Top 10 Things To Do in Hai Phong
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Top 10 Things To Do in Hai Phong

Surely many tourists do not know where Hai Phong should go? Here Origin Travel tells you the top most beautiful tourist destinations in Hai Phong for a happy tour! Hai Phong is a port city, the main seaport of our country, the hub of traffic, so the economic and tourism sectors have developed constantly.

With many beautiful sceneries, beautiful landscapes are extremely leading. Come experience and explore through our Top 10 Things To Do in Hai Phong!

1. Cat Ba Island is our first choice for top things to do in Hai Phong

Cat Ba Island

This is the most famous tourist destination of Hai Phong. It is often the first destination for tourists thanks to the majestic natural beauty of forests, seas, bays to cultural heritages and resort tourism services. Cat Ba is located in Hai Cat district, 30km from Hai Phong city centre.

From the mainland, tourists can visit Cat Ba Island by boat or by highway or catch a car at the station.

Cat Ba is a combination of forest and sea to create a beautiful, blue and green landscape. Cat Ba Island also has Monkey Island, Ong Island … are famous tourist destinations of Hai Phong.

Check out top 10 things to do in Cat Ba Island here

2. Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay

Spend overnight in Lan Ha bay is our priority choice for top things to do in Hai Phong. It’s located in the complex of “pearls” Cat Ba, paradise in Lan Ha Bay located in the East of Cat Ba Island, adjacent to Halong Bay is a tourist destination in Hai Phong that you definitely cannot miss for spend overnight on a cruise. A peaceful green bay, beautiful and pristine golden sand beaches along with a viewing experience by kayaking, scuba diving to watch the coral, visiting Monkey Island cannot stop visitors from exploring.

Lan Ha Bay has about 400 islands, large and small and 139 white-sand beaches stretching between the rocky mountains. It is an ideal beach suitable for tourists to swim because the sea is quite calm, the water is clear and clean. Tourists like diving to watch coral should go to Van Boi, Van Ha coast.

3. Elephant Mountain

Elephant Mountain

Elephant Mountain is the highest mountain in the north of Kien An, with a very rich natural population. But with a wild charm full of beauty. Elephant Mountain is the ideal place for tourists to choose for the journey to experience and explore the beauty of this place. Moreover, Elephant Mountain also has a complex of famous scenic caves such as carp cave, tank cave, gong cave … Each cave has its unique reading beauty such as stalactites, dragon heads, tigers. dress, elephant head …

Going to the top of the mountain, you will see an empty land called the chessboard of the fairyland. The beautiful scenery at Elephant Mountain is a famous tourist destination in Hai Phong with many wonderful landscapes. If you have the opportunity to come here to experience the mysteries of this place!

4. Bao Dai Palace

Bao Dai Palace

Referring to the top things to do in Hai Phong, Bao Dai Villa is located on Vung Hill, Area 2 Do Son, Van Huong Ward, Do Son District, City. Hai Phong. It is a unique architectural work with special historical value because it marks important milestones in the life of the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty – Bao Dai Dynasty.

The villa preserves the rooms of the king and queen, furniture, furniture and also very beautiful architecture. The space at the villa overlooking the sea and island is extremely cool and elegant.

5. Hon Dau Island

Hon Dau Island

Hon Dau is one of the famous tourist destinations in Hai Phong for its beautiful scenery like a beautiful landscape on earth. Quiet space, visitors let their souls follow the nature of the mountains and forests. The two sides of the central road of the island are rows of green, winding trees, making visitors feel like they are lost in the mysterious green forest.

Certainly, after the trip, it will make an unforgettable impression on the hearts of each traveller.

6. Do Son Beach

Do Son Beach

The eye-catching green long beach and immense primitive forests create majestic wild beauty that shocks people. Do Son is a famous resort and sea bathing in the North of Vietnam, where there is a harmonious combination between smooth white sand, immense alluvial sea and the other is the mountains and pine hills, casuarina.

