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Thi Waterfall

Thi Waterfall in the ethnic language means 4-storey waterfall. It is an outstanding destination that you must definitely explore when mentioning Ha Giang. When you look at the waterfall from afar, it looks like the image of fairies’ long shiny hair. As the legends of local people. Let’s explore this beautiful waterfall with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Thi Waterfall

1. Where is Thi waterfall?

Thi Waterfall is located at the foot of the majestic Tay Con Linh mountain range. It is Tan Son village, Viet Quang town, Bac Quang district, Ha Giang province, Vietnam. About 60 km southwest of Ha Giang city and about 238 km northwest of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Thi waterfall unique?

The waterfall is created by a stream originating from the Tay Con Linh range. Thi Waterfall is one of the most charming and poetic waterfalls in Ha Giang. Admiring the waterfall from afar, you can imagine the hair of the fairy appearing in fairy tales that familiar to the ethnic people here.

Thi Waterfall possesses a graceful and fragile beauty, like a white silk strip indifferently hanging on the strip of Na Chi primeval forest. Just like Tien Xin Man Waterfall when it was formed by long-term geological tectonics millions of years ago.

To explore Thi waterfall, you will be able to play in the clear, cool water. You also explore the primeval forest with many interesting and mysterious things. There is nothing more wonderful than these “check-in” moments with Thi Waterfall.

IMG Thi Waterfall 2

3. When is the best time to visit Thi waterfall?

Being a high mountainous district, the climate in Thi waterfall is noticeably cold compared to the neighboring lowlands and midlands. The average annual temperature is about 21-23 degrees Celsius. Outstanding features of the climate are high humidity throughout the year, heavy and prolonged rain.

You can travel to Thi waterfall in any season of the year. The most beautiful time is September, October, November and December. At this time, Bac Quang is in the harvest season of golden rice, buckwheat flowers. Or fields of canola flowers blooming.

  • In spring, apricot blossoms and plum blossoms bloom white in the forest. It makes you feel like you’re floating on the clouds.
  • In May, the fields sparkle during the flood season. The whole area is like a giant mirror reflecting the majestic heaven and earth of Bac Quang.
  • In June, July and August, few people travel to Bac Quang. Because this is the rainy season, the steep mountainous terrain makes it easy to slip and endanger your journey.

4. How to get to Thi waterfall?

Depending on your needs, interests and abilities. You can choose a bus or personal vehicle to travel in Thi waterfall. No matter what means of transportation, you need to prepare carefully before starting the journey.

4.1. Traveling By Publish Bus

Passenger cars are a suitable means of transportation for everyone. It is also mean, you will save time and effort on your jouney.

Currently, My Dinh bus station has many bus companies operating the Hanoi – Ha Giang route. Bus routes depart continuously every day. You can go to the station and catch a bus at any time of the day. Most buses leave in the evening to help visitors optimize travel time.

Buses only go to the city center. You will have to rent a motorbike, taxi or take a car from Ha Giang to move to Thi waterfall. Motorbike rental prices here fluctuate around 180,000 VND/motorbike/day. The price is quite reasonable so you don’t have to worry when choosing to use it.

4.2. Traveling By Private Vehicles

If you want to have an active schedule or are the type of person who loves to explore. Personal vehicles are the best choice. Traveling by this means of transport, you can go to or stop at any location. You will be able to conquer picturesque roads, high slopes, sharp turns or admire the majestic mountain and forest scenery of Bac Quang.

If you travel by personal vehicle, you must have a steady and steady steering wheel. If you do not have experience overcoming steep passes or going on dangerous roads, you should take a bus.

Most people will use personal motorbikes to get around. If you want to go by personal car, you can still conquer the roads here. Of course you can only travel on major highways by car. If you want to go deep into the village, you will have to walk.

4.3. How To Move To Thi Waterfall?

By motorbike: To Bac Quang by motorbike, you can go towards Noi Bai airport to Vinh Yen (Vinh Phuc). Then you follow Highway 2C toward Son Duong – Tuyen Quang. Arriving at Tuyen Quang city, you drive straight on Highway 2 to Ha Giang. It’s about 97 km further to Viet Quang town.

From the center of Viet Quang town. Following the sign for about 1.5 km to reach Tan Son village, where Thi Waterfall is located.

IMG Thi Waterfall 1

5. Exploring the beauty of Thi waterfall

5.1 The poetic beauty of Thi Waterfall

Thi Waterfall owns 4 large waterfalls like white silk strips in the middle of the primeval forest, flowing along a large stream from Northeast to Southwest. From the mountain ranges of Pu Nam Mai, Pu Nam Ma, Pu Kho Am, Pu Lung Vai, Pu Phay Chi and Pu Khau Ao. A lot of flow flows evenly all year round, and the steep slope brings extremely strong flow.

