Top 10 Things to Do in Hoi An
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Top 10 Things to Do in Hoi An

1. Walk around the Old Town by Bike is our first choice for Top 10 Things to Do in Hoi An

Walk Around The Old Town By Bike

Hoi An is a great destination for cycling. The weather here is very pleasant in the early morning and afternoon. Daytime is not too sunny and has a cool breeze, and the evening will be chilly. There are also cars fitted with baby seats. So you can ride your baby behind your back or mini-cars for your baby to ride with parents.

With a rental bicycle priced at 25,000 VND / day, you can cycle around the small streets, wandering along the Hoai River or rice fields filled with fragrant rice.

If you prepare some snacks, the whole family will have a small picnic under a cool canopy in the middle of the field. This is not easy when in the bustling city.

2. Admire the Japanese Covered Bridge

Japanese Covered Bridge

Someone once said Covered Bridge is the highlight of Hoi An tourism. It is the love of the dwellers indeed not wrong.

Hoi An Covered Bridge is located squeezed through a small branch of the Thu Bon stream. All year round embracing the city, surrounded by a thousand-year-old historic town.

The ancient Japanese Covered Bridge is quiet, peacefully located in the prosperous city of modern Hoian. That place has witnessed the change of history many times over time. But most of all, it marks the intersection of unique cultures, all of which put on Hoi’s rare beauty today.

Cleverly placed on a bridge, below is a clear cool water stream, above is a peaceful roof. Japanese Covered Bridge is representative of the traditional architecture of Eastern countries. Japanese Covered Bridge is one of the meaningful tourist destinations of Hoi An, will be the perfect stopover for your trip because of the unique architecture of wooden pillars, painted in lipstick, engraved, meticulous.

3. Sunbathe on An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach

Once rated as one of the top 100 most beautiful beaches on the planet by CNN’s travel site, An Bang beach deserves to be the jewel of Quang Nam tourism.

Referring to Quang Nam tourism, many people will probably refer to Hoi An ancient town first because it is extremely famous for its ancient beauty mixed with extremely vibrant modernity.

But did you know that the sea in Quang Nam is also very beautiful, in which the Cua Dai and An Bang beaches are given winged compliments by many tourists?

Only about a kilometre apart from each other, but the sea in Cua Dai and An Bang has its unique beauty. Cua Dai Beach is exploited for tourism and famous from the beginning, so there are quite a lot of tourists coming here. It is more vibrant and bustling here. An Bang beach is different, tourism exploitation is not too developed, so, fortunately, the sea still retains its wild features.

The peacefulness of An Bang beach will be extremely suitable for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of life. Go to a place that is not too crowded to feel relaxed and peaceful.

An Bang beach is located in Cam An ward, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, only 3 to 5 kilometres from the centre of the old town, very close. After spending time exploring the town all the beauty of the old town, you can go to An Bang beach to enjoy the taste of the sea and freedom swim, immerse in the cool water.

4. Visit My Son Ruins

My Son Sanctuary

Together with the ancient town of Hoi An and Hue, My Son Sanctuary has created a cluster of three famous World Cultural Heritages in the heart of Central Vietnam. It becoming a tourist destination that has remained hot during the past time.

Honoured in the top 10 most beautiful and famous temples of Southeast Asia. My Son is a sacred destination, attracting tourists to visit and admire every day.

Each historical period has its own mark, each temple tower worship different gods and dynasties to create unique architectures together as now. However, in general, My Son was built on a quadrilateral plane, divided into 3 parts, the base of the tower, the tower body and the top part all symbolize a certain meaning.

The entire My Son monument is divided into 4 areas: A, B, C. Do not worry because visitors will be guided to visit each such area. The prominent highlight here is the ancient Champa architecture that seems to remain intact such as the Siva statue, the stone stele, the mascots and the ancient temple system.

Although it is a famous sightseeing spot, My Son temple tower is located in the middle of a deep valley, seemingly separated from the outside. In addition to seeing and hearing about the schedule of the temples here, the best thing that you definitely cannot ignore is the magical Siva dances. These dances appear between the wild mountains in a lively and fluid manner.

5. Learn to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes

Cao Lau
Cooking classes are organized by restaurants, hotels and travel agencies. These classes often including all the stages from going to local markets to visiting and choosing to buy ingredients. You will cook under the guidance of highly skilled chefs and enjoy the results. Recipes of delicious local dishes such as vermicelli beef, high-rise, Quang noodles, pancakes, spring rolls, Hoi An rolls … are very popular. Because of their diverse ingredients, but harmonious, easy to eat, and can be applied even when the traveller has returned home.

Visitors are seasoned to taste and enjoy the main dishes they cook. Everyone is free to share, regardless of men or women, even children can join their parents, grandparents. Cooking classes often have open spaces and rustic design, creating a familiar, rustic feel like home. Besides, it is the friendliness and enthusiasm of the staff and the people here. In Tra Que Vegetable Village, visitors are also invited into the home garden to try growing vegetables, picking vegetables, or experiencing a massage with herbs.

The ancient town of Hoi An is inviting steps from all over and is one of the most appreciated tourist destinations in our country. This type of culinary tourism contributes to the introduction and promotion of local culture and lifestyle. While reducing the load on the old town heritage, bringing visitors to the vicinity such as Tra Que vegetable village, Thanh pottery village Ha, Hoi An silk village …

6. Watch a water puppet show

Water puppet show

“Water puppetry “is a folk performing art typical of the long rice civilization of the Vietnamese people”. Puppet activities are present in many countries around the world, but only in Vietnam is this kind of puppet show.