Here, visitors can explore Dau Island tourist area with the largest artificial swimming pool in Asia, with bird gardens, zoos, entertainment areas, 3 to 5-star hotels. Especially an ancient lighthouse over a hundred years old is indispensable. Since being renovated nicely, this place is also known as “a miniature Da Lat” area. Every year a lot of tourists come to play on summer days.

7. Bach Long Vy island

Bach Long Vy island

From Binh wharf (Hai Phong), Bach Longship takes tourists to Bach Long Vy. About 110 km from Hon Dau – Hai Phong, 70 km from Ha Mai Island, 130 km from Ta Chiao – Hainan Island of China. The island plays an important role in the expansion of maritime zones and the delimitation of maritime sovereignty in the Gulf of Tonkin. Besides, the island is also located on one of the eight major fishing grounds of the bay, has an important position in terms of security and national defence and is in the strategy of marine economic development and tourism advantages.

Watching the sunrise from the lighthouse is a wonderful experience. Amid the immensity of water waves, watching the harmony of heaven and the sea, you will find your soul truly serene and more loving every moment that you live. Standing on the lighthouse, you can see the whole island. Coming here, visitors can also explore the spiritual culture such as Duc Thanh Tran temple, Bach Long pagoda, Buddha floor. Coming to Bach Long Vi, you will surely be conquered by the beautiful wild nature here, with enthusiastic, friendly people and unforgettable delicious marine specialities.

8. Tuong Long Pagoda

Tuong Long Pagoda

Tuong Long Pagoda is about 2,000 m2 wide, located in Van Son ward, Do Son town. Tuong Long Tower was a part of the Truong Xuan Palace in the Ly Dynasty. Built on top of Ngoc Son, Tuong Long tower looks like a pen drawing on the blue sky and the wide sea is an endless natural research station. The 9-storey tower, the square foot section has 4 paths up and down, inside the Amitabha statue sitting on the lotus stone.

Thap Pagoda has Tam bonded architecture designed in an open architectural style, with four carved stone gates with sophisticated patterns. Tam Quan interior and balustrade wall have 3 main doors and iron frame in harmony with the three-room front street. Twenty bronze statues weighing more than 20 tons were placed in the three jewels. In particular, the 1-ton pagoda bell is simulating the bell of Van Ban pagoda of Do Son, cast directly on top of Ngoc mountain from the contributions of thousands of monks, nuns and Buddhists.

9. Pier No Number K15

Pier No Number K15

Ben Khong So or called Ben Nghieng has gone down in history, the song goes with the years. This is the place where the French colonialists fought the last Vietnam war and left our country in 1955. Up to now, Dai Nghieng has become an attractive tourist area in Hai Phong with charming country scenery, which is an ideal place for Vietnamese tourists choose to be the starting point for the Do Son travel itinerary.

10. Trang Kenh Relics

Trang Kenh Relics

Located 20 km northeast of Hai Phong city centre, Trang Kenh (in Thuy Nguyen district) is a land with a long history of culture, a scenic spot created by limestone mountains, caves and rivers are nationally ranked historic, cultural and scenic sites in 1962.

Trang Kenh is created by a system of limestone mountains with many interesting caves and rivers. The landscape of Trang Kenh is like Ha Long Bay, known as “Ha Long Can”. Coming to Trang Kenh in addition to the panoramic view of the Bach Dang River, do not forget to explore Trang Kenh Temple, which is a place of worshipping 3 heroes associated with glorious victories on Bach Dang Giang river: Ngo Quyen, Le Dai Hanh and Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan.

With a large-scale architectural complex combined with spacious space, close to nature. This place has become an indispensable tourist destination for tourists from all over the world.

Hopefully, through this article, you will have more experience and knowledge of Hai Phong for your Vietnam tours. Wish you have a happy trip with your family and loved ones!

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