Each large waterfall will have many smaller waterfalls, creating an eye-catching image of water stairs. Surrounding Thi waterfall are mountain ranges with slopes of about 35 – 45 degrees. On each mountain peak is a very beautiful and flat piece of land. The total length from the foot of waterfall 1 to the top of waterfall 4 is about 7 km (according to water surface flow) and about 9 km by road.

5.2 Admiring the water levels of Thi waterfall

Unlike any other waterfall, Thi waterfall consists of 4 storeys of water pouring down halfway up the mountain. It creates dreamy, pure white foam.

  • The first waterfall floor: Located in the center of Tan Son village, northwest, 1.5 km from Bac Quang town. From the foot to the top of waterfall 1is about 1 km long. Following the existing concrete road, this length will be about 2 km. In spring and summer, Falls 1 is relatively watery and stable, decreasing in fall and winter.
  • The second waterfall floor: Also known as “Ton ba con”, meaning big rock base. Waterfall 2 is about 2 km from the top of waterfall 1, located at an altitude of about 800 m above sea level. Following the foothills of Pu Nam Ma and Pu Khau Ao mountains. The water flow of the 2nd waterfall is quite large and stable all year round. At the foot of waterfall 2 are huge, huge blocks of stone stacked on top of each other extremely naturally.

How are beautiful in the next waterfall floors?

  • The third waterfall floor: Also known by another name “Tat Phu Nam Ma”, meaning mountain waterfall. Half of this waterfall flows along Pu Nam Ma mountain through the Thi waterfall complex. The other half flows along the left side of Pu Nam Ma mountain. The top of the waterfall is located at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. The waterfall slope is not too much greater than the second waterfall, but it is much longer.
  • The fourth waterfall floor: About 3 km from the foot of waterfall level 3 by road. This last waterfall is located across Pu Nam Mai ravine and Khau Ao mountain. The top of waterfall level 4 is located at an altitude of about 1400 m above sea level. The slope at the base of the waterfall is divided into two types: a steep slope with extremely strong flow and a gentle slope where the intensity is not too great. But the flow brings a special experience. With the unique beauty coming from natural ancient stones arranged in a staircase shape.

6. Specialties when traveling to Thi Waterfall

Traveling to Thi Waterfall, you can not only admire the breathtaking and majestic natural landscape. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dishes of this beautiful land.

IMG Thang Co Ha Giang

6.1. Smoked Buffalo Meat

Smoked buffalo meat is a typical dish of the Northwest people. The buffaloes are grazed nomadically so the meat is very firm. After taking the meat, the people will slice it into pieces along the grain. Then marinate it with basic spices, such as salt, pepper and indispensable typical ingredients such as Mac Khen and Doi seeds. Coming here to try the most authentic buffalo meat dish.

6.2. Thang Co

This is a unique dish originating from the H’Mong ethnic people. Initially, Thang Co was only cooked with meat and internal organs of the horse, but later, to suit everyone’s taste. People replaced horse meat with buffalo, cow, and pig meat to make it easier to eat. It’s suitable for local people. But if you are a foodie adventure lover you may try it.

6.3. Native Pig

The name says it all. These pigs are pigs that people let roam freely. These pigs are not too big, just big enough for people to put in baskets or under their arms to bring to the market to sell. Local pork is very clean, fragrant, firm, lean, and safe for users. This deliciousness will make you remember it forever after eating it.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Thi Waterfall

7.1. Hotels:

  • Toan Vinh Hotel. Address: House number 18, Group 4, Viet Quang Town, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.
  • Toan Phat Hotel. Address: Viet Quang Town, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.
  • Tan Binh 1 Hotel. Address: Viet Quang Town, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.
  • Huy Phuong Hotel. Address: Tan Son Village, Viet Quang Town, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.
  • Vinh Ha Hotel. Address: Viet Quang Town, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.

7.2. Guesthouses:

  • Phuong Huy Guest House. Address: Highway 2, Vinh Tuy, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.
  • Thuy Chi Guesthouse. Address: Viet Quang Town, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.
  • Thuy Linh Guesthouse. Address: Tan Thanh, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.
  • Khanh Hoa Guest House. Address: Highway 2, Hung An, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.
  • Dai Duong Guesthouse. Address: Hung An, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.

7.3. Homestays:

  • Truly Bac Quang Bed and Breakfast. Address: Quang Tien Village, Quang Minh, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.
  • Homestay Ban Man. Address: Group 1, Viet Quang Town, Bac Quang, Ha Giang.

Thi waterfall easily captures the hearts of conquerors with a strong love for nature. With the sometimes gentle and sometimes intense beauty that Thi waterfall possesses. It can “captivate” tourists who are passionate about conquering new things. When exploring Ha Giang, you cannot miss this interesting destination.

To make your trip to Thi Waterfall more complete and meaningful, contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. We will provide you with excellent services with experienced and dedicated local guides. That will bring you the most interesting experiences in your Ha Giang tour to discover the hidden travel beauty of Ha Giang, Vietnam.

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