Hoi An water puppet art with many meticulous performing artists through the performance by professional and experienced artists with careful investment in content, water, puppet, sound, light … It will help visitors immerse themselves in the art space bearing Vietnamese cultural style and Quang Nam in particular.

Venue: Hoi An Theater, 548 Hai Ba Trung – Hoi An.


  • Adults: 80,000 VND.
  • Children: 40,000 VND.

Show: 18h30 on Tuesday, 6th & 7th every week

7. Scuba diving & Snorkeling at Cham Island

Scuba diving & Snorkeling at Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham is known as a cluster of islands, located in Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, about 16km from Cua Dai sea. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. Currently, the island is home to more than 3,000 local people, mainly living by offshore fishing.

It is difficult to describe the emotions of seeing and touching directly the beautiful and colorful coral reefs. Thanks to the coast that is deep enough, along with the blue water surface, being able to see the green mosses. They have created conditions for visitors to fully explore nature under the seabed.

Currently, the diving service to see Cu Lao Cham coral is divided into 3 categories:


This is the most basic diving service and is included in the 1 day Cu Lao Cham tour.

Before diving, you will be instructed a few rules to be able to dive safely. Along with that is equipped with life jackets, diving goggles.

Scuba diving

It is a form of diving to watch the corals by scent, accompanied by experts. To participate in Diving, you will have to purchase a separate ticket, as this is a quite complicated diving activity, requiring a separate guide. Here, you will learn briefly about the sea manoeuvres as well as some symbols for your companion.

For Diving, the outfit included will be the dedicated diving gear, the scuba and a guide.

Walk under the sea to watch the coral

If you want to directly touch your feet to the bottom of the sea, you should choose this walking service. For this service, you don’t need to know how to swim, just wear a walking hat like you would on land. First, just like Diving, you will be instructed several notes to be able to participate in without being surprised.

All 3 types of diving above are reserved for those who cannot swim, in which floating diving is the most popular form and is the most popular choice and the cost is also the cheapest.

8. Banh Mi Phuong – Taste the best ones in Hoian

Banh Mi Phuong

Coming to Hoi An without ever trying Phuong bread is flawed. For those who have tried this dish, they will want to come back to taste its special taste that not everywhere.

The loaf of bread is combined by its flavours, with a variety of characteristic types. The most important part of creating a delicious cake is the bread. The restaurant is open from 6 am to 9 pm daily, so everyone should pay attention not to go too late. The restaurant is quite crowded so you will have to wait. Waiting a moment to enjoy a famous dish, one of the bread ranked “world’s best” is also worth it!

9. Boat along the rivers

The boat on Hoai River

Taking a boat on Hoai River, although not unfamiliar to tourists when travelling to Hoi An, every experience brings interesting feelings that make someone unable to leave.

Cruise on Hoai River is one of the typical recreational activities attracting tourists when travelling to Hoi An. Because amidst the chaos of life, the moment of being able to relax on the Hoai River. Let breathing the fresh air, watching the peaceful old town every early morning or shimmering fanciful every night like forgetting all worries. Especially, regenerating energy full of a fresh spirit is extremely valuable that not all tourist destinations can do.

It’s truly great activities in hoi an

Boat ride service on Hoai River serves tourists from early morning until late at night. Each time sailing will have its interesting things. If in the early morning, you can watch the sunrise, breathe cool air and own yourself a picture of the fresh natural landscape amid vibrant natural light. When night falls, you will be amazed at the shimmering beauty of the colourful multi-storey light shining from the street down the riverbed, extremely romantic and peaceful.

What is more wonderful than when half a day can sit on the water, the evening comes to be calm in the middle of the grand outdoor stage scene with eye-catching and sublimation performances. That is the show “Memory of Hoi An” with the message of “touching the memory, awakening a hundred years” that was “conceived” by the world’s leading culinary experts for two years.

The show “Memory of Hoi An” scene art show takes place every night (except Tuesday) starting at 19h30 at Hoi An Impression Theme Cultural Park.

10. Hoi An night market

Hoi An night market

Located on Nguyen Hoang Street, Hoi An City, this night market has named the street it is located. Nguyen Hoang Hoi An night market is one of the busiest night markets in the old town. This place converges all kinds of specialities, souvenirs or the most typical delicacies of Pho Hoi. If you have come to Hoi An, you should not miss the opportunity to visit this famous night market.

For many people, they come to Nguyen Hoang Hoi An night market not really to buy and sell. But sometimes just to immerse in the bustling, crowded atmosphere in the bustling Hoi street. Or simply wandering around watching the Hoai river, dreaming at night and watching the landscape of shopping by the river.

Nguyen Hoang Hoi An night market is about 300m wide with about 50 stalls stretching along Nguyen Hoang route. The goods here are very diverse with all kinds, from souvenirs, cuisine to decorations, clothes, bags … Especially this market has a local character with its beauty. Especially only in Quang Nam.

Time openning and closing of Hoi An night market

The market is held from 5 pm until 11 pm. Walking along with the market, visitors will find all kinds of products. Including some typical local items like earthen platters, souvenir pottery of Thanh Ha pottery village, cloth, silk, colourful lanterns or famous Hoi An delicacies. Such as noodles, high-rise, lotus seed tea, mussel and rice paper … Each item, each dish has a bold breath of the old town.

Each local market will reflect the culture and lifestyle of the people there. Therefore, visiting Nguyen Hoang Hoi An night market, visitors will always find interesting things about the people and culture of Pho Hoi.

Hoi An is a beautiful destination and brings many experiences and memorable moments for visitors. You can come to Hoi An in any season of the year. If you are wondering where to travel after hard working days, book tickets to Hoi An, next to Da Thanh! Hopefully, this article will help you prepare for your trip very well.

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