guests, essay poems and school desks.

Uncle Ho was a young teacher named Nguyen Tat Thanh when he first entered the school. He is a teacher who teaches Quoc Ngu and Han Van characters and spreads the spirit of patriotism and national pride. From starting to teach until leaving Phan Thiet to move to Saigon, Duc Thanh School was Uncle Ho’s residence during this period.

10. Phan Thiet Market

Phan Thiet Market
Phan Thiet Market, which sells a variety of commodities, is a destination that cannot be ignored. Phan Thiet not only has beautiful beaches and islands but also many famous markets.

Referring to Phan Thiet, of course, you cannot ignore seafood. Fish, shrimp, snail … Any kind of fat, and scaly iridescent in the sun. However, the most famous in this market is squid. The squids here are very rich. From fresh squid, dried squid, squid in the sun to seasoned squid are all widely available. The quality of squid here is highly appreciated by diners for its freshness and taste. The price is very cheap!

Entering the Phan Thiet market, you will feel like you are lost in the paradise of “dry food”. Because of a series of stalls selling all kinds of colourful and assorted dry food. Besides dried squid, dried shrimp, dried fish is the best-selling item in this market.

Phan Thiet fish sauces are the most famous specialities of this beautiful coastal town. Taking advantage of the available fresh ingredients and long-standing processing experience. The people here have distilled the essence from the sea and the secrets of their ancestors into a variety of delicious and attractive fish sauce and fish sauce. Coming to Phan Thiet without enjoying the sauce, not tasting the sweet and salty fish sauce is still lacking.

If you have visited the Phan Thiet market, do not forget to take the time to explore the food at the market! Besides the stalls selling seafood and dry food, the confectionery and fruit stalls are always visited by visitors. Phan Thiet has many delicious dishes such as cauldron cake, squid teeth, pancakes, rice paper roll, Phan Thiet canasta, fish salad, fish ball … Each dish has its taste but the common point is that the price is very cheap and especially delicious.

Besides, Ham Tien Market and Mui Ne Market are famous here too.

Mui Ne Beach Tourism is famous for clean and beautiful beaches along with many beautiful and attractive attractions. Along with that, enjoy Mui Ne specialities with seafood dishes, cakes … Mui Ne is famous for its beautiful hotels, resorts … Hope with the article summarizing the hottest tourist destinations in Mui Ne that we share above will be useful to you. Travelling to Mui Ne, you should go at the right time to be able to fully explore the beauty and swim.

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