Top 10 Things to Do in Mai Chau
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Top 10 Things to Do in Mai Chau

Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) is always a peaceful and quiet place. A place to help you get away from the noise of the city and immerse yourself like the mountains to enjoy relaxing moments after stressful working days. So what is beautiful about Mai Chau tourism that attracts so much?

Let’s refer to the list of top things to do in Mai Chau scenes for your travel trip!

1. Thung Khe Pass is our first choice for top things to do in Mai Chau

Thung Khe Pass

Before entering Mai Chau, you will through Thung Khe Pass. Stopping here to see the beautiful scenery of Mai Chau from a distance like a picture with many colours and take some unique photos on the white hill. Like the Northern European hill of Mai Chau. Come here you are like stepping into the European landscape with white space of Rocky Mountains and fog covered.

The weather in Thung Khe pass in four seasons is all beautiful. When the sun rises the first rays of the sun here are smeared with morning mist. The sunlight shines brightly in yellow at noon like summer. But not as hot as in autumn, but cold in the evening like winter. This is the check-in point you should not miss when travelling to Mai Chau.

2. Thung Nai Port

Thung Nai Hoa Binh

About 20km from the centre of Hoa Binh city, Thung Nai is considered as “Ha Long on land”. The beauty of Thung Nai is the combination of Da River and majestic mountains, suitable for fun short weekends. Coming to Thung Nai, you will be rowing boat watching Da River, participating in Thac Bo Floating Market, visiting Ba Chua Thac Bo Temple.

The first impression of this beautiful Mai Chau scene is the tranquility of a dreamland, both wild and romantic and lyrical. On rainy days, the lake surface is covered with the red colour of alluvium, the rest of Thung Nhai is silver covered by fanciful turquoise blue.

Together, enjoy the feeling of gentle and relaxing fullness in a charming, peaceful, green space. All above that the reason for top things to do in Mai Chau list.

3. Flagpole Mai Chau

The next of top things to do in Mai Chau is Passing Thung Khe pass. It’s do not rush to Mai Chau immediately but go to flagpole Mai Chau. From here you will see the panoramic view of Mai Chau valley with white clouds on the mountainside as if you are lost in weasels. Coming here without checking in this Mai Chau tourist spot is regrettable!

4. Lac Village

Ban Lac village is a very familiar community tourism destination in the hearts of tourists. It is not a busy, splendid place, not high in taste. But all are rustic, natural, and friendly, making visitors coming here will remember forever.

Mai Chau Lac Village

Lac village is a place imprinted with the cultural identity of the White Thai people. Five families of the Thai ethnic group living in Lac village are Ha, Lo, Vi, Mac, Loc. It has been in existence for 700 years now. In the past, the villagers lived only on upland rice cultivation and brocade weaving, later on, the hidden beauty of Lac village was gradually discovered by tourists. These days everyone in the village is working on tourism and the name of the Lac village is one of the key tourism areas in Mai Chau.

Many people in Ban Lac provide spacious and airy homestay accommodation to serve the needs of tourists. All stilt houses in Lac village are tall, spacious and clean, keeping the old architecture style. Inside each service, the house is fully equipped with blankets, cushions and pillows, neatly folded. Homestay trip in Ban lac is one of the great recommendation for top things to do in Mai Chau, Vietnam.

5. Mo Luong Cave

Not far from the centre of Mai Chau town, close to Highway 15 looking towards the charge of the Lac village, Pom Coong is the Mo Luong cave. The old name is Bo Luong cave, Thai Bo Luong means big water spring. It is a water spring that originates in the heart of the Pu Kha mountain range. This spring flowed into the western field, the local people dug into a reservoir and named it Mo Luong lake.

6. Thai Museum

An exhibition housekeeping ancient Thai artefacts, collected by Mr Kien for 10 years to show his love for his deceased wife. Currently, all antiques are transferred and stored at Ban Van Cultural House.

Coming here, you will admire the ancient Thai antiques that have been developed for hundreds of years, priceless antique coins, carefully collected and preserved.

7. Go Lao Waterfall

Go Lao waterfall, also known as Go Mu waterfall, a beautiful waterfall located in Phuc San commune, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province. This place is about 15 km from Mai Chau town. On the way to Go Lao, you will be attracted by the natural scenery on both sides of the road. Pretty small Muong houses, rows of corn interspersed with cat-ear rocky outcrops, mighty Ba Khan Lake, poetic buttocks or straight bamboo forests.

Go Lao waterfall is located at the foot of the mountain, close to the edge of Hoa Binh hydroelectricity. White waterfall, blowing foam full of ravines like a symphony between mountains and forests. An attractive Mai Chau tourist spot, worth exploring.

8. Nhot Village

Like other villages in Mai Chau, people of Nhot village often live in places with rivers and streams, making houses leaning against the mountains and hills, the front of the house is usually vast fields.

The houses here are often built in the style of traditional Thai architecture. Roofs with rattan leaves or bricks. The floor is built of bamboo or bamboo and made about 2m from the ground by sturdy wooden pillars. Here you should wander to explore more brocade products and find yourself a favourite item or as a gift for your friends and relatives.

Travelling to Mai Chau you will have the opportunity to try weaving, pounding rice, sifting rice, cooking wine, feeding animals. Specially learning to make traditional dishes and watching performances of ethnic musical instruments.

9. Pa Co Market

The fair market, about 40km north of Mai Chau town, is located between 3 communes of Hang Kia. Pa Co (Mai Chau) and Loong Luong (Moc Chau, Son La). The Pa Co fair only held on Sundays every week, when the fog was still dark throughout the forest and mountains. The people of Mai Chau upland H’Mong were eager to go down to the market. The highland fair here is not only a place to buy, sell and exchange goods, but also a place to meet and exchange of people in the highlands.

Although the Pa Co fair takes place once a week. It is busy like a festival, Tet’s day is plains. The market sells all kinds of things; here visitors will be “overwhelmed” by a wide range of products from agricultural products, livestock, fabrics, and brocade products, agricultural tools to home appliances, electronics, and music records, cosmetic…

Pa Co fair is located in Pa Co commune, Mai Chau district. From the centre of Mai Chau town, you can travel by motorbike or private car along National Highway 6 to get here. If you are adventure lover so trekking in Pa Co is the first choice for top things to do in Mai Chau travel schedule.

10. Pom Coong Village is our last recommend for top things to do in Mai Chau

Pom Coong means the village of the hills lying on the large drum, implying fields – a name rich in images and meanings. Pom Coong has been known as a cultural village, a tourist village, an attractive destination for cross-country tourists with nearly 70 households and more than 300 people.

Traditionally, Pom Coong people still set up unique stilts to live in. The houses that sprout up close are only separated by vegetable beds or thin banks, sitting on the doorway, people can talk and have fun together.

Pom Coong

Pom Coong is very clean, clean water source, water and sanitation works are built to give visitors a feeling of freshness and safety. Water mainly taps water. Garbage is sorted, stored in bins and disposed of. Village roads and alleys are always clean, no people littering…

If you still wonder with the question: “what is top things to do in Mai Chau?”, Maybe you should not hesitate anymore, but just pick up your backpack right away because it is a place with so many things to explore.

Mai Chau Hoa Binh tourism will become a very interesting experience when you want to find a tourist destination in the North to rest, escape from work and stressful life. Then what are you waiting for, let’s explore this place with Origin travel!

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