Top 10 Things To Do in Mu Cang Chai
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Top 10 Things To Do in Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai has gained well-deserved recognition as one of Vietnam’s most renowned landscapes. If you have a penchant for the enchanting allure of rustic countryside and lush green mountains, Mu Cang Chai is sure to captivate your heart. To make the most of your visit to this stunning destination, here’s a curated list of the top 10 things to do when you first arrive in Mu Cang Chai.

1. Tu Le Terraced Field is our first choice for Top 10 Things To Do in Mu Cang Chai

Tu Le Terraced Field

Mu Cang Chai is an unmissable tourist destination, especially during the golden season. Here, you will be treated to the breathtaking sight of expansive terraced fields adorned in stunning shades of yellow and green. Additionally, a visit to Lim Thai village and Lim Mong village, located just 3km away, allows you to witness charming stilt houses lining both sides of the road. These experiences are sure to leave you in awe of the natural beauty and cultural richness that Mu Cang Chai has to offer.

2. Khau Pha Pass

Khau Pha Pass
Khau Pha Pass is one of the four great mountain passes of the Northern mountainous region. This winding road is always the target of the conquest of the enthusiasts of moving. Not only steep but on the way you will also encounter many bumpy turns, challenging every steering wheel. However, the natural scenery on the two sides of the pass is very worthwhile for you to overcome all the troubles on the way here.

Khau Pha Pass has an altitude of over 1200m, so the weather and climate are quite cool. No matter what time of year you come here, tourists travelling to Mu Cang Chai will enjoy the fresh, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Besides, you can also entertain and experience many interesting things, including skydiving games.

From above, you will admire the whole majestic mountains, valleys with villages, and nine golden terraced fields. For those of you who are brave enough and not afraid of heights, this will be a very memorable memory.

3. Lim Mong Village

Lim Mong Village

Lim Mong village is located in Mu Cang Chai district. Access to the village is difficult and quite far away. This is the most remote village of the district so the scene is very wild and quiet. It attracts tourists by its beautiful nature, peaceful fresh air. Especially the unique and impressive culture of the Mong people in Yen Bai.

Lam Mong village at each time has its characteristics, but the most beautiful is probably the period from September to November.

4. Lao Chai

Lao Chai

From the centre of Mu Cang Chai town, about 10km towards Than Uyen, you will reach Lao Chai commune. The road to the commune is not easy to go, many roads are small and slippery (not recommended when it rains) but through it, you will reach the incredibly majestic terraced fields.

5. Mo Waterfall

Mo Waterfall
Mo Waterfall is the favorite stop of tourists, the waterfall flows in a spiral shape forming 4 layers of water, so it is extremely attractive. In particular, from May to June, the Northwest is the season of water pouring, so the water flowing down from above creates white foam waves. The water is clear and cool, so many guests cool off the summer by bathing at the foot of the waterfall.

Besides, the Mo waterfall also attracts everyone by the wild and colourful scenery with flowers. Between the forest green and the pristine white of the plum blossoms, the plum blossoms and the bright red and pink plum blossoms. All create a great picture, causing much love for visitors.

6. La Pan Tan Commune

La Pan Tan Commune

La Pan Tan is a poor commune in Mu Cang Chai. The facilities here are still in many difficulties and short supply. Even so, nature and people here are never ‘poor’, ‘needy’. La Pan Tan owns impressive architectural works created from the hands of labour of farmers.

The highlight is the beautiful terraced fields like the sky and the majestic mountains, filled with colours and aroma, called the ‘Mam Xoi terraces‘ that are full of curiosity for visitors.

7. Mu Cang Chai Fairs

Mu Cang Chai Fairs

It is a major content of the Mu Cang Chai Terraced Field festival week. It has become an indispensable cultural activity in the life of the people of Mu Cang Chai upland. In addition to the purpose of buying, selling and exchanging goods, the fair is also a place for cultural exchanges of ethnic minorities here.

The items sold at the fair are quite plentiful, but mainly the products of the mountains or the goods made by the people here such as honey, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear fungus, paddy, corn, soybeans. vegetables, brocade… Men often wear black clothes, while women are dressed in bright colours, creating beauty and a joyful atmosphere for the market day.

8. Pu Nhu Waterfall

Pu Nhu Waterfall
It is located in Pu Nhu village, in La Pan Tan commune, Mu Cang Chai district, about 10km west of the centre of Mu Cang Chai district. Derived from the streams in the watershed forests poured in from Than Uyen (Lao Cai), the waterfall has a water column height of about 20m, divided into many steps.

9. Thac Ba Lake

Thac Ba Lake

It is known as “Ha Long on the mountain in Mu Cang Chai”, is one of the three largest artificial lakes in our country. If you still do not know where to go when travelling to Mu Cang Chai, it is an ideal destination that you should not miss. Thac Ba Lake is located in Luc Yen and Yen Binh communes, including 1300 large and small islands with a beautiful cave system.

You can take a boat travelling on the lake to enjoy the fresh air and mingle with the natural scenery. Attractive places in Thac Ba lake you should not miss such as Xuan Long cave, Ong waterfall, Thuy Tien cave, Bach Xa cave, …

10. Ngoi Tu village

Ngoi Tu village

This is the ideal destination to learn about the unique culture of Mu Cang Chai, with diverse and rich natural resources. Ngoi Tu village is cool in summer and cold in winter. It features topography of lakes, waterfalls, rocky mountains, earthy mountains, rivers, streams, Cao Bien mountain range and Con Voi mountain creating a charming landscape. Visiting Ngoi Tu village, you can walk around the scenic village, explore the life of the ethnic village here and not forget to enjoy the delicious specialties.

The tourist attractions in Mu Cang Chai above promise to bring a lot of interesting discovery experiences in “the land of clouds, high mountains and deep ravines”. Hope you will have a memorable trip and a happy trip.

Amazing Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai tour 3 days will be an amazing journey for you to discover the beauties of rice terrace fields with different picture which both nature and local people built as a spectacular scenery for this land. Don’t miss it once you visit Vietnam to discover its beauties all year round from March to November yearly.